Totem knocks priest unconscious!

Battered and abused I decided to give my ex, WoW, another chance.  Yes, I was clingy but that doesn’t mean he had to make fun of me and kick me when I was down.  I have decided to make a change that I can easily rationalize to myself.  I’m going to switch to healing with my shaman for a bit, giving the good ole’ priest a break.


Que music…

That song doesn’t have much to do with this but I love it!  Anyway, let me proceed to rationalize for you this change.

First, the changes in our healing team has switched us to holy priest x2, paladin, and druid x2.  I’m always a big fan of diversification amongst the healers.  I’ve been in the situation of using 5 priests and a druid and they can get the job done, but just switching that up can do HUGE things.  It’s like in Starcraft 2.  You don’t mass one unit and win (unless your opponent is the definition of fail).  You mesh together an army of different units that help to close up the weaknesses of another class, paladin big heals + druid hot’s for example.

Second, if I switch to my shaman it gives us a second one in the raid and also gives us a few extra buffs we don’t normally have.  Things like windfury (even if its not improved) and earth shield on the main tank.

Third, but least important, it is nice to change things up a bit since I’m working on playing yet still combating potential burn out.

The downside though is that my shaman looks woefully under geared.  In fact her gear score might be a 3 digit number.  The thing is, I know I can get the job done with her though.

(Note: Incoming argument inducing sentence(s)!)
It is also about a billion times easier to heal on a shaman than a priest.  I don’t care what shamans tell you, their job is based in a fictitious land of difficulty.  They might say its hard and that they have a lot of choices… they don’t.

Several people need a heal?  CHAIN HEAL!

One person needs a heal?  CHAIN HEAL!

Someone is about to die?  CHAIN HEAL! Trick question!  Swiftmend + Healing Wave or Riptide

No one needs a heal?  CHAIN HEAL!

My major concern is that the raid group I lead will see it as an abuse of power.  Regardless of rationalization (I’m not even sure if I’ve convinced myself) some people (I would!) will think I’m just trying to gear up an alt.  In actuality I love my shaman so much that she was a major factor in my burn out.  I was raiding LITERALLY 40 some odd hours a week between my priest and shaman.  15-20 of those hours were for the shaman exclusively.  This doesn’t count all the work put into doing dailies and weeklies on both toons.

I think I’m gonna try it out anyway, see how many people I can piss off and go from there.  It’ll take a week or so for the grapevine to get back to me and let me know if and how much people are pissed at seeing me on an… *gasp* alt.

I certainly won’t abuse this privilege though.  If the numbers don’t support my ability to play the shaman then I’ll drop her like a bad romance habit.  I didn’t cut people just so I could introduce a weakness called me.


12 thoughts on “Totem knocks priest unconscious!

  1. Heh, I find shaman healing difficult precisely because their toolbox is so limited. I had to get used to the limitations of druid after having virtually every healing tool at my disposal as a priest.

  2. xeonio says:

    That’s a really good point. I remember when I first started healing as my shaman in LK. I was so used to bubbles from being disc I kept panicking when I saw all the damage going out. That’s when I loaded up on a fuckton of haste and chain healed all the worlds problems. Then they went and made all those useful changes to chain heal and my unique snowflake became the popular thing to do.

    Chain heal with Riptide really is a huge boon and simplifies the process once you get comfortable with it.

    I’ve tried healing with druids and it just scares the shit out of me. Everyone takes damage and then you ‘slowly’ heal it back up. /shudder

  3. Tagra says:

    But your shaman is not a dwarf. Also who will speedshield us??

    It won’t bother me if you switch (unless you really suck >.>) but if you’re planning on starting tonight on new content I’m going to have to get the flyswatter out.

  4. Tagra says:

    Druids don’t slowly heal damage… they slowly heal **everyone in the raid at once** for the same amount per tick as a flash heal, and then QUICKLY heal bigger damage with swiftmend! And also use no mana. And also have no cast bars.

  5. Conifer says:

    So you wait until your priest is one of the top geared players on the server and then switch out for some scrub in T9?

    Don’t get me wrong, I would rather have you around leading raids and generally making bath time lots of fun (rubber ducky, you’re the one) than have you burnout and leave the game.

    So how do you see the heal team now? 1-2 priests, 1-2 druids, 1 pally, and 1 shammy? Actually doesn’t sound too bad, but don’t you dare bring that shaman to 10man unless you are going to take over as main tank healer.

  6. Hetake says:

    It’d be too long to explain WHY, aside from saying she’s a BIG TIME Yandere, but this song is perfect for describing the relationship between Aiylth and the main character in Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume.

  7. Prothero says:

    It’s funny that you are thinking about this because after the last couple weeks of Ulduar with you I almost recommended you try running Zeo in ICC.

    Heh, Xeo has a blog.

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