Rez of the Week – Shiningstar ‘Shindig’

It was the height of The Burning Crusade and Relentless was deeply embroiled in their battle with Illidan’s Generals.  We had just bested Teron Gorefiend and had started the hard work that was Gurtogg Bloodboil.  Another charter had recently fallen apart and we started to see a small influx of very talented players.  One of those players took her name quite literally, she was a Shiningstar that brought an amazing healing ability to our raid group.

Very rarely you find something you didn’t realize you needed.  It has only happend to me a few times and each time I’ve been extremely thankful for that person’s introduction into my life.  Shiningstar filled a hole in our healing team that didn’t realize it existed.

On a more personal note, Shindig is one of those people that make you strive to be a better person.  She has been a major driving force for me to continue posting.  She has a very light hearted and motherly attitude that makes you want to do things that would make her proud.  I am very blessed to call her my friend.

Without further ado…

Name: Shiningstar
(Shiny to most, although some affectionately call me “Shindig” and I’ll respond to that.  “Shannon” is not acceptable, Conifer.)
Class: Priest

Where are you from:
That’s a difficult question really.  I’m an Army brat, so I have lived a lot of places.  I was born in Belgium, but most of my extended family is here in Almost Heaven, West Virginia–so let’s go with that.   I’m not too far from Washington, DC.

Would you consider yourself… hardcore:
At times, I would answer “yes” to this question.  I have played WoW for about 4 years and I have over 365 days played on Shiny, which makes it appear that I’m obsessed.  I’d say about 100 days’ worth of that time was spent fishing up my turtle mount.  I might have exaggerated that a little bit.  [Editor’s Note:  She’s not actually.] As far as raiding goes, I don’t really consider myself hardcore.  I raid one day a week for 10 man and one-two days per week for 25 man raids.  I don’t study up on the fights or watch videos unless I’m forced to, and I will admit it’s because–1-I’m lazy and 2-I’m a hands-on learner and I learn stuff better by just doing it (and messing up a time or two) than by reading about it or watching it.  I also don’t read up on my class or number crunch to determine if one talent point is better spent elsewhere.  I probably should, but oh well!

Main Raid Spec / Dual Spec:
My main spec is Holy.  I think my dual spec is Disc but I can’t remember and (if you read above) I’m too lazy to go check.  I think I used it for PvP a little bit when I did some battlegrounds and a few arenas.

What do you use your offspec for:
Ummm.  Yeah.  I don’t.  It was gold poorly spent, probably so I could get achievement points for having dual spec.  I love achievements!

How long have you been playing:
Since late October 2005, when SOE massacred the game I loved at the time, Star Wars Galaxies.  I had an account in Dec 2004, when Addy tried to get me to play WoW.  I had rolled a human pally and managed to get her to level 8 before I told him how much I hated the game and my character.  She had fat thighs and no pretty skirt to cover them.  Sorry, human females out there.  Lowbie pally gear is just NOT flattering.  I went back to my dancer in her hawt outfits in SWG for another year.  My pally is still only level 12 or something.  Melee is not my thing.  🙂

What about WoW keeps you coming back:
Friends.  I started playing WoW and a bunch of my friends/guildies came with me from Star Wars Galaxies.  Since then I’ve made a ton of new friends too.  I often log in just to chat with friends rather than to actually accomplish something in game.  When WoW added achievements to the game, that was a big motivator for me too.  I like the extra challenge when I need a break from ordinary stuff.  I’m (some would say TOO) competitive and the achievements are fun for me because of this.

Has WoW taught you anything you’ve applied to IRL:

  1. Learn to accept criticism and praise equally.
  2. Sometimes people just need someone to listen to them vent.  It’s ok to just listen without offering advice.
  3. If all parts of a team aren’t fully dedicated to a project, it’s not going to be as successful.  Make sure you’re doing your part.
  4. Don’t kill turtles, even the mean ones.  They’re really just misunderstood.
  5. New challenges take a lot of time and work.  It’s totally worth it if you get new clothes out of it. 🙂

If you had to reroll…
Actually I DID reroll.  Another priest, Praize.  She had grandiose plans of being shadow spec (lasted until level 60) which then morphed into plans for being disc spec (which lasted from 60-80).  I decided that disc and shadow weren’t for me and thus I ended up with two identically spec’d holy priests.  Go figure.
Would you choose the same thing:
*cough*  Well, Praize is a draenei and Shiny’s a night elf so that’s sort of different, right? Right?
Why: Uhhh.  I have actually tried other classes.  I have a 70-something hunter nub and an 80 elemental shaman.  I just really like healing as a priest.  DPSing is fun on occasion, but I feel most satisfied when people live through a tough encounter and I know it’s because the healing team has worked its butt off to make that happen.

