Crimson Halls Review

Tuesday night Zordon sent us to ICC10 for the new Crimson Halls.  We headed for the Crimson Halls first, wanting to take a peek at it…

Trash: D+ (boring, the + is for lich slap)
Mostly a letdown, just gather it up and AE it.  The lich is kind of funny though because he casts an ability called lich slap… lich plz!  hahaha… love that.

It can be shield reflected though, then you get to yell out, “Stop hittin’ urself!”

The commander’s put a bleed debuff on whoever is tanking them that stacks to 3 and was doing 10k dmg a tick.  Pretty nasty, especially if he gets stunned with a bunch of mobs on him.

Blood Princes: A- (hella fun!)
REALLY fun fight, completely mechanic driven and has people doing all sorts of shit!  You have 3 mobs that share an HP pool but only one of them can be dealt actual dmg (that counts towards their HP) at any given time.  When they are the mob with the HP they become ’empowered’ and hit like a mach truck carrying photon torpedos.  There’s a whirling thing that knocks peeps back, a giant fireball that you have to semi kite, some black clouds that pew pew and buff you and some bombs falling from the sky.

Its like droppin’ a rabbit into a pit of lions fun.  Mainly because of the vortex that gets created and knocks peeps around (the bombs that fall to the ground can do it to).

Queen Lana’thel: B (a mix tape of boss abilities)
First of all… does anyone realize what lana spelled backwards is?  Just thought I’d point that out so you adults can nix your kids from playing such a perverse game.  Someone should start an online petition to make it more ‘kid friendly’.

Its Festergut with a twist.  She has like double his HP but she initially bites someone which increases their DPS by 100% and after 50 seconds they have to satisfy their craving for blood by biting someone else.  If they don’t then they become MC’d and you gotta kill ’em.  As you can imagine… that’s bad.

In the meantime you will get other debuffs like Mother Shahraz’s Fatal Attraction (only the opposite of it cuz they have to run together instead of apart).  You’ll also get a wonderful continual AE going on like the two trash mobs before Lady Deathwhisper.  Next on the menu for abilities is Lord Jaraxxus’ flame poop ability (but this one is a pretty purple and lasts twice as long).  She will debuff the person closest to her other than the MT and hit them for the same dmg that she is hitting the MT (but its shadow instead of physical).  Overall though its very easily managed stuff…

Until she decides to go vampire bat-form so she can hop into the sky, spinning around and spraying fecal matter like some rabid monkey that’s been hittin’ the pipe too hard.  She hits people with some bolt that explodes, doing damage to them and people nearby which quickly adds up and toasts the raid if you aren’t spread out enough.  This is going to be stupid painful on 25man, not looking forward to it.

If you live through that you get a chance to go back to p1 and start it all over again.

Seems fun though!  We’re going back in this coming Monday to try and take her down.  11 attempts left so I think we have a good shot of getting her down.

Overview: B
The trash in this wing is just that, trash with no interesting abilities or real thought put into them.  They hit hard and can easily wipe you if you just fuck around but not ‘interesting’ (not counting lich slap).  The Blood Princes are a great pick me up and tons of fun.  The Queen is a nice entree with a variety of spices that make you ask, “please daddy, can I have some more?”


One thought on “Crimson Halls Review

  1. Addy says:

    Photon torpedoes huh? It’s best not to mix your MMOs.

    On a side note, I might be getting on to STO beta tonight.

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