SC2 – When the Zerg Rise!

Xeo’s Note:  I’ll preface any Starcraft 2 posts with SC2 in the title so you don’t have to waste your time if you don’t give a fuck.

Back in Starcraft 1 I started out as Zerg and I loved them quite a bit but ended up as Protoss because… well… they fucking own.  I’m already a human so I don’t really want to play with myself (haha, not true).  I don’t like the Terrans though, something about their versatility and toolbox methods don’t call out to me.


I’ve been playing my 1v1 matches, mostly as Zerg and I must say, the Roach is an absolute beast.  Back in alpha he used to have low HP and high HP regen so it required a bit of micro to kill him.  Then the regen was taken away and he became useless.  There have been several iterations of what has happend to this guy but at the moment… he’s in an amazing (possibly OP) form.

First of all he doesn’t seem very strong especially when you compare it to the Hydralisk (in terms of looks).  Then he defends against an attack and lots of him are left and not so many opponent and you are like… wow… really?  It only gets better from here though.  He has several upgrades, all of which are very nice.

  • Glial Reconstruction: Increases the movement speed of the Roach.
  • Tunneling Claws: Allows the Roach to move while burrowed.
  • Organic Carapace: MOAR HP REGNZ!

Roachs only regen their HP now when they are burrowed, which is good and researching that early burrow tech can save tons of units.  Burrowing your Queen or Drones when an enemy gets in to raid can be huge.

You start with upgrading their movement speed, a mundane upgrade but very useful.  Then you get the amazing ability, Tunneling claws, that lets you move while they are burrowed.  Stop drooling.  Listen to me.  They can fucking move while burrowed.


I cannot tell you how many people (especially Protoss) have lost because of no detection or simply just not enough of it.  Unless you are using ‘Lings to hold off the early rush and pushing the tech tree you are most likely massing Roachs.

I usually start with a few lings and run them into the front, see what they are packing.  No phase cannons?  Only 1 or 2 phase cannons?  I take a group of the Roachs, burrowed and moving straight into the mineral line.  If they are burrowed they are regenerating HP even when they are moving (90% sure) so it is likely you won’t lose any if the front door defense isn’t to insane.  Unburrow in the mineral line and go to town.

One of the first opponents I tried this on had a forge (for upgrades) but no cannons.  I would burrow and go to one side of his base, kill a building or take out a pylon if I could and reburrow.  He’d run units over and I’d trek back to the otherside.

Another use I’ve found for this ability is if you are in a choke point fighting.  You burrow some and run them past the enemy to spawn behind them, cutting off the pass and setting up crossfire.

I think this ability might be too powerful though.  It should probably be tier 3 and have the increased regen as tier 2.


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