Valithria & Stuff

When your desire to play WoW begins to decline… so does your ideas on things to write about.  I’ve sat down several times and just stared at a blank screen… but you aren’t here to read about my QQs.  On to the new raid content!

Trash (event): B
Instead of just more trash pulls they turned it into a little event.  Not terribly hard but the mobs can do a real number if you aren’t careful.  The initial pull is lots of damage, lots of healing.  The two sisters after that initial pull are fun as well.  One stands there and AEs the shit out of people and the other is tanked… and AEs the shit out of people, tons of healing, tons of fun.  You get 2 more groups (just repeats of the first two) and then a mini boss.  She AEs the raid like a Val’kyr from ToC and raises some mobs to come pwn you, tons of healing (seeing a theme?)… tons of fun.  The trash also doesn’t respawn after 2 hrs in this wing.

Valithria: A+
It is possible (HIGHLY possible) that I am biased since… well… I’m a healer.  OMFG this fight is fun.  A fight where the HEALERS have to do stuff.  THE HEALERS HAVE TO DO STUFF (caps is for yelling!)

/calm down

Valithria’s room has 4 grates (but on 10man adds only spawn from 2).  There is a variety of adds that spawn from these grates.  Valithria also spawns some green portals as a gateway into the Emerald Dream.  This is where the fight goes to hell in a hand basket.

First the adds….

  • Abomination:  Does a disease dot frontal cone that increases the amount of physical dmg you take and dots you.  When they die they spawn…
  • Rot Worms: About a billion of them spawn and eat the tank, they need to die pretty quickly.
  • Blazing Fire Skeletons of AE DOOM!:  These were our top priority as they fucking eat the raid.
  • Blistering Fetid Knuckle-Draggers: They splode when they die so its important melee run out to help out healers.
  • Some Lich thing: It AEs frost bolts which don’t do to much damage but its the slow that is annoying.
  • Suppressors:  No aggro table, just run straight to Valithria and channel a debuff that decreases healing on her by 10%.  As you can imagine it is important they die.

Then you have the Emerald Dream.  You take a green portal and are teleported to the same room you are in but its in the emerald dream.  You can swim around in the room and fly through these green orbs (Pro Tip:  Reduce particle density to zero so you don’t see all the glowey shit around them, makes hitting them much easier).  Each orb gives you a stacking buff that increases healing / dmg by 10% and your mana regen.  The idea is to get as many as you can, fall out of emerald dream (you have 15 seconds inside), heal as much as you can on Valithria and be ready to go right back into the dream.  You then fly into orbs again and if you have been doing it right you will continue to stack the buff each time you get in.

The fun part of this fight was that we didn’t really do any reading on this fight, we winged it for the most part which honestly… was tons of fun.  That is also why it took us so long to kill it.  Eventually we figured that putting any DPS into the emerald dream was stupid, the buffs they gain aren’t worth their DPS loss (even if they are stacking it up super high).  You have 3 green portals but only used 2.  If you somehow managed to have 4 healers for this fight it would be insanely easy.  You send 3 in… gather and stack, drop out and spam heal on Valithria.  We found a soft enrage for us to be at roughly 6-7mins.  At that point the mobs are spawning too fast for us to keep up.

I was solo healing the outside and when our 2 druids would fall out of the dream they’d toss around some WGs but focus on the boss.  It was also helpful that I was able to eat their innervates (I think I went through 4 or 5).  I highly recommend that the healer that stays out can cure disease, or that someone outside can.  Getting it off tanks is a priority.

/calm off


Sindragosa: ?
We didn’t have time to run into her so we’ll see how it goes later this week.

Overall: A+
The fact the trash doesn’t respawn is a winner for me and a fight that the healers get to not only participate in but are the main requirement is an absolute love of my life.

Good job Blizzard.


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