How To: Putricide Video(s)

Remember yesterday when I was whining about Putricide being difficult?  Yea, me neither.  But if someone were say whining about Putricide being difficult they could check below for an amazing video that spells it out pretty clearly on WTF is going on.  Also, a quote from Blizzgods…

Just as a point of clarification. The Professor Putricide encounter is working as intended. You are only allowed one abomination up at any given time in both 10 player and 25 player modes.

[…] We are attempting to reproduce the spawning of multiple aboms. It’s definitely not intended and will be hotfixed.

[…] Wing end bosses will all be extremely difficult and should feel like a step above everything else – even in non-heroic difficulty (10/25 person). They will, of course, reward appropriately for the rise in difficulty, granting tier 10 armor tokens (25 player/10 player heroic only).

If anything the 10 man version might be slightly overtuned. We’ll be keeping a close eye on the fight and watching player feedback/stats.

Apparently in 25man you only get one Abom which I didn’t know about and people were reporting that as a bug (since you only get 1 in 10man as well).  Blizzard says it isn’t and I REALLY hope they stick to their guns on the difficulty level of Putricide.  I’m a pessimist though and I’m pretty sure they’ll cave in the next 2 weeks but here’s to hope!

One of my raiders did manage to find an amazing rundown of the strategy that is most likely going to be commonly used to kill Putricide.

How To Putricide!

The fact that MMO Champs has listed a world first for Putricide 25 Normal means this boss is a rough bitch fo sho!  Grats to Paragon and here is the 25man video they made (in HD).

Paragon v Putricide(25)

After watching that video I don’t feel so bad about my UI because that healers screen is as cluster fucked as mine.  In my defense a lot of mine is to keep track of what the 24 other people in my raid are doing.

Finally I would like to present you with a Putricide video that I thought could be useful.  I might have commented on the video though…

Abomination Control

I was really hoping this video would be helpful… and it kind of is but the angles are atrocious. I’m not sure why you decided to zoom out and block the view with random stuff hanging from the ceiling / walls.

The song you paired with this video is a good song that has been destroyed via a remix that makes you want to shove railroad spikes in your eardrums to avoid having to hear it.

Other then that… good job!

Hope ya find some of the videos helpful, I know I sure did (once I got over the feeling of oh THATS how you do it!)


2 thoughts on “How To: Putricide Video(s)

  1. Matt says:

    I am with you on the difficulty. My guild was the 4th 10 man strict guild to down Professor on Hellscream. After the buff it seems many more have downed him as well. So a Nerf to the boss plus a buff to the raid would equal a catastrophic naxx quality failure by blizz. Naxx was a joke so it would seem that “raiders” became used to the pathetic level of coordination and skill as well as gear it required. ICC has been challenging I am not pleased that we were so easily able to farm the first wing Saurafang was a bit tough the first few tries. Proffessor and Rotface were nice I enjoyed the dead run it was worth it because when we finally downed them it was a victory not a joke. nuff said

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