Middle Ground Moderation?

[Note:  This post has more than its normal fair share of colorful language, just an FYI.]

Tobold presented a post earlier this week about freedom of speech that was directly pointed towards moderation of blog comments.  This was a response to a most made by Klepsacovic that asked the question, Is Tobold too popular to be good?

The basic theory that Klep puts forth is,

It’s a terrible mockery of a response and conversation when it is delayed by hours, and then published along with a dozen other comments that say more or less the same thing. It’s hard to advance a discussion when you don’t know what has already been said, until it’s been said ten different ways ten times.

He goes on to discuss that it isn’t completely fair that Tobold is the only one capable of responding in a timely manner and that he alone decides what is acceptable.

I won’t lie, I love when I get comments.  I don’t mind if I get spam comments (I just delete them… granted I’m not a big blog either).  I do mind when someone stops by to simply troll the comments and be an asshat.  An example of 2 comments that I haven’t deleted but aren’t shown publically….

Lol… If you actually think Putri is hard you are noob, get a live bro


Well you are a figt dood lopllol because I am better not 12 and Kranor is tarded lol you bad

I wish I could tell you that I edited those comments to make that person seem dumber than they are…

Those are the exact comments and they are from the same person.  At no point do those comments add to the discussion.  They only serve to hurt the blogger and start fires.

If you check Tobold’s link above you will notice that particular post has a VERY LARGE number of comments.  A lot of them are useful, thoughtful posts on the issue that might not have been posted (in theory, according to Klep).  Reason being is that people are less likely to post if they feel their comment might be seen as too harsh and meet the chopping block.  I loosely follow Tobold but I don’t think he’s ever edited out comments that oppose his point of view, assuming they aren’t comments like the ones I presented above.

I don’t mean to imply that if the above comments would have been accepted had they included useful information as well.  To me, giving a good reply be it for or against the author’s point of view doesn’t need to include something about their mom, their grandmother, or their personal life.

Earlier this week I wrote a post about me possible quittingOne of the comments left was by one of my raiders, Tagra, and it was a VERY long comment (read: it was a tagra blog post in comments =).  That said, I don’t agree with what she said.  A lot of pertinent information that makes sense but had she decided to include a nice personall attack in there I can’t guarantee you the comment would have made it.  You can have intelligent (or stupid) discussion without drudging the conversation through the mud.

This leads to middle ground moderation, which is what Tobold has employed in the past (it is also what I use).  You have the comments set so that they won’t appear until you okay them which allows you to filter out obscene comments and spam comments.  I’m not sure how Blogger works but someone that has a wordpress account and has been okay’d in the past has their comments immediately okay’d without any type of lag.  Does this slow down the advancement of discussion and lessen the chance of getting a comment?

No idea.

That is what Tobold is seeking to find out as he has…

Starting from now, all comment moderation is removed from this blog, except for posts that are older than 14 days. You can now post anonymously, your comment will appear on the blog immediately, and I will not delete anything, even if it is personal attacks or gold farming spam. Note that in the spirit of fairness I will not even “moderate” my own responses, it would be kind of a one-sided fight if I let people insult me here while remaining polite myself. So don’t be surprised if my comment responses are somewhat harsher than usual.

Daemia of Casual Collective had mentioned to me awhile back that he was amazed at how my blog led to strat discussion and things like that in the comments.  I didn’t think much of it at the time but I understand a lot better now what he is talking about.  Those discussions that are brought forth by posting a topic have lead to some great talk.  Many a things have been translated into my game playing experience and made it that much better.

That said, I’m going to try it out as well…. mostly.

I’m going to allow anonymous commenting that will appear immediately…


I’ll even leave it up if it is just a personal attack or spam.

I’m going to attempt to hold my tongue though on the personal attacks.  Luckily I’ve never pissed anyone off… ever…


12 thoughts on “Middle Ground Moderation?

  1. Good luck with that.

    I agree with your analysis. And I sure wish Blogger had better commenting moderation options, like the ability for users to vote up or down comments, or to pre-approve certain people for immediate commenting. But I’m not going to switch to WordPress just to get those options. So here is hoping that Blogger improves their commenting system with time.

  2. Shiningstar says:

    “I’ll even leave it up if it is just a personnel attack or spam.

    I’m going to attempt to hold my tongue though on the personnel attacks. Luckily I’ve never pissed anyone off… ever…”

    Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries!

    Btw, it’s ‘personal’ not ‘personnel.’ Unless you think we’d verbally assault your employees? 😛

    ❤ Xeo

  3. xeonio says:

    Well it was either gonna be you or Linaa that corrected my horrible english. I’ll go edit it now. Just so you know that’s what happens when you go to a highschool with more Agriculture classes than math classes (srsly).

  4. Anonymous says:

    So I can say whatever I want and there is no way of knowing who I am? This is awesome!

    You all smell. I didn’t want to say anything in-game cuz I didn’t want any hard feelings. But seriously, take a shower.

    This anonymous stuff is great!


  5. xeonio says:

    Thx Tobold! I doubt I’m gonna have the same issues you do since my average comments is like 5 and its all people I already know where as you… well… I’ll Divine Hymn for ya.

  6. xeonio says:

    I wouldn’t fuck w/my mom if I were you. My mom is the reason my old highschool has posted signs that say if you get out of control the police will be called.

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