Where’s my 333?!

Oops!  I got up early so that I could write up for 3.3.3… but the bastards didn’t release it this week.

How selfish of them.

I’ve decided to go ahead and go back to WoW, give it another shot.  I’m gonna limit my playing to ONLY raid nights and see if that does it.

My only desire to play at the moment is simply to login and chat with friends.

I’d still like to clear Icecrown Citadel though.  The buff started this week which should trivialize the encounters quite a bit (at least on 10man).

My 10man group went ahead and went last week without me and got Sindragosa to 3%.  We’ve had a bit of a snaffu on her since she came out that has kept us from the Lich King but that’s okay, we still rocked that zone.

The 5% increase effects both healing and damage and is supposed to get up to 30% at its max.  I can imagine that trivializing the zone quite a bit.  It’ll be awesome to get those skeletal dragons to ride on.

Here’s to drake hopes!

EDIT: The 5% increase I spoke of above effects not only healing and damage done but also increases maximum health by 5%.  You could opt out of the buff if you want… but that would be fucking retarded.

World of Raids has some more information on it but here are the dates of when the buff increases.  Notice how it says August 3rd for the 30%?  This really makes me wonder about the expected release date of Cataclysm.  I had honestly expected it as early as May or June but this implies that maybe its more like September or October.  I wonder what else will be released OTHER than Ruby Sanctum?

5% (March 2nd, 2010)
10% (April 6th, 2010)
15% (May 4th, 2010)
20% (June 1st, 2010)
25% (July 6th, 2010)
30% (August 3rd, 2010)


13 thoughts on “Where’s my 333?!

  1. Conifer says:

    so +5% to damage and healing this week? Sheesh. I think we should clear the zone and then work on the achievements, even though I’m pretty sure we could do Deathwhisper and Rotface achievements tonight if we really wanted to.

    Maybe even Festergut.

  2. jheusse says:

    No wonder I haven’t been able to catch you online lately. My time’s been limited and you’ve been more myth than present.

  3. xeonio says:

    If we clear the zone we can’t work on achievements. Remember, hard and normal aren’t seperate zones anymore.

  4. xeonio says:


    Until last night (when I logged in to update the MOTD) I hadn’t been on since the 20th. You can always PM me via LO or at reztheweak@gmail.com if you need to though. I check that stuff religiously.

  5. Tagra says:

    I heard (but haven’t confirmed) that you don’t get achievement credit while the buff is active, which is why there’s an opt-out for it… but that may only be for hardmodes as well. Or it could be total BS, I don’t know! We will see.

    I have also heard they stealth nerfed Valithria. The healer buffs apparently last a longer and portals last longer or something that makes it easier to not drop your stack all over the floor. I don’t have confirmation for that either though.

  6. Tagra says:

    I can’t imagine they wouldn’t give wing-clearing achievements because of the buff, it must only be for hardmodes if it’s true

  7. Winteros says:

    They updated the 3.3.3 notes and they’re changing the 4 piece for priest T10. Now it’s gonna increase the effectiveness of Power Word: Shield and renew by 5%… not sure if that’s really better or what, but those two spells are used more.

  8. xeonio says:

    Yea I saw that. I think the current version if far superior (even if its confusing and harder to use) to the 5% gain. I use a lot of renew but really… 5%? That isn’t going to do much. The PW:S part of it though is definitely good (albeit for disc). You KNOW that preventative healing is going to be used as opposed to wasted renew ticks.

  9. Hetake says:

    Today in 10 man, one of our raiders got credit for ‘Boned’ on Lord Marrowgar with the buff active.

  10. Winteros says:

    yeah I still think I am gonna go for the 4 piece I find myself using PWS quite a bit when watching out for stupid people and giving them a speed boost and cause I don’t have all the boost from being disc it could really help me.

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