S T Oh no he didnt!

I just canceled my STO subscription.  I will be able to play it until my free month ends OR until Starcraft 2 Beta starts (/hug Blizzcon key).

STO says they added new servers which would help with the Q times… I think they are already starting to see the downturn in players.

Until VERY recently grouping was basically broken and would / could cause you not to get completion for the quest.  You’d often do the same quest several times in order to get completion.  This led to many (including myself) solo’ing up to max level.

What is the max level you ask?  Well, originally it was decided to be 50 but at some point they switched it to 45.  Why?  No fucking clue why they would do that.  No where in the game information that I had did it say max level was 45.  This leads to the fact that you can only max out one of the Admiral abilities.

No respec is in game either, so spend your points and you are shit out of luck if you spend them in a bad place.

Which leads us to the recent content patch.  Until this patch there was fuck all to do at end game and really… there still is fuck all to do.  They have added a few new quests (which I haven’t done) and a daily.  One daily… not several, but one.  This one daily gives you some emblems of frost badges that you can use to buy epic gear.  This epic gear is supposed to tide you over until they release raid’isodes which are just 5mans that are supposed to be tough?  Judging from the difficulty in the game so far I will probably just solo the content (if I’m still playing when its released).

Those ability points I was talking about and how you can’t get them back since there is no respec option…  You can spend them to increase certain types of weapons damage and at Admiral I had the choice between Antiproton and Polaron.  I spent those points on Polaron weapons.

The epic gear though… the weapons are antiproton.  Srsly? /le sigh.

I really wanted this game to work out but in the end they are asking people to pay for beta.  The lack of respec is a huge thing in my eyes.  I’d consider respec’ing a basic feature in games that use talent distribution systems in the post-WoW era.

The worst thing though… is that I’ve been using STO as a sleep aid.  It is guaranteed that if I login and start playing it slowly puts me to sleep (literally).

Maybe if the game is around in 6 months then I’ll try to reactivate and test it out but the way the game was released is only hurting them.  More variety in the genesis system, a max level that makes sense and better optimization of the game engine can only help the game.  Best of luck Cryptic, I hope you can pull your shit together for the sake of the Star Trek branding.

One Of These Alts has several posts about STO but the one that I’m on the same level with is this one.


3 thoughts on “S T Oh no he didnt!

  1. Nice shot of your ship – I hope my fleet escort looks as good, if I can get my second captain to admiral before my free 30 days runs out.

    It is quite amazing that they still haven’t added the respec functionality though, especially since (iirc) they had the same issue come up with Champions Online when it launched.

  2. xeonio says:

    Thanks, you inspired me to take a great screenshot. I really love the ones you post of your hawt ship. I’m sure you’ll make it to max level before the end of the free 30 days. It amazes me that they had this problem with the last game they released and did it again.

    I know there is probably some technical issues since they based getting new ships / rank on how many points you had spent but I don’t understand why they can’t do like WoW did it. When you respec you lose the abilities but the game ‘remembers’ you have a max rank.

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