The Final Release

It’s funny.  I’ve written this message 3 times since World of Warcraft beta.  The first time was in vanilla WoW.  I had been farming Twilight Cultists for rep for about a month (my raid group wasn’t doing very well in AQ20 and had no hopes of AQ40) but I had to have exalted for the stupid mace turn in.  I farmed the fuck out of that rep.  Going shadow to own shit and then back to holy for raiding.  I got my mace, thanked the gods, and promptly took a 30 day hiatus FAR away from WoW.

I still remember the feeling I had when I would sit down at my computer and wonder WTF I was supposed to do now.  At the time I didn’t have much of a plan really, not much of a social life so it was pretty easy to get sucked back into the game.  I spent all my time not playing the game looking up information on the game… very sad.  I came back though, had tons of fun and didn’t have to write my goodbye post for quite some time.

Fast forward to 2 yrs ago when I said my goodbyes to the only guild I had been in since WoW started.  It wasn’t an, I’m quitting the game speech but it was a big step for me and my development.  I was leaving a lot of people I considered friends.  I still miss a lot of them today.

Jump again to Friday when I announced to my raid group, officially, that I was quitting the game.  My ego was hoping for cries and mourning and all that hoop-la but it wasn’t quite like that.  People wished me the best and that was that.  A peaceful ending to a good career playing WoW.

I’m not very good at doing anything in moderation.  It’s been the downfall of most of the things I do.  I always go 1000% into something and eventually it burns me out or consumes me.  I can’t build my life around raids anymore and the possibilities of me playing casually… aren’t feasible. Two of my IRL friends recently quit and I hadn’t really realized just how much it sucks to not have your friends playing anymore.  You add up a bunch of little stuff and you wonder why you are still around…

WTB: IRL, pst.

I posted on my guild forums, saying my general goodbye but here on the blog I wanted to take the time to say thank you to some people that have meant a lot to me during my times of WoW.

Disclaimer:  You know my memory is shit, it is highly likely I’ve forgotten someone and their feelings will be hurt.  Suck it up nancy. I’ve cherished everyone I’ve come into contact with, be it bad or good… I have appreciated those experiences.

My Readers:  I wish I could convey to you how much I appreciate everything you have given me since I started.  Your feedback and comments mean the absolute world to me.  You are the reason I blog.  Thank you.

Tapol:  I’ve always been a huge believer in smiling.  I work retail and my day has been brightened several times by people who simply smile at me and offer a good disposition.  Tapol is my sunshine.

Conifer:  Level headed and a sharp wit.  Always ready to tell me when I need to suck it up and where the tough changes should be made.  You’ve had my back and made me a stronger person.  Thank you.

Kraylarra:  An elitist bitch.  I love you hun.  Healing to the maximum!

Brigantia:  You’ll mean more to me than you ever know.  You’ve made me a better, stronger person.

Shiningstar:  They say behind every strong man is a stronger woman, that is you hun.  Even in my worst you’d listen to me and tell me to suck it up.  Meeting you has been a + in my life that I will miss greatly.  You’ve helped make this blog better than I could have ever dreamed.  You pushed me in ways I couldn’t imagine.  If I were into that kind of stuff and you didn’t have a husband, I’d ask you to marry me.

Greydune / Marisse:  I love you two.  Thank you for stepping up to take the reins of the guild and the group, yell if there’s anything I can ever do for you (except come back to the game).

Felada / Kyranna:  I’ve known you two longer than most.  You helped me get introduced to Leftovers and join the club.  A lot of the success I’ve had in the game I owe to you two.

sooo many others who have done so well for me over the years…

Kackler who has given me amounts of fun that are uprecedanted (and I don’t mean sexually).

Kahnti:  Ya know, even to this day I hardly remember you in SoW.  I just knew that when I left that guild I wanted to take the strongest players with me.  You excel in every class you play and I use you as an example to everyone.  Your friendship has been a big part of the fun I have in this game and I’m gonna miss you so very much.

Daemia:  I’m not even sure if you are around anymore, I know you retired the accounts a lil’ while back.  I’ve missed you in the secret channel that Marisse isn’t allowed in.  You and Gdawg helped me through a lot of the rough patches in WoW (and Everquest).  Laid back and funny, always there to bring a smile.

Dariar / Delinia / Watz: I know y’all IRL so I’m not gonna say anything nice for fear it will be used against me one day.

Relentless:  Delinia and Dariar had just xfer’d over to Silver Hand with a bunch of their friends following in hot pursuit.  They joined the guild I was in at the time and shortly there after I had a falling out with the guild leader.  I left the guild and Dariar and Delinia came with.  Then more left and more until we had 20 or so people.  I was a bit dumbfounded cuz I had just expected to move onto another guild with Dar / Del and be done with it.

We got liquored up a few nights later (because that’s when you make your best decisions) and formed Relentless.  We slowly grew into a bigger guild and I started leading a charter through Leftovers.  We conquered tons of shit and did so much.  Far more than I had ever imagined.  I still remember being scared though that I would fail these people that looked to me for leadership.  I took take WoW seriously in regards to the friendships and responsibilities that I’ve had with it and didn’t want to come up short for everyone.

I think I’ve done well.  We’ve played hard and had tons of fun.  Even during all my crazy bitching and ranting… I’ve loved it.  They’ve done me proud.


