SC2 – Immortals, true to their name

If you haven’t played Starcraft then you might not know some basics about it.  Most important it is a type of game known as an RTS or Real Time Strategy game.  RTS’ take you out of the one among many and put you in the seat of the general (read: you become Arthas).  Through a balance of defense and offense you kill your opponents forces and eventually destroy him.  Very… chess like… easy to learn, hard to master.

Well… I say easy to learn but it can be difficult when you are going up against people that wipe your nOOb smear off the face of the galaxy.  Up until recently I had been playing Zerg (alien race, hive mind, think borg like) and getting somewhat owned.  I switched to the Protoss (alien race, but technologically advanced… units are expensive but pack more of a punch) because they are essentially, easier to learn.

The games units are balanced on a rock / paper / scissors mentality.  For example the Protoss have a base unit known as a zealot, simply an infantry unit while the Zerg have a counter unit known as the Roach that eats them up pretty well.  The Protoss counter to Roachs could be a unit known as a Stalker OR they can tech up and get Immortals.

  • Teching / Tech Up: Making buildings that allow you to construct the next tier of units.  Zealot tier 1, Stalker tier 2, Immortal tier 3.

This post is about the Immortal though so let me get back on track.  Immortals are relatively expensive but they are a beast of a unit.  Their base attack is 20 BUT the kicker is that they do an ADDITIONAL 30 damage to armored units.  This makes them a counter (any unit that trumps another unit for one reason or another) to any unit that has the armor type, armored.  Most units are armored (including themselves).

They get even stronger when you find out they have a special type of shielding known as hardened shields.  Hardened shields reduce any damage done to them to 10.  That means that any unit that might hit them back for 10+… is reduced to 10 damage (as long as the Immortal has shields up).  This can be… devastating.  The counter to a unit like this would be any unit that doesn’t have the armored type or has low damage and fast attack (hydralisks, zerlings, marines).  The problem being that the bread and butter units of the races are armored (protoss: stalkers, zerg: roaches, terrans: marauders).

I’m just saying the Immortals are powerful as fuck.  Sadly, I’m a mediocre player at best so I don’t know how the top end players are doing versus them.  I know they have a weakness to air but so far I’ve won every match that I’ve played as Protoss just by massing Immortals and Zealots.

Side Note:  Anyone playing Starcraft or SC2 beta needs to understand the game is about mixing units and countering the units your opponent makes.  You don’t mass one unit and use them to win victory.  You mix one unit say Immortals and another unit that helps against their weakness which would be Stalkers (for the anti air support) and Zealots (to tank while the Immortals eat them).

I’m just bitching because Immortals seem so powerful with their bonus damage to armored units.  I was in the same place a few days ago when Marauders were eating my Roaches, cuz Marauders have a bonus damage to armored (just not as big).  Now I’m playing with Immortals who eat Marauders!

Here’s a final screenshot of some Colossi eating some stuff.


2 thoughts on “SC2 – Immortals, true to their name

  1. Malaren says:

    I’ve watched my Dad play Halo Wars on his 360 and I had always wished that they had put it on PC. I’ve never really played an RTS before so this has really peaked my interests. Think I’ll pop over and read up on it.

  2. xeonio says:

    I’ve never played Halo Wars but I had heard great things about it. RTS can be fun as long as you don’t play with people like me. It is gonna be well worth, both for the multi player and the single player.

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