Beta Begins

If you were living under a rock yesterday or so sick with a cold you haven’t gotten out of bed in two days (read: Dariar) then you might not have heard…

…so yea… it did.

They had A LOT of invites flowing out and they staggered them into waves (they might still be going out) so that their servers didn’t assplode I’d imagine.  They were doing it worldwide after all.

Around midnight my phone rings and it is Watz, he’s like… you checked your email recently?  I was like no I haven’t.  Well, not in the last 5mins since I was in the shower… he goes, oh… well you might want to because my invite is in there.

Ya know in movies when a light beams down on you and angels play a heavenly chorus?  Same thing except it was a terran marine yelling GO GO GO!

I went.

I’m not sure if I finished my shower but luckily I did wash the soap out of my hair.  I started up the DL and it said… 2hrs.


I knew I couldn’t stay up all night, pull an 8hr shift, and then lead a 4 hr raid.  Thus, my plan went into action.  I set my alarm for 6am but doggy alarm (my new puppy that wakes up with the ass crack of dawn… I ended up naming him Dutch) got me up at 5.  I let him out to pee and checked the download.  Fucking Firefox decided to update and interrupt it!  I started it back up and it estimated about an hour so I headed for bed.

/alarm rings 6am

I’m out of bed so fast my clothes were a foot behind me… wait… thats cuz… yea, nm.  Anyway, I start it up and the install screen pops up.  I won’t lie, I got a bit misty.

I’ve played about 5 games so far and well… its fun as fuck (when you can play).

It was super early so it might have just been that there wasn’t anyone online but it could also be the match making system, not sure.  It did take me a lil’ while to find a game and all I’ve managed to play are 2v2’s which is fun… but I’d much rather play 1v1 and get better.

I played Zerg and did mostly ‘ling / roaches to victory, switching roaches to hydras if my opponent started going air.  Most of my opponents have been far more newb than myself (read: I’m horrible at this game) so I haven’t even tried banelings but they seem like fun.

My last game before I left for work was the best though.  My ally kept me defended early while I massed muta’s (which in hindsight was STUPID as both my opponents were Protoss).  They weren’t smart enough to get psi storm (uhm… if you play WoW think a mage’s blizzard x100) which would have annihilated my Muta swarm but since they failed to do that I just harassed the fuck out of them while my Terran ally mopped up.  Worked great and I can’t wait to start playing again.

I’m at work right now, downloading it onto my laptop…

/le sigh


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