Body and Soul

I like to flip flop spec a lot, it keeps things interesting.  I enjoyed being disc but the reality is the sheer raw healing power needed for raid healing just wasn’t possible as discipline, especially when you are only running 5 healers in your raid group.

I noticed when I picked holy back up that there are quite a few end talents that are… optional compared to discipline but that is for another post.  One of the talents I picked up was Body and Soul.

Body and Soul (2/2) – When you cast Power Word: Shield, you increase the target’s movement speed by 60% for 4 sec, and you have a 100% chance when you cast Abolish Disease on yourself to also cleanse 1 poison effect in addition to diseases.

The main reason I picked it up was because I wanted the option to cure a poison effect off myself if I needed to.  I thought hey, that would be neat to help self cleanse a bit and so far… I haven’t used that part of the talent at all.

I have however been using the shit out of the movement speed increase.  I never thought it would be remotely useful… BUT IT IS!

On Rotface we cure the disease debuff because it is just flat out easier to heal someone when they don’t have it on them.  Shield them first so they get the haste increase and follow up with a disease cure for a slime that is at its destination pretty quickly.

I’m just flat out amazed at how useful this little talent is.  Things you never thought of before start creeping into your mind.  Does one of your tanks charge into battle putting himself OOR to healers all the time?  PW:S yourself to catch up!

Needing to run away from that blood beast?  SHIELD!

Spore not moving fast enough? SHIELD!

Lana’thel’s beamed peeps not getting together fast enough? SHIELD!

Must I go on?

Blizzard had mentioned they are wanting to do away with talents in Cataclysm that just give static bonuses (read: +X% to something) and replace them with fun talents, such as body and soul.  If Blizzard can continue to maintain the original function of the spell while increasing its usefulness, then the talent trees will be outright amazing (read: nerf city after Cataclysm release).

Someone dieing in a fire?  SHIELD!

Oh I love this game.

Anyone else have some awesome uses for run speed bubbles?


4 thoughts on “Body and Soul

  1. Winteros says:

    Wasn’t it you who told me back in Ulduar that taking Body and Soul was a “waste of two talent points”?? hmm how the mighty have fallen!!

    But seriously, so many uses for this talent, like back in Ulduar Mimiron for the spinning up pew pew laser barrage or faction champs in ToC, got some ret pally chasing you down or whirlwinding warrior chasing you, bubble and book it!! It’s hard NOT to find uses for this thing.

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