NEW Discipline Gear List

First of all Merry Belated Xmas (or w/e holiday you celebrate… if none then merry days off work / school / IRL) and a BIG Happy New Years!  May the loot flow like a river and your nerd achievement points rack up like coins falling from the slots.  Don’t forget to eat your black eyed peas today btw!

I remember why I forgot to update the first list.  Because it takes a lot of work and effort into putting all the information into a spread sheet, making sure that info is correct, then transcribing it to a blog post, making it pretty, and the most time consuming part of it all… adding links to those items.

But it is now done.

Click for Updated Discipline Gear List

If you didn’t already click the link then I’ll give you a bit more information about it.

The list uses the stat weights that Bobturkey has come up with.  He has solid math behind it and I very much liked the initial stat weights he came up with earlier this year, which is why I chose to use them again.  I did however deviate from his path a bit.

He gives stamina a weight… I’m completely against this simply because all our gear already comes with stamina.  In The Burning Crusade priests sometimes had to choose between healing stats and stamina, in Lich King this is no longer the case.  In most situations if the item is better because of healing stats… it is also better in stamina.

Gemming… I’m a big advocate of mana regen (because I blow through my mana… fast).  The stat weights however are for throughput so I decided to gem for mana regen (which is how I gear currently anyway).  This should give the gear a nice balanced feel.

If you have ANY questions feel free to reply on the gear list.  I’m sure there are several errors that slipped through (I’m only human…’ish).  Hope you like it and can get some benefit out of it.


5 thoughts on “NEW Discipline Gear List

  1. Yeah, I’m confused when I hear disc priests claiming they never oom even when raid healing. My first thought is they dont fully understand the concept of negative-healing. 😉

  2. xeonio says:

    OMG I go OOM all the time but its mainly cuz I toss around bubbles like I’m handing out candy at halloween.

  3. Yeah, unless you know who exactly who isnt going to take damage, you cant go wrong pre-shielding someone.

    And since you never know who isnt going to take damage, you can never go wrong with pre-shielding everyone — save for actually going oom course. 😉

  4. I noticed the Ashen Verdict rep rings (Ashen Band of Wisdom, etc) aren’t listed… Oversight? A great resource other than that though, many thanks!

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