I thought u were on a break?

It’s funny how NOT playing WoW gives you WAY more time to write about it.  If I learn how to do things in moderation I’ll attempt to balance posting and playing.

Haha… moderation… that’ll be a cold day in hell.  At least it also gives me more time to read up on WoW and see what all is happening.

Unless you have been living under a rock you’ll have noticed that 3.3.3 was announced.  It is nerfing the requirements for older patterns from Ulduar and ToC.  The cooldowns for xmutes is being removed and if you are a class other than priest there is probably some changes going in for you.  I’m looking forward to doing another rez of the patch notes.

The patch is very similar to the pre-Lich King patch (patch 3.0.2) that nerf’d bosses and started to pave the way for the expansion.  Sweeping changes were made to the way some things worked.  Some of this has already been built into the game in that Icecrown Citadel will begin to get easier as that buff starts working on raid groups.  I would also expect the stat changes to go in before Cataclysm to help iron out the bugs and get a bit more finalization on the way they work.

They have also given some information on an extra raid instance under Wyrmrest that is located within the Ruby Sanctum.  Something about the black dragon flight starting an attack on the red dragons… more road being paved for the xpac.  That is the first time I’ve actually been to the Cataclysm website, it’s pretty kewl lookin’.  Mostly because of that mega dragon, Deathwing, ready to pwn some ass.

A bunch of little things that add up to big things in the end I guess.  The thing I’m most interested in is the graphics for the items that will come from the Ruby Sanctum.  Will they have red dragon inspired looks?  I’m certainly hoping so!

In other random news…

  • Bobturkey seems to have been kidnapped.  He hasn’t had a post in quite some time… where fore art thou Bob!?
  • Daemia of Casual Collective and Mingle of One Of These Alts have some more STO things to say.
  • It has been a bit but I think I remember wowinsider.com looking for a new priest writer a lil’ while back because Matticus had to begin training as a ninja assassin.  In his place (I could be wrong here) a poster by the name of Dawn Moore has stepped up.  She has two very recent posts, one about the 3.3.3 changes and another about macros for priests that are great reads.
  • Judge Judy has never heard of us?!

  • Raid oriented things always intrigue me and Misery posts her? his? thoughts on loot council.
  • Behind the scenes with WordPress can show you when someone links to your blog and over the course of this blog it has led me to several very decent blogs.  A new one (read: new to me, but been posting since Dec. 09) by the name of Cranky Healer has been posting some really good stuff.  Recently a great set of posts about addons and of course funny ones to.
  • Over at /Officerchat he has a post of personal interest about guilds led by IRL friends, which Relentless is (but its 3 instead of 8 people).

I like posts that gather a bunch of random into one place and share it (I’m not sure what they are called) but wanted to try my hand at it but stay WoW related.  This isn’t WoW related but I’ll leave you with it…


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