Random Post #.72

U.S.S. Relentless

I’ve been playing Star Trek Online (it’s in open beta now) and I’m finally starting to get bored with it.  I love Star Trek, its why I preordered it, but I”m certainly considering canceling that order.

The upsides have obviously been good enough as there are a few days in a row where I haven’t even logged into WoW.  Sadly I think its just the shiny new toy syndrome that has caused that.  The upsides are that you get to pilot a spaceship and if you love Star Trek you get to interact / immerse yourself in a culture that you love.

The downsides though… well…  I know things like broken spawn points, server downtime, lag, horrific chat system will get fixed.  These are things that are vital to an MMO and it doesn’t bother me that they don’t work 100% right now.  Fuck, it is beta.  The main problem I have with the game atm is the quest system.

The organization of the quest log is really atrocious.  I literally started with the letter A and just kept pushing buttons until a window popped up that gave me my ‘journal’.  Unless you remember what the quest rewards are you won’t get a chance to find out again until you complete it (the journal doesn’t say).  But thats okay… because every quest is the same.  You travel to a system, kill some aliens, beam to the planet, kill some aliens while retrieving something, beam back to your ship to kill escaping aliens, and then collect reward.  I shit you not… that is every quest I’ve done.

I know it sounds just like any other MMO.  You have basically the same types of quests that you do over and over until you hit max level.  The problem with it in STO is simply variety.  It is basically the same races everytime and well… a planet in the background is a planet.  It’s not like you are going from a forest to a swamp to a castle to a hovering city… its space.  There’s some stars and you are fighting some aliens… speaking of aliens.  Since it is basically the same aliens over and over (Gorn, Klingon, Nasican (spelling is off on that one)) you see the same ships over and over.  At least when I kill the same orc for 40 of the same levels their armor changes.

U.S.S. Relentless B

Granted, I’m going to keep playing of course because I like the Star Trek universe.  I’ll let ya know if it gets any better but atm… I wouldn’t pay a monthly subscription for it (I’m not even taking into account the bug fixes that beta will do).

Anyone else playing it?


3 thoughts on “Random Post #.72

  1. Surnia says:

    I am playing it too and totally agree with your takes. As of today I am a lvl 9 lieutenant (basically 10 levels of lieutenant, 10 levels of Lieu. Commander, 10 levels of commander, 10 levels of captain, and 10 levels of admiral) and looking forward to getting to L. commander and unlocking some better ships. I like the way I can train my own crew or get new ones, spec my ship, my crew and myself (lots of options). On the downside some of the space fights are way tough, even with a fleet of 5 ships taking on the opposition. I have learned not to be the first ship to engage, you get totally owned before you can turn around and GTFO. At this point I have found no penalty for dying so that is one bonus I guess. The UI is pretty lame but I am starting to find out where things are. I like it enough, and I am a big ST fan as well, to get it when it’s live next month.

    Look me up, I am T’Pur (random name generator) on the USS Sparrowhawk

  2. I’m dabbling as well – L15 engineer fed-side and L13 engineer red-side. It has potential, but I agree about the various show-stopping bugs atm. They’re supposed to unlock the higher levels and other zones this week, along with another polish pass on the UI (which really needs it) and new scanner functionality (just the thing for those irritating item-hunt quests); should be a pretty clear indicator of what to expect at launch.

    I’m going to buy a copy this week, with an eye to getting in the head-start before launch. It’s not a WoW-beater by any means, but as a fan of the franchise, I think I’ll enjoy it (even as bugged as it still is).

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