Holy Spec’age

This last week I did a lot of random fact finding for the t10 4p bonus and found that I have like 10 talent points in things I don’t even use!

First we take a look at my current spec.  I’m gonna just show you what is WRONG with it first of all.  What’s the first issue you see with it?

Divine Fury (5/5) – Reduces the casting time of your Smite, Holy Fire, Heal and Greater Heal spells by 0.5 sec.

Why is that a bad talent?  Did you see my post on CoH the other day?  Did I smite a lot?  Holy fire?  Heal?  Greater Heal?  Exactly.  It isn’t worth the 5 talent points when I could move them somewhere else.

Improved Healing (3/3) – Reduces the mana cost of your Lesser Heal, Heal, Greater Heal, Divine Hymn and Penance spells by 15%.

Back in the day when Greater Heal was good this was a staple talent.  It brought the cost down to something a bit more realistic and it was awesome.  My average number of G.heals per fight is… 1?  Maybe 3.  Sadly what was once a staple really isn’t needed anymore.  Much like children they grow old and you have to toss them out.

Empowered Healing (5/5) – Your Greater Heal spell gains an additional 40% and your Flash Heal and Binding Heal gain an additional 20% of your bonus healing effects.

This talent is a bit more coy.  It seems very good on the surface but at this point you are at the end of the talent tree.  It’s a two fold issue with this talent.

  1. You are at the end of the talent tree, only so many things you can spend points in.
  2. The second issue is that it reads a bit wonky.  At first you think 20% extra healing that’s awesome!  Then you realize it just effects the spells coefficient.  Instead of having an 80% coefficient you have 100%.  This means that 8 out of 10 spell power applies and becomes 10 out of 10… this only nets you an extra 2 spell power / 10.

Oh yea it effects Greater Heal as well… srsly?  Your gonna bring this point up?  I didn’t think so.

So what do we do?  We drop them of course and spend them on some useful stuffs!

The first 5 from Divine fury are an easy switch over to Spell Warding.

The 3 from Improved Healing were pretty easy.  You take 2 and put them into Holy Reach.  The 1 extra goes up into Healing Focus but don’t worry, you will finish it out later.

Deciding to drop Empowered Healing is actually a boon.  It really opens up a lot of points to be spent in the end of the tree.  I started out with 2 in Blessed Resilience and bumped it up to 3 (4 left).  It also allows me to pick up Test of Faith (1 left).  The one left is moved into Healing Focus, finishing it off.

There’s some useful math’s over at Elitist Jerks in the Healing Priest Compedium (its in section XII) that tells you why Empowered Healing is slightly less useful than Blessed Resilience.  When you take into account the fact that it also boosts Renew and CoH then Blessed Resilience wins out.

This leads to my new spec.


11 thoughts on “Holy Spec’age

  1. Shiningstar says:

    I actually smite some, although I would use that more if I were off questing or farming. The other talent points you mentioned I will have to check out. I’m not absolutely sure of where I’ve spent all mine and I don’t have time to check before I leave for work.

    I’d like to also point out that…aren’t you benching your priest? Does it matter where his talent points are spent, or if he spends them at all? Or is this a subtle nudge for Shindig to pick up the ‘bubble that guy so he runs fast’ talent since Xeo’s not playing…and this was the best way to mention it casually?

    I’ll try to get a little extra time before raid tonight to check out the talent points, as what you have said makes sense.

  2. Conifer says:

    The truth is, with Xeo watching every aspect of the fight, calling out abilities, calling for BRs, hero, etc, and only being able to devote 80% of his attention to healing, I think CH spam works out really well.

    I know meters are not the best indication of how much a healer is contributing, but it definitely felt like raid healing was more controlled last night. Not to put down shammy healers, but there is less thinking involved with CH spam and I think that allowed Xeo to be a better healer AND raid lead.

  3. Tagra says:

    >>The truth is, with Xeo watching every aspect of the fight, calling out abilities, calling for BRs, hero, etc, and only being able to devote 80% of his attention to healing, I think CH spam works out really well.—-

    I agree. I was thinking the same thing when he first mentioned switching.

    He’s still not a dwarf though. OR male!

  4. xeonio says:

    I am male. I just tuck back on my shaman. Plus my shaman will be a dorf come xpac. I just hate giving up my priest after all the work I’ve put into him. I’m still deciding for sure if I’m gonna switch or not. I know the numbers were quite insane for my shaman vs. my priest sadly.

  5. Conifer says:

    I think the shaman lost some of its luster in the 10man. Although we did 2-heal the entire place up to Sindragosa (including Valithria!).

    Maybe it’s a good fit – having us both do the opposite of the “preferred” role for our class. A Druid MT healer and a Shammy raid healer!

    Just don’t take the first and only Trauma just to decide that you “miss your priest”!

  6. Tagra says:

    Maybe soon they’ll implement a dual-character system where you can push a button and swap to a different character mid-raid without having to log out or travel

  7. xeonio says:

    lol, I’m not gonna take Trauma on my shaman. I’m not gonna take anything on him until I’m sure I want him to be a main. I lose the luster in 10man because people are too spread out for chain heal making me considerably less effective.

  8. xeonio says:

    The lesser healing wave glyph which increases how much it heals for by 20% on anyone w/Earth Shield is pretty amazing.

    I’m just completely against MT healing lol.

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