Best Raid Moment:
Would probably be my first raid ever, Blackwing Lair.  The group I went with was learning the fights and I was geared with greens and blues.  I got my first taste of what raiding was like and I LOVED it.  I’ve had enjoyable times in many raids since then, but it’s hard to say what my favorite would be.

Favorite Raid Mod:
Healbot, of course.  Best raid mod ever.  Don’t listen to Xeo yammer on with his silliness about how Grid is so wonderful.  Healbot is FAR superior, right Con? 🙂  I don’t use threatmeters or healing meters or anything like that.  They tend to suck away my game’s performance.
[Editor’s Note:  Since Shindig doesn’t read up on things I can easily quote something I read somewhere that said, “GRID > Healbot”.  Luckily, she’ll never prove me wrong.]

Favorite Boss Encounter:
Romeo and Juliet in Karazhan.  Addy had music for each of the boss fights in KZ and this one was “Check Yes Juliet” by We the Kings.  I loved the dialogue between R+J in this fight and I used to have it all memorized. 🙂

What Food / Flasks do you use:
Fish Feast (duh!), Flask of Pure Mojo or Flask of the Frost Wyrm-whichever I have more of.

I have a macro for shackling undead, casting Guardian Spirit on a tank, and responding in Chinese to whiny strangers who spam me with “give me money/dungeon run-throughs.”  I haven’t had to use the last one too much recently, but it is by far the most fun.

Rotation (rather, a preference on healing spell):
I use PoM, CoH, flash heal, renew…It’s like whack-a-heal.  Smack the buttons enough and something is bound to work.  If not, one less person to heal, right?  🙂

What resources do you use to stay current on your class:
I ask Xeo or read his blog.  I used to try reading Elitist Jerks but that site makes my head explode.  Too many numbers.  I teach kindergarten, for heavens’ sake.  Let’s keep it simple, people.

Any tips for playing your class:
Yes.  Don’t let people die if you can help it.  Always look out for yourself first…a dead healer can’t save anyone else.  Marry a paladin if you can arrange it, and get free divine interventions when the raid wipes.  Expect him to be lazy in return and plan on farming for his flasks, doing his enchants and gem cuts, and logging in his character for him at raid times.  Try not to get offended when he DI’s the raid lead instead, because you were probably already dead.

If you could be any mythical supernatural creature, What would it be:
Ok, I had to google this.  I don’t consider angels “mythical” but I’ll go with that.  I’d be an angel.
Why: Angels heal, rescue, comfort, or help people who are in need.   Shiny isn’t really crazy about being an angel in game because it means that you guys let me die, yet you expect me to use my dying strength to save you.  The concept is nice though.

[Editor’s Note:  I leave you with this wonderful whisper I recieved from Shindig’s alt a few days ago.]

EDIT: There was a picture here but I managed to edit it wrong /sigh.  The conversation goes like this…

Praize:  Jordan (one of her kids) asked me if he could use my computer and I said no, I have a raid.
Praize:  and he said, ohh on which char
Praize:  I said Praize and then Shiny
Praize:  and he said, can I come?
Praize:  I laughed and said no
Praize: and he begged and I said, it’s with Xeo, he’d yell.  He said, “oh, XEO. nevermind.”


10 thoughts on “Rez of the Week – Shiningstar ‘Shindig’

  1. Addy says:

    What a great Rez of the Week and I’m not just saying that because Shiny is my better half. I feel compelled to respond to a few things.

    Only I get to call Shiny Shannon, but I only do that IRL with an Irish accent.

    I believe you said your paladin looked “hippy” and I am sorry I suggested you play a paladin. I did hit the mark that you should play a healer though.

    The added benefit of Check Yes Juliet is that it fits Big Bad Wolf, too. Shiny hates, hates, HATES!, any kind of mechanic that sacrifices her, makes things come at her, transports her to places she can die. Some of you may have gotten a good treat when I open up the mic when something like this happens and you can hear her scream.

    Any time she would turn into Red Riding Hood, I would sing “Run Baby Run!” really loud and then open up the mic so everyone could get a good laugh.

    Finally, the reason you usually die before Xeo is that your healing is so much better and you are pumping out a lot more threat sweetie.

  2. xeonio says:

    yea yea yea… I realize what happend now, thats what happens when you put posts together at 2am. I will stay away from photo editing at that time of night from now on.

  3. Conifer says:

    Great rez! Although I’m pretty sure that I’m Addy’s favorite DI target. Don’t feel bad though, Addy and I are the same person.

    And you are correct, Shannon, Healbot > Grid.

  4. Tapol says:

    Shining…. Your comments are so great. Love the Little Red Riding boss fight also. And you are one of my favorite priest in the game. (cough) you too

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