Ever put kittens in a bag and drop ’em into a river?

Why not?

You probably haven’t gotten to Sindragosa yet.

Let me explain.  The frost wing started out phenomenally.  You have a mini event that gets you a frost badge and then you get to do the Valithria boss (which for some reason I’m HORRIBLE at).  You clear some more trash and then you get to Sindragosa.  You may or may not watch a video on how to do the fight (if you do I suggest this one).  You realize the fight looks somewhat complicated but doable.

You start your first attempt and wonder… why did they say to use 3 healers again?  Who cares… oh I got sucked into her cavernous chest… run run run… woot I’m alive!  Heal tank… check.  Heal raid… check.

Ice blocks?  Oh yea, hide behind them.




4… frost bolts.  Okay now we break them out and back to p1.

(elapse time it takes to ride a hot air balloon to the moon)

35%!  That means p3.  /loosen up

Dodge iceblock, duck behind ice block… oops not my turn yet, tank low, heal, heal, HEAL!  raid needs heal, uhoh I’m at 17 stacks of unchained magic healer (cuz its ALWAYS ON A HEALER!) and 4 stacks of mystic lunch so I can’t heal for 8 seconds and now I’m dying to a constant AE (now I understand why there is 3 healers).

Roughly the time it takes for heroism to fade you wipe, actually I’m not even sure if we did live 45 seconds.

That’s how p3 is… quite frantic.  I’m not bitching about p3 though.  I like p3… its where the fun lives.  My problem is the first 65% of the fight where you do fuck all.  The fight basically doesn’t even start until 35% and that ends so quickly you are wondering if the hooker took off with your wallet.  We were taking AFK pee breaks and I took some time to order a pizza (srsly… I did… cuz I was chained for almost an entire attempt).

I should probably tie in the kittens now huh before you call PETA on me.  The frost wing started out fantastic, tons of fun and then you get to Sindragosa and her first half is painful… painful like watching kittens drown.  See, I tied it in.

She should just start at 50% so that you get to experience that p1 and p2 which aren’t bad and quickly progress to the difficult part of the fight.  I just expected so much more after Valithria and it’s a serious let down.

On another note any priests that have been doing Valithria?  I did lose my stacks a few times on 25man which accounted for some very bad attempts from me but even on the good attempts I wasn’t pushing anywhere near the pally / shaman / druids that were going inside.  I tried a variety of healing but I’m not sure if flash x3 then g.heal is greater than just spamming flash (especially since I have 2p t10).


2 thoughts on “Sindra-boring-as-fuck-gosa

  1. We found the most effective use of healers on Valithria was to have me (usually disc but holy for this one) on the outside healing the raid, and our resto druid and resto shaman entering the emerald dream, it worked a charm and we got her down without any difficulty at all. By putting the druid into the emerald dream I could steal his innervate every cd ^^ and on 25 man we use paladin/shaman/druids in the dream, have our priests outside on raid heals.
    If you must use a priest inside the dream we calculated that flash x3 then gheal was the most effective way to heal if you have the 2 set bonus, good luck on your next kill 🙂

  2. xeonio says:

    Yea, on 10man we had 2 druids go inside and myself outside. The druids would drop a WG when they came out and otherwise spam the shit out of her. It was nice having those innervates available for myself and was a really big boon.

    On 25man we tried a variety of different compositions but it came down to healers losing stacks. It doesn’t sound drastic until you look at recount and see a pally healing for 15k HPS and a priest only doing 8k. Everyone but the priests seemed to be doing amazing on their healing w/this though.

    My concern is are priests really just not cut out for healing this?

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