Rez of the Week – Zerio (Zero)

When I first met Zerio (or Zero as I call him) he was a priest. I called him my stalker at the time because he was just too nice. I’m always suspicious of nice people, they always have someone buried in their backyard (possible still screaming). I never found the body but eventually he got to raid with us and he did a great job. My healing crew not having an opening he switched to a DPS class, retardadin, and has been going strong since.

I’m glad to have had a chance to add him to guild and to our raid group (I’m still lookin’ for the body though)!

Without further ado…

Name: Zerio (Zero, to a select few)
Class: Paladin

Where are you from: Hampton, Virgina…but I hear Elwynn Forest is popular, so we could go with that also.
(Editor’s Note:  He has a reserved room for special fun time at the Goldshire Inn.)

Would you consider yourself… hardcore:
It wasn’t until recently that I really started getting into heavy 25man content.  I became one of the elitists that I try to shy away from.  Overall I think it has helped me in the long run.  I always thought I was a sub-par healer, and I flip-flopped to dps toons.  After seeing how others’ dps can be at times I figured I could provide more of an impact on raid success by being dps.  And I gotta say its FUN.  I’m still raiding TOC25 for only one drop so I guess that doesnt help.

Main Raid Spec / Dual Spec:
Main: Retribution
Dual: Holy (Holy Light Build)

What do you use your offspec for:
I heal when needed or if I don’t wanna be in the LFDungeon Queue forever Plus Healing Dreamwalker is melt in your mouth fun!!!

How long have you been playing:
Since June 2006 (omg!! almost 4 years)
I got started through an IRL friend/guild of about 9 people.  Just to show how noob I was, my first character was a feral spec Druid.  When I hit level 30 and got kitty form and the tooltip said “Increses your agility by X amount” I was like “Increased Agility?! But I’m not running any faster…?”

What about WoW keeps you coming back:
To steal Kackler’s loots, but mainly my guildies and Malaren.  Plus I love raiding and guildchat.

Has WoW taught you anything you’ve applied to IRL:
Abbreviate OFTEN! Just the other day our cat was being bad and I said “I can’t see him he’s out of LOS.”

If you had to reroll…
Would you choose the same thing: Heck Yea…Ret 4 Life!
Why: Cause I really like paladins and I can heal or dps as one.  Best of both worlds.  I like being in demand!

Best Raid Moment:
Back in my early days as a Charter Lead (see Leftovers).  When my group of followers downed Zul’Jin in ZA for the first time.  I was so proud of everyone.  This is probably on par with my Charter downing Yogg the first time.  I felt so complete inside.

Favorite Raid Mod:
Pally Power (If you’re a paladin and group with me without it, you’re useless)
Healbot (I actually use this quite frequently in my Ret spec. Mostly to quickly apply Blessing of Protection to healers aka Xeo or through out an instant FoL)
(Editor’s Note:  Are their paladins w/o pally power?  Srsly, you need to fucking get this because it is the ultimate in addons if you are a paladin.)

Favorite Boss Encounter:
Surprisingly a healer fight: Valithria DreamwalkerI love quoting bosses as they say it during fights too. (Bound by BONE!!! or Suffer, mortals, as your pathetic magic betrays you!)

What Food / Flasks do you use:
Flasks: Endless Rage
Food: Fish Feast (This is actuallythe best food for Ret Pallies as we double dip from the Attack Power and Spellpower gain)

/cast Divine Plea
/say  I’ve popped Divine Plea, my Healing is reduced by 50%
(This is so my fellow healers know I need mana and to help out on my heal target for the next 12secs.)

Judge, Divine Storm, Crusader Strike, Consecration, Exorcism, Holy Wrath (if undead are present)
Then pop Avenging Wrath once Seal of Vengence is stacked to 5.

(Editor’s Note:  This rotation is very easy.  You simply bind these abilities randomly to keys on your keyboard.  Put your left cheek (the one on your face) on the left side of the keyboard and rotate your head to the right making sure to press all the keys as you turn your head.  Once your right cheek is flat against the keyboard rotate your head back to the left.  Behold, the face roll.)

What resources do you use to stay current on your class:
Elitist Jerks
Cerburos and Audius
And raw talent….LOL

Any tips for playing your class:
Be yourself.  Don’t let the hype about people saying Ret is face-rolled influence you.  Seal of Command is your AOE seal.

If you could be any mythical creature, What would it be: An angel…those are mythical right?
Why: I’m infatuated by things with wings ala Priest tier sets.


10 thoughts on “Rez of the Week – Zerio (Zero)

  1. Zerio says:

    Hey, I’ll have you know because of that faceroll. The ASDFGH keys are imprinted across my face.

  2. Conifer says:

    Zerio (then Bandrin) is the reason I started raiding with Leftovers, so I thank you for that.

    I will say that this is the longest you’ve kept a character in awhile. Since I’ve known you, you have gone from priest to druid to hunter to mage to paladin (did I miss one in there? rogue?). Glad you are still enjoying this one.

  3. Malaren says:

    NE Druid
    Gnome Warlock
    NE Hunter
    Human Mage
    NE Rogue
    Draenei Priest
    Draenei Hunter
    Human Mage
    Human Death Knight
    Human Priest
    Human Warrior
    Human Paladin

    Those are all of the ones that I can remember that he’s rolled, but I’m no better than him. All of his toons from the NE Rogue and down have actually reached max level (depending on what the level cap was at the time). There are various others that never made it out of the starting area, like his Draenei Shaman.

  4. Kackler says:

    What about WoW keeps you coming back:
    To steal Kackler’s loots, but mainly my guildies and Malaren. Plus I love raiding and guildchat. [……..]

    i’m gonna hunt you down and kill you. since i had a shitty roommate from virgina last year, i can go there and kill the both of you! (cause virgina isn’t too far from PA) MUHAHAHAHHA

  5. Doxa says:

    All paladins who attempt to raid w/o PallyPower should be excommunicated. Good talk.

    I feel bad for ret paladins who take crap on their dps rotation. 😉 Ret DPS is surprisingly more difficult than most DPS classes I’ve played. Fury warriors are the real facerollers (hence the reason I’m good at it). Ret DPS was too difficult for me to master. 😉

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