Who’s Healing Valithria?

I’m all about putting the right person in the right spot to do the right thing.  When I had initially heard about Valithria and that it was a healing fight I was absolutely a flutter.  I was downright gleeful.  Then we got to it on 10man and I realized that maybe I wasn’t cut out for the job.  The biggest reason that I personally can’t do it is that I’m a huge micromanager.  Having to focus on one thing isn’t something I do well so I passed the job up to two other great healers Kahnti and Conifer.  They rocked the joint out and setup the stage for our 25man.

In 25man we had a variety of healers, a paladin, a shaman, a druid, and a priest (initially) healing Valithria.  It quickly became clear that not all healers were created equal.

(Disclaimer: This is a VERY limited pool of test subjects (ie. my raid) but just giving my opinions and observations on healing this fight.)

Paladins: Can you say broken?  Once you take mana out of the equation you see the sheer power of a paladin spamming Holy Light on a target.  At first our paladin was weaving Holy Shock into his Holy Light spam but it turned out to be an HPS loss.  The talent, Light’s Grace (3/3), has a 100% chance of making the Holy Light you just cast reduce the cast time of your next Holy Light by .5 seconds.  It seems trivial at first but when you find yourself spamming 90k heals near the end of the fight… you’ll crap yourself.  Our paladins Holy Light crits top’d out at 150k (and we haven’t even finished the fight yet).  Paladins were made for this fight.

Druids: Druids were my pick for best healer on Valithria, but it was because of the hots.  I assumed that since they’d still basically be healing while they were in the dream that it would put them leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else.  I didn’t realize that the HOTs wouldn’t be as powerful as I had expected.  It turned out that their bread and butter would be Nourish.  Nourish heals for the same as Flash Heal but heals for an additional 20% if the target has one of the druids HOTs on it.  This turns into stupid amounts of healing and really shines over the other druid hots.

Someone told me that the Lifebloom nerfs in 3.1 really show up on this fight but I don’t understand why.  Mana is no longer an issue but I guess it just doesn’t scale as well as the nourish spam.

Shamans: Shamans were a big surprise to me.  We didn’t even use a shaman that was healer main spec, we made one of our elementals switch to do this job….

I was having to lookup to see what spells he was using cuz honestly… no idea the route to go about healing Valithria as a shaman.  Personally I’d just spam the shit out of Healing Wave and roll Riptide in as soon as it was off CD.  Our shaman was spamming Lesser Healing Wave (read: Flash Heal) and rolling Riptide in as he could.  Almost 16% of his healing was done via Ancestral Awakening.  When you crit heal with Healing Wave, Lesser Healing Wave, or Riptide it heals someone else within 40yds for 30% of the healed amount.  When your average crit is 17k that 30% heal (5,100) REALLY starts to add-up at the end.  His highest crit was 41k which turns into an additional 12k heal on someone random.  How huge is that?!

EDIT:  Looking at our shamans resto spec I found that he was using Glyph of Lesser Healing Wave.  It increases your LHW by 20% if the target has Earth Shield on it.  Very interesting…..

Priests: Now, this is completely skewed by my failure at doing the job but I think it still holds a bit of water.
Disc: Tank healer?  YES!  Valithria healer? NO!  I tried it a few times and seeing huge penances was just awesome… but it doesn’t stackup to the pure raw healing power of the other classes.  Bubbles translate into almost uselessness.  It might absorb some frostbolt or fire damage but in the end… the amount of healing lost isn’t worth the gain.
Holy: This is where it is at.  I tried a couple of different options but I think it came down to Flash Heal x3 then Greater Heal.  Flash becomes even more useful with 2p t10 added in.  On attempts where I was just spamming Flash Heal this equated out to 10-15% of my healing done.

Nutshell: In theory any competent healer (read: not me) could do and excel at this fight.  The only underlying issue is how well the person moves.  Making sure to not let your stacks fall is the biggest concern.  You have to get a green orb just before you fall out to give yourself max time to refresh.  Don’t wait around when the portal spawns either to finish a heal.  Interrupt and get your ass back in the emerald dream.

  • Paladins spam Holy Light.
  • Shamans (undecided at this point) but Lesser Healing Wave did tremendous.  I’d still personally go with Healing Wave if you have a lot of haste stacked.
  • Druids get a couple of HOTs up and spam the shit out of Nourish.
  • Disc Priests heal raid, OMG, don’t let them heal Valithria.
  • Holy Priests flash x3 then g.heal.

Personal Notes:

  1. Tossing out a WG or CoH is nice and certainly helpful when you come out of the emerald void but could easily get you killed later in the fight.  Crazy big heals equals crazy big threat.
  2. Spamming Holy Nova with 20+ stacks = healed group and dead mobs.  It also means no healing on Valithria.  I tried doing just this on one attempt, putting 3 melee and the pally tank in my group.  I’d fall down and spam Holy Nova if any rot worms were up and then go back to healing Valithria.  I ended up in 12th place with 900k dmg done at 9k dps /pat on the back.

7 thoughts on “Who’s Healing Valithria?

  1. Shiningstar says:

    “Don’t wait around when the portal spawns either to finish a heal. Interrupt and get your ass back in the emerald dream.”

    So what you are saying is, no lollygagging?

    I know the whole point of this fight is to heal Valithria to full and then collect pretty purples. You didn’t mention that the healers who AREN’T going into the dream are spamming heals till their fingers bleed and that mana for them is an issue. I was fiending, using Hymn of Hope, and even calling for innervates…and I was still low or out of mana before Val was at 75% health. Did the Guardian Spirit glyph work well or should I switch back to my Flash Heal one? I’m interested to know its effectiveness.

  2. xeonio says:

    It is a huge… huge help, but you can go back to flash heal. I have the guardian spirit glyph and I thought we could stack it but we can’t.

  3. Also, the Glyph of Nourish adds 6% for each of the druid’s HoTs on the target. Conifer’s rockin’ it right now; looks like Az has Wild Growth glyphed instead at the moment.

  4. Conifer says:

    The reason that Lifebloom is a hinderance in this fight has nothing to do with mana – it’s all about the most healing you can get per GCD. You simply do not get as much healing from stacking Lifeblooms as you would from spamming Nourish in that same time frame.

    I am fully spec’d/glyphed for Nourish. I keep Regrowth and Rejuvenation on Valithria at all times and spam Nourish. The only time I use WG and Lifebloom is when running to a portal. This way I can stack HOTs while moving. As soon as I get to my portal spot it’s back to Nourish spam.

    Never ever ever use Nourish without at least 1 HOT on the target, but that’s easy enough to maintain.

  5. Shadowfaux says:

    “I passed the job up to two other great healers Kahnti and Conifer.”

    Just wanted to point out that Kahnti is an awesome healer. Go Go Kahnti !!!


  6. xeonio says:

    The funny part (which I doubt anyone will believe) is that I wrote it yesterday afternoon before our discussion last night on him healing.

  7. Conifer says:

    Now if he would only run away from Blistering Cold and LOS the frost bolts, he would be alive for phase 3! 🙂 (j/k – maybe a little)

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