t10 4p change… discuss!

There has been a lot of debate over our tier 10.  Some people love it, some, not so much.  Personally I’ve already geared in a different direction that doesn’t include the 4 piece bonus so I haven’t had a chance to try it out.  I’ve been of the mind that while its mostly useless for Disc it could add quite a bit of bonus healing to Holy.  That is merely speculation though.

Old – Your Circle of Healing and Penance spells have a 20% chance to cause your next Flash Heal cast within 6 sec to reset the cooldown on your Circle of Healing and Penance spells.

I’m not going to get the chance to ever try it out though.  They are changing it to something… watered down.

NEW – Increases the effect of your Renew and Power Word: Shield spells by 5%.

Is this a good change?  It’s really debatable (which I’m sure it will be debated).  I know I’m certainly gonna throw my hat into the ring.

Holy:  Suxor change.
Disc:  Hmmm… good change.

But do I like it?  Nope.

Yes, I realize I’m a bitchy pessimist but just hang with me a moment.

Set bonuses I think they should be more glyph like.  They should alter the basic functionality of the spell, or at least modify it in someway.  Interesting interactions that while not overpowered are still very awesome.  Take a look at our Tier 7 for example, it didn’t do anything major but increased the jumps on Prayer of Mending by 1.  Ground breaking… no, very useful… yes.  Simply increasing how effective a spell is nice… but not interesting.

Prior Set Bonuses –

Tier 4 –

  • 2p – Your Prayer of Healing spell now also causes an additional 150 healing over 9 sec
  • 4p – Each time you cast Flash Heal, your next Greater Heal cast within 15 sec has its casting time reduced by .1, stacking up to 5 times.

Tier 5 –

  • 2p – If your Greater Heal brings the target to full health, you gain 100 mana.
  • 4p – Increases the duration of your Renew spell by 3 sec.

Tier 6 –

  • 2p – Reduces the mana cost of your Prayer of Healing ability by 10%
  • 4p – Increases the healing from your Greater Heal ability by 5%

Tier 7 –

  • 2p – Your Prayer of Mending will jump an additional time
  • 4p – The cost of your Greater Heal is reduced by 5%

Notice anything interesting about tier 4 and 5?  Do they look something like Glyphs, hmmm?  Do you remember the Greater Heal 2p bonus?  OMG, getting that bonus was like eating your cake and still having a dozen extras!  It was gi-fucking-normous back in the day.  A relatively simply set bonus that effectively reduced the mana cost of G.Heal allowing us to use it more.

The druid set bonus that lets their rejuvenations jump around like Prayer of Mending, that’s a pretty awesome functionality change while still allowing the spell to do its job.

Let’s get back on the change at hand though.  While the old bonus is debatable good, there isn’t much of a debate about the new bonus.  Simple math can tell you if its worth it for you or not.  Are you disc?  Do you spam PW:S?  Then yes, it is worth it.  You know that the absorb damage is going to happen.  Renew is an awesome spell but a 5% bonus to it I don’t see really being worth that much.  In the days of needing to constantly be at full health… people often aren’t low enough for renew to take most of its duration without being sniped.

Anyway, thats just my 2 cents.

Edit:  On the same day Thespius of World of Matticus made a similar post.  He’s got some useful math’s from other people as well as an… interesting point of view on the issue.


6 thoughts on “t10 4p change… discuss!

  1. Ashrayle says:

    The problem for disc priests is whether +5% on PW:S is worth picking up 4 pieces of tier gear with so much spirit on them. I can’t see that being the case and will stick to my sp + int gear where possible.

  2. xeonio says:

    That’s true, I forgot about how heavy spirit it was. I’m trying to come up with a counter argument but I really can’t come up with a reason to ignore superior gear for a 5% PW:S bonus.

  3. I chose to gear using the best items i could find and skipping the tier items.

    Even after seeing this possible change to the tier bonus im not convinced that i will switch to tier, its just too spirit heavy for me and regen is far from a problem. I play 99% of the time as disc.

    Im terrible at math, but how much spellpower would be required to give PW:S a 5% boost? Is it possible that BiS would make up the loss of the 4 set bonus while also providing more useful stats? (I’m sure somebody more mathematically minded will work this out at some point)

    If i decide to go for any tier pieces i think shadow tier is the way i will lean as the stat itemisation for disc is so much better than on the holy tier 🙂

    Anyway tis all food for thought.

  4. xeonio says:

    Heya Cinaa! It seems I missed a post that Thespius over at World of Matticus made on the same day. He has a different point of view and some math from other peeps about it. I’m editing it into the post.

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