Brought to you by: Dungeon Finder

Note:  This post contains quite a bit of cussing and the usage of garden tools.  You have been warned.

I’ve been seeing tons of great posts about the new dungeon finder.  People talking about the good and bad.  I’ve been having tons of experience with it, using it to gear my shaman back up since I’ve been taking a break from her.  For the most part I’ve had a great time with it.

Until last night that is when I started to experience some weird lag…

Zeonio is me and I probably jumped to being hateful a bit quick but I didn’t expect what came from it.  I don’t have time stamps sadly but there was a bit of time between him calling me a hoe and me asking him to fucking pull.  We were all just standing at the first boss in Ahn’kahet waiting.  This is when I took the time to mouseover everyone and found out they were all in the same guild (you’ll find out later).

He finally pulls and maybe they thought they could all burn through a mob that goes immune to damage?  I don’t know.

I do know that I can’t tank all the adds that show up… hence me flying off the handle.

I’m still cussing… but I wasn’t really infuriated anymore.  I was happy they gave me some idiocy to post.

I had resolved to not put up with it at this point and that finishing the dungeon wasn’t worth the effort.  I was going to wait for the boss pull and hearth out… what fun!  Especially since I was group leader and it would make it difficult on them.

Even DBM knew I was about to have fun!

Then my internet crashed.  Very sad panda.

Not all my experiences have been atrocious though.  I had a great funny one this morning before I came to work but I didn’t screenshot it.

Person: “Could someone zone out and rez me, I can’t find the zone in.”
Me: “You realize I’m not on your server right?”

Great times this dungeon finder is.


12 thoughts on “Brought to you by: Dungeon Finder

  1. Doxa says:

    These guys should be the subject of someone’s thesis. Holy crap! I have a pretty low view of man but this even amazes me.

  2. Tagra says:

    The LFG tool is the greatest and also worst thing ever. I finished badge items on my druid and then moved on to gearing up my dusty warrior just for the hell of it.

    For the most part groups have been great, but there have been some real gems. I’ve ditched a couple groups now, but the most memorable was probably the DK who was named after a sexually transmitted disease, who queued as tank. He immediately said “UGH I hate tanking” (who did you THINK was going to tank it?) and ran off pulling everything. I managed to barely keep his ass alive using sprint and some oh shit buttons, but people got waxed behind us and I had to run back and rez them, then sprint up and save wonder-puller with another emergency button before I could heal them after rez.

    Then he says “Our DPS really sucks” and I replied “yeah, being dead does that sometimes.” and then he charged off again and pulled two more groups while I’m topping up the rezzed guys…

    Then he says “tree cast hots on me”

    Annnd oops I just hit the leave group button! Sucks to be you…

  3. Tagra says:

    I had a guy today on my frost badge run too who was in full heroic gear and basically afk… like literally just stuck autofollow on someone and occasionally autoattacked something nearby so he wouldn’t go inactive. On one of the bosses he stood in something and died eventually, then a moment later typed “lol sry not paying attention”

    I couldn’t initiate a votekick until 15 minutes of this had gone by, and when I did, my genius groupmates went “lol look at his gearscore y kick??” and declined it. ugh.

    I mean, we still won the instance because it’s not like it’s hard, but fuck. I’m a little worried that it’s going to degrade to battleground levels which is why I’m gearing up alts while queues are decent and people actually watch their screens…

  4. Wow! what an experience. I lol’d at your hastey exit, I would have done the same ^^ Just confirms why I dont like to group with randoms. Will have to deal with it if i want the perky pug pet though.

  5. xeonio says:

    @Lady: I don’t doubt they’d have resorted to it had I spent a bit longer time with them. The sheer stupidity was overwhelming.

    @Tagra: Stupid gearscore. I’ve DL’d it so I can measure my epeen but I don’t let it hold much weight in groups. If I have a good tank I can either let him chain pull or pull for him to rush through an instance. I haven’t had a tank yet that I couldn’t keep alive (even the one with 29k HP).

    @Lard: LOL! LIVE IN FEAR!

    @Cinna: For the most part I’m having fun with the Dungeon Finder but there have definitely been days that make me rethink my bleaching the gene pool ideas.

  6. Tagra says:

    The gearscore addon is just an abomination. It’s dumb, in that it only looks at your iLevel and not usefulness (A warrior in full cloth could have an awesome score) but it also spams the everliving fuck out of everyone around you, which leads to things like disconnecting Adnar during fights (or at least doesn’t help). I wouldn’t be surprised at ALL if the increased disconnection issues are directly correlated with the proliferation of the Gearscore addon. isn’t too bad because at least it takes your enchants and gems and shit into account, and I’ve actually used it a couple times out of curiosity to compare gear between myself and people who I thought shouldn’t suck, but did… but it uses an ENTIRELY different metric than the addon. So when people ask for a “gearscore”, they could be asking for the addon (which would be like 4k+) or the one from the website (which would be like 2k).
    And none of it actually says anything about how well they play :P. It’s just dumb.

    The good news is I haven’t run into it much since the LFG system came in. I had all sorts of fun with it before that, having people turn down my druid (who wasn’t badly geared) for gearscore for fucking daily heroics, when their own scores were shittier than mine… it was fun to laugh in their faces until getting put on ignore since I never want to actually group with those people ever. The LFG system puts you in the dungeon, and I’ve had a couple people bitch, but it seems a lot harder for them to kick or ditch the group when everyone is already there and pulling and it’s a 10 minute queue for DPS.

    Actually I had a funny one yesterday. My warrior landed in HToC and it was a druid tank, and someone loads in, goes “24k hp? lol see ya.” and ditches. The druid wasn’t even in bear form. When we pulled he had 45k. I hope that guy had a 30 minute wait for a new group.

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