Whats your malfunction?

It would seem I don’t have enough desire about WoW to both blog about it AND play it.  I started playing WoW again last week and in the process pretty much avoided anything to do with it outside of game.  I’m a bit befuddled by that.  When I wasn’t playing all I could do was read about it!

We’ve reduced our healer count to a solid 5 and anyone with not capable DPS has been dropped in a wood chipper!  Problem is Marisse is running the wood chipper and doesn’t know how it works.  She keeps asking where you put your talent points…

When you add in the 5% buff it has pushed us to where we needed to be which has been a huge stress reliever.  We got Putricide and Valithria last week and got some really good work in on the Blood Queen.

In other news I’m running MORE people through Ulduar 10 for the drake.  It amazes me how everything but Yogg +1 and Firefighter are trivial.  Even WAY out gearing Firefighter it is sooooooo easy to fuck it up and fail.  Yogg +1 isn’t as bad though since your brain DPS can push him into p3 in one entrance, two for sure.  P3 tends to be a bit time consuming if people failed a bit and everyones sanity is a bit low.


While this post is a bit random I did have an actual point I wanted to get to… I’m sure after some more rambling I’ll get to it (or remember what it was).

hmm… point, where’s the point…

Let’s rewind.  I took a break, we killed shit, 10man ulduar drakes drive me nuts… oh yea… I took a break!

Are you feeling overwhelmed?  Beat down?  Do your rezzes take twice as long?  Do you dread TAKING the rez?  That’s okay.

Take a break!

It’s kind of like a vacation only instead of playing a game you do actual work that you’ve been neglecting since the turn of the century.  Doesn’t sound fun?

Trust me.

It is.


9 thoughts on “Whats your malfunction?

  1. Malaren says:

    That’s what I’ve been doing, but I pretty much only actaully play on raid nights (currently 5 nights/week), but I don’t even log on until it’s time for the raid. I burned myself out real quick after I got the blood from Rotface and Festergut, then I started killing myself trying to get Primordial Saronite. That didn’t last too long and I still only have 2, which is the same amount I had a few weeks ago.

    It’s okay to take a break. Better to take a temp break from burn out than continue to push yourself and end of leaving altogether.

  2. Tagra says:

    I think Queen would have gone down too with one more healer for more of the attempts. I’ve been trolling through the WoL looking at groups similar to ours and most use 6, some of them 7. I did find a few who only used 5, so we might be able to pull it off, but I think it would be a lot more comfortable with 6 for that fight.

  3. xeonio says:

    @Malaren: Gaga ooo la la.

    @Tagra: Yea, we did pretty amazing with using only 5 healers and its likely we’ll use 6 or 7 this week.

  4. Conifer says:

    I can make myself available for Algalon – the title would be nice; But I’m not doing all the damn achievements again.

    5 healers for Lana’thel does seem low. Aren’t we still using 3 in our 10 man? Of course, you did happen to be missing a *cough* key healer last Friday.

  5. Tagra says:

    It is solely your fault that we didn’t clear to the Lich King on Friday.

    I do think healing was the biggest issue, and that’s easy enough to fix. None of the healers did badly but they were working their asses off, and then Shiny would get overworked and let people die to lighten the load /shake fist. With 6 it should be much smoother.

    That said, picking through the survivability log really highlighted that we suck a **lot** of ass at spreading out. A very very very high percentage of the deaths were due to splash damage. It was getting old finding myself a nice big open area,then watching names creep onto my proximity meter one by one. We have little boxes that beep irritatingly at us when we’re standing too close together, why is this so hard?
    The transitions are forgivable, that fear and the resulting scramble to reposition is a bitch… but I shouldn’t have to reposition every 20 seconds after the initial pull because three people wandered into my personal space.

    Maybe we should try buddy system this week too?

  6. jheusse says:

    I’ve been scaled back, call it a break, call it burnout, call it intrusion of RL.

    I do look to be back, but yeah it’s a break right now, I don’t think I’ve even logged since the close of Friday’s raid.

  7. Shiningstar says:

    “None of the healers did badly but they were working their asses off, and then Shiny would get overworked and let people die to lighten the load /shake fist.”

    Hey now, I let different people die each time so no one would be on to my little plan…

  8. Felada says:

    I took a 3 month break and got my life in order. It was nice to see the outside world and have fun with friends. Take as long as you need so you can come back and play some more.

  9. Addy says:

    Speaking of reading, WoW.com has some good info on healing Queen today. Nothing new, but a good summary.

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