16 thoughts on “The Final Release

  1. Shiningstar says:

    *sniffle* I’m gonna miss you, Xeo. I think you should continue to blog. Maybe cooking? 😛 You need something new to occupy your time besides your little puppy…find a new passion and blog about that. I think you’re a great writer. I can’t think of many friends who’d give in to my demands of “I need something to read at 6:30am before work” and would rise to the occasion. Take care and I pray that you will find everything you are looking for out there in the big real world. *hugs*

  2. Zerio says:

    Awww, Xeo such a heartwarming post. I guess this means you really can’t come back to the game, because of the many nice things you said. (It shows us you have a soul after all). I’ve only been with Relentless for a few months but through all our accomplishments, laughs, and jokes I feel like I’ve been here forever. Thanks for always making me want to be at 110% of my game. Even if Ret pallies are teh suck rick now. I will miss you. Next time I’ll stand in the fire twice as long for both of us.

  3. Bah, at this rate there won’t be anything drawing me back to WoW by the time I’m ready to return. I’m sorry I didn’t really say a proper goodbye in-game…I just had zero desire to log on and I naively figured you’d still be around when I changed my mind. OMG and I’m not even around anymore to ask if i cn haf ur stuf!?

    Does this mean that Grey and Marisse agree to plan a RL meeting that we can crash? Cuz you know that’d be a blast; it’s not like we’d have to stay sober for a raid! Oh wait…

    Anyway, it was a great ride while it lasted. Thanks for always being there for my random chattiness, even if the reply was more often than not “who the fuck is this”. Hopefully we’ll converge on the Next Big Thing.


    PS. I don’t remember Kahnti (and it’s still not easy for me to say that instead of Az) in SoW. I think I confuse him with Kranus.

  4. Conifer says:

    Nice post, man. I’m so glad I got the opportunity to know you.

    I remember my first raid with you. Naxxramus-25. I can’t remember if it was Bandrin (Zerio) or Zantruth that got me into it. Dude, I was crazy scared of you. I was so nervous about making a mistake. But I loved your no-nonsense leading style and knew that if I could hang on, it would take me places in the game and I would get to see all the content I wanted.

    Thank you for continuing to slot me. Thank you for listening to my rants about other people. I can be pretty judgmental and often lack patience for window lickers. I’m also totally obsessed with my own gearscore. You definitely made me a better player and I think a LOT of people can say that honestly.

    You will be missed and you will be referenced for a long time to come. I think you made a big impression on a great number of people. And if you ever need insider information on Project Runway, you know who to call.

    Good luck with your house, your puppy, and your “real” life. 🙂

  5. MrAcelow says:

    Very interesting post. I hope you continue to blog about life outside of WOW.

    Sharing your experience leaving the game could be helpful to your readers or friends realize there are real life achievements in the game of life.


  6. Doantar says:

    Thanks Xeo. I had good times raiding with you since BoA days to relentless. Good luck buddy.

  7. Oh I’m totally holding it against you that you didn’t say something here for me to hold against you in the future, just so you know. ❤

  8. Gary (Kaeble) says:

    Hey Xeo. Good luck to you on whatever you do next. I enjoyed raiding with you and hanging out with you at Blizzcon. Take care.

  9. Felada says:

    Many guhs, kissies, and floggings for you. I know we haven’t been able to raid together for a long time now, but I loved every second of it from you yelling at me to buff my damn groups, to meeting you at BC and hanging out drinking waaaaaay to damn expensive *glass* of port. Keep yourself out of trouble and go enjoy life.

  10. Xeo, you really write well. This is the best “goodbye to WoW” post I’ve seen. That’s not surprising, as you’ve done whatever I’ve seen you do well.

    It was fun raiding with you, both in Night Watch in TBC, and the occasional run in LK. Take care and Godspeed.

  11. Xeo says:

    @Shindig: ❤ I'm gonna continue to blog for sure. I'm just not sure how I'm gonna do it. Start a new blog all together or just switch this one to IRL.

    @Zerio: LOL! If I ever come back this post will be deleted from existence. There shall be no proof of life within my cold dead heart.

    @Daemia: I totally understand. A little bit of not logging in turns into a long run of it and its pretty easy to just slip away. If it wasn't for the raid leading I'd have likely gone that route (but I do like big flashy shows).

    EJ… its a pseudoname I used on my first blog. That way no one could tie my exact location down and my stories wouldn't effect anyone specific. I have funny stuff to mention and an opinion but that doesn't mean I want to be malicious to the fucktards.

    @Conifer: Your opinion was highly valued as was your ability to heal. PS: Remember, moar time for the challenges!

    @MrAcelow: Heya man! I hadn't realized you were still playing. Thanks for the nice words and wish you the best man. Always loved fighting with you =)

    @Doantar: BoA! OMG! That was like a hundred years ago, I feel so old now. Thank you sir, best of luck to you to man.

    @Delinia: =)

    @Kaeble: Meeting you IRL was awesome man. I hope we get another chance in the future to hang out.

    @Felada: /lick Blizzcon was so much fucking fun. I still remember getting that tiny glass and thinking… this is all I get for that large number that was next to it?! LOL much ❤

    @Daphyd: One of those names I failed to say thank you to above. Its funny how things turn out. When I originally planned to leave SoW I had assumed I'd just join Nu Tir. Then my friends came over from the other server, we left together (a bunch of peeps followed) and the rest is history. Thank you for helping me become a better raid lead.

  12. Conifer says:

    Seriously? Life Grip? That spell has all sorts of awesome (and funny) applications.

    I’ll see you in Cataclysm, Xeo. 🙂

  13. Xeo says:

    I won’t have to ask Kackler to die to random things anymore! I can just pull him into w/e and he’ll be to drunk to move.

  14. Kackler says:

    woah, what about life grip? thats awesome!!
    yeah, greydune just admitted to me that you all think im the guild drunk… thanks for that title hahha

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