Rez of the Week – Doxa

I remember when I first met Doxa.  At the time I had power leveled up a paladin for Hyjal because we didn’t have one for AE tanking the packs that came.  Marisse comes to me and says, “Hey, I know this 1337 tank who is awesome!”

He signs up… and we take him.

We start and DPS is ripping aggro so quickly its not even funny.

/w Marisse, “Srsly?  This is 1337?”
/reply “He’s normally awesome I don’t know what’s wrong!”

I asked Doxa over vent if he had righteous fury on… he did.  I gave him some spell power oil to put on his weapon and had him switch to a spell power flask to help on his concecrate damage.

“How much damage is your concecrate doing per tick Doxa?”  I asked.  He responded with some number that was EXTREMELY low.

We try to keep going, doing the best we can and then a light bulb goes off for Doxa.

“OH!!!  I’m using rank 3 concecrate!”


He mostly leads his own charter now as his raid time doesn’t coincide with us but he’s an awesome tank and I certainly miss having him on my team.

Without further ado…

Name:  Doxa
Class:  Human Protection Paladin

Where are you from:  North Dakota but I’ve lived in Minnesota for the last 10 years.

Would you consider yourself… hardcore:
Not really (although my wife would probably disagree).  I raid about 9 hrs per week but also spend some time doing the daily heroics and now the weekly raids.

Main Raid Spec / Dual Spec:
I run prot / prot for my dual specs.

I use my first prot spec for single target boss tanking.  It’s the standard prot pally 0/53/18 build.  Nothing fancy or special but I’ve been considering pulling 2 points out of Pursuit of Justice and moving them to Conviction for the extra threat.

What do you use your offspec for:
My second prot spec includes Reckoning and Seal of Command (with 2/2 in Spiritual Attunement for those fights that are mana restrictive).  The Reckoning / Seal of Command combo can make for some really fun trash and heroic tanking as it tends to proc quite often.  My second spec also includes the Glyph of Hammer of the Righteous for a 4 target cleave.  4000 DPS from the tank on trash?!  Yes, please.

How long have you been playing:
I started playing in the fall of 2006.  My pally was my first character and really the only one that I’ve ever invested much time into.  I started tanking sometime shortly after Burning Crusade launched and farmed Karazhan for much too long with some other folks who are now in Relentless.

What about WoW keeps you coming back:
Three things primarily keep me playing WoW.  First, the people.  Relentless is filled with tons of great folks I consider real-life friends I just haven’t met yet.  Secondly, I’m a pretty driven player and the fact that I still don’t have all the best gear or mastered tanking yet drives me to continue to play.  Finally, the thing I enjoy most about WoW is leading my two Leftovers charter’s raids.  Raiding is a lot of fun but leading a successful raid tops anything else the game has to offer (and it is also the most challenging).

Why do you continue to raid with me (Xeonio) knowing you will get yelled at?
I raided with Xeo a lot more back in BC.  Since he continues to refuse to change the Relentless raiding schedule for me so I’m forced to be rez’d by someone else usually.  However, Xeo’s at the top of my “people I like to raid with” list as he’s a damn good leader and skilled player.  When you find that group of skilled people you just groove with things can be a lot of fun and create some interesting and epic moments.  Playing with folks like that is a real thrill (even if you get yelled at occasionally).

Has WoW taught you anything you’ve applied to IRL:
If something is worthwhile and significant it’s probably going to take a lot of work and time.

If you had to reroll…
Would you choose the same thing: [maybe]
Why:  I leveled a shaman back in BC and have toyed with the idea of raiding (elemental) with him more often.  However, when I do I never enjoy it as much as tanking.  He farms Titanium now and occasionally offers me a break from the stress of tanking.  Yesterday I finally got my warrior to 80 so I’d have a melee dps class (Fury).  If I suck at melee dps as much as I do my elemental shaman I’ll just tank with him too.

Best Raid Moment:
My favorite recent memory was killing KT for the first time.  I really love 10 man raiding and the fact that most of us were woefully undergeared made it a lot of fun.  We went in blind and made several quick adjustments to get the kill.  Those “quick on your toes” moments are always the most thrilling.  Other that that, I’ve always liked Mt Hyjal [Editor’s Note: LAWL Rank 3!].

Favorite Raid Mod:
On last count I think I had 61 addons.  Most are the standards like Recount, Omen, Bartender4, oRA2, etc.

My UI is specifically configured for tanking (based on Pitbull 3).  My raid frames are configured so that I don’t need a lot of eye movement off my character or target to see raid frames for me, my target, my target’s target or my focus target.  I use Aloft for name plates that shows my threat on multiple targets at a time and produces warnings if threat is lost.

For raid leading I use RaidBuffStatus, Utopia, DBM and EnsidiaFails.

Hardest: Right now, Yogg.  My charter still hasn’t killed him and now that ICC is out we likely won’t.
Easiest: I’ve been planning on soloing Loatheb (10 man) if I can find the time to do it and the group to clear the first two bosses.
Favorite: Hyjal trash for sure.  Nothing was more fun as a prot paladin.

What Food / Flasks do you use:
Dragonfin Filet if I’ve got it otherwise the standard fish feast.  Stoneblood is my usual first choice for flasks / elixirs.

I don’t use a ton of macros anymore as most of the prot paladin spells and abiliites have been corrected so that you don’t need them anymore.  However, the ones I do use are for quick marking of kill targets or taunts (such as in Thorim’s arena).

I can spam 969 in my sleep while yelling DBM warnings into vent and watching the same people die in fire over and over again.  I spent hours on the target dummy forcing it into my muscle memory.  Every paladin should be able to tank Patchwerk blindfolded spamming their 969 rotation.

Here is a YouTube Video of it I made last year:

What resources do you use to stay current on your class:
I read Maintankadin a lot.  I occasionally still contribute there but not nearly as often as I used to.  I also read Righteous Defense.

Any tips for playing your class:
Really any advice that I’d offer for a tank is true for everyone but just a bit more.  Get your eyes off your action bars see the entire space.  Playing should be like using a musical instrument and shouldn’t require you to think about what you’re doing or watch your keyboard or action bar.  That just takes practice, experience and some intentional training and retraining.

The biggest issue that I see with most prot paladins relates to their spec.  I regularly see tankadins skipping Judgements of the Just, Deflection and Vindication.

Secondly, I still see a lot of paladins tanking with something other than Seal of Vengeance.

Before every pull I make sure I have up Sacred Shield (spec’d into Divine Guardian), Seal of Vengeance (with the glyph as expertise also means less incoming damage) and Divine Plea (glyphed for a flat 3% damage reduction).  If anyone one of those falls off I see it immediately via Power Auras and correct it.

If you could be any mythical creature, What would it be:
I’d like to be Marisse’s pet Spike.


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