ICC10: Plagueworks Wing Review

(Note:  There’s definitely some spoiler info in here so if you don’t care then stop reading where it says Trash.)

Welp, just got done with the Abomination wing on 10man and I must say… fun as fuck.

I would just like to go on record as saying this wing will be nerf’d.  Probably not for 2 weeks though when the next wing opens.  Why?  Because they nerf anything thats can’t be easily PUG’d (read: Lady Deathwhisper Nerf).

The Lady Deathwhisper encounter has seen the following changes in the 25 player normal version: mana pool has been reduced, the health on all adds has been reduced, and Adherents will wait a little longer after spawning before they start casting.

(this is the part where you’d stop reading if you don’t want to know spoiler infoz!)

Trash: A
While there isn’t a lot of trash but there are some ‘mini’ bosses that are really fun.  I don’t want to spoil it but lets just say that Gluth had a litter.  It also felt like a snub to all those rep farming groups.  What I mean is that even on 10man the rep in this new wing of the Citadel is pretty insane.  There’s a geist pack when you first enter the abom wing that gives like 200 rep.  Then you have the 2 mini bosses for 150 each.  Its pretty sick really (abom wing… diseases… sick… see what I did there?).

Festergut: B
This guy was pretty kewl.  He’s basically Popeye.  He has to eat his spinach (read: gas cloud) to get strong and powerful.  The more gas he eats the stronger he gets and the less damage the cloud does (because if you are using the spores correctly then you take less damage from the AE).  He’s Patchwerk with a windup… because when he gets to that 3rd stack of his buff he hits REALLY fucking hard.  We had our boomkin, Kahnti, switch to tree to assist in healing (which made me sad cuz its the only fight Conifer and I haven’t been able to duo heal).

The fight is pretty basic though… a tried and true DPS / HPS race that is really easily managed once you get it going.

Hypothesized Nerf:  Melee damage reduced to allow tanks a better chance to live.

Rotface: A+
This is a crazy fucking fight.  Its a play on Grobbulus but the room he’s in is fucking tiny as shit (as my kiter Watz will tell you).  It took several attempts just to get the feel of what was going on cuz it gets pretty crazy pretty quick.

A random person gets a disease debuff that deals them damage, mortal strike debuffs them, and when cured or wears off you poop out an ooze.  The oozes aren’t tankable though and the small ones stay aggro’d on whoever poop’d it out.  As more people get the debuff you have to run your small ooze next to someone with a small ooze, they combine to form Captain Planet! a Big Ooze that is tauntable…. but not tankable.

A hunter would be your best bet thanks to taunt shot (which is what we used) and he just kites the big ooze around the room.  As the Big Ooze begins to absorb more lil’ ones he’ll eventually a’splode, starting the process all over again.

Did I mention that during most of the fight 25% of the room is covered in an ooze that is a 25% slow and deals dmg?  It doesn’t extend into the middle, where you tank him, but it makes it more fun for the kiter.  Our hunter was just using disengage to get himself through them as best he could.  I think I saw a video of a paladin doing the kiting using freedom to move faster but taking damage so he could mana up and drop conc’s to hold aggro on oozes.

Hypothesized Nerf:  Reduced damage on slime spray or the disease dot and duration between disease dots being applied slowed (most likely after his 30% enrage where they start spawning like crazy… similar to Grobbulus).

Putricide: ?
This fight is definitely in for a nerf.  It’s difficult, we didn’t kill him (4 attempts still when we ran out of raid time).  Once you get the hang of the first 20% you are like okay, this is kewl… then 80% hits, he mutates, and it becomes a cluster fuck.  The damage he puts out goes up and you have red ooze and green ooze and puddles of ooze and vials of ooze and a raid member that looks like a mob that wants to kill you…

/deep breath

Its srsly rough.  Best of luck to those trying it!

UPDATE:  I’ve done some reading and it seems like this fight wasn’t tested in the US at all.  It was tested on the EU servers but it bugged out a lot so the testing was minimal.  My suggestion would be to hold off on your attempts until later in the week if you can to allow for other peeps to test it and get some hot fixes in to make it a more manageable encounter.

Hypothesized Nerf:  Overall raid damage reduced by 5-10%.

Healer Note:  If you use GRID and know how to add debuffs into it then check out this post at Falling Leaves and Wings.  Really helpful information and for those that can’t live without that debuff information GRID can give you… oh yea.


2 thoughts on “ICC10: Plagueworks Wing Review

  1. Festergut wasn’t too hard in 10 man, but in 25 man its basically random luck if you tank gets insta-gibbed by melee damage+spore ticks later in the fight.

    Love the trash in Plague wing. Actually the trash is the best part of ICC so far 🙂

    Laughed hard at Stinky + Precious.

    Gobble gobble.

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