Is My Authenticator Broken?

I was talking to a friend of mine on MSN the other day and we got into a conversation about the authenticators.  She was complaining that if she didn’t put in her code fast enough it would decay and she’d have to click for another one.

I’ve NEVER had this problem.

In fact, we even tested it (cuz I carry my authenticator around religiously).  I clicked my lil’ blizzcon 08 authenticator (maybe its specific to those?) and wrote down the code.  She said it was supposed to stay active AT MOST for 2 minutes.

Five’ish minutes later I logged in without a hitch.


We figured we’d test her as well, just in case.  Wrote down the code and five’ish minutes later she was unable to login with that particular authenticator code.

I had never thought anything about it but with my authenticator it wouldn’t be too difficult to hack my account would it?  Since realistically any code it can generate stays active for a period of time longer than it should.  Mind you, it does work cuz I am able to enter the wrong number but the decay time on my codes is CONSIDERABLY longer than hers.  Hers is a first gen. though, she bought it in the very first batch that came out.

She suggested I call billing (little does she know I’m WAY too lazy for that!)

Has anyone noticed anything wonky with their authenticators?


4 thoughts on “Is My Authenticator Broken?

  1. Malaren says:

    I wanna say that I thought the code only lasted for like 30 seconds, but I’m looking around to see what info I can find.

  2. Malaren says:

    I couldn’t find anything offical from Blizzard, but in’s article on the hacked authenticator accounts, they say that it only last for 30 seconds as well.

    If yall’s are lasting longer than that, I suppose it could have something to do with how old they are, but I wouldn’t think so. I dunno. Security is not my area of IT expertise.

  3. lordmythic says:

    I know for a fact that the code only lasts for 30secs on my authenticator that I’ve had for about a year. I know this because I multibox and I HAVE to wait the 30 secs before I can use it again for another login. If I wait too long and enter the old code after 30secs, I get the password error.

  4. Shiningstar says:

    Mine only lasts for about 30 seconds. If I’m too slow typing it in (rare) then I will have to push the button and get a new number.

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