Marrowgar Nerf and ICC25 Review

Just like the title says… he got a nerf to his melee damage.  A SUBSTANTIAL nerf.  Last week Conifer and I had issues two healing Mr. Marrowgar just because the damage was so crazy on the two tanks plus you had the random burst on raid.  This week however, no issues at all.  It wasn’t like we suddenly got a bunch of better gear (same gear actually), he just got WAY easier.

Last Friday we went into ICC25 and tried it out, full cleared it which I’m happy to say but it was definitely different compared to ICC10.

Lord Marrowgar:
Oddly enough I did find this considerably easier on 25man.  The concept is exactly the same except you are using 3 tanks instead of 2.  The only difficult part was making sure everyone was covered on healing when he whirlwinds.  We assigned healers to each cardinal direction and that made the fight about 50 times easier.

Lady Deathwhisper:
This was the fight that punched us in the testicles (or ovaries if you are so inclined).  We started out using the strat that I thought was best, having healers on the platform and using healer aggro to suck everything that direction and tanks picking up adds on the stairs.  I know it works… another charter uses it, but it wasn’t going so well for us.  We switched up to a modified version of what uses.  On the east side where the two adherents spawn we had 3 melee that would kill one as soon as it spawned, move to the next one, and then go to Lady between waves.  The melee on the west side killed their adherent and moved to whatever showed up from the stairs or mop up fanatics left on their side.

After everyone got used to what was not supposed to be tanked or what was dying to magic vs. physical it went down pretty well.  The ghosts in p2 deal a substantial amount more damage than in 10man (which this fight is cake in).

Thanks to both of our tanks having already done this on 10man we one shotted it.  I’m not even sure if 1/2 the raid knew what was going on.  They’ve since fixed the bug but we had our gunship never land so we lost the loot (master looter wasn’t on the boat) =(.

Deathbringer Saurfang:
This fight is still finger bleeding fun on 25man.  Here’s how we did it…

First we start with the tanks tanking Deathbringer so that he faces the door he is coming out of.  Next we have the melee doing NO AE attacks.  Then we move to ranged positioning.  Everyone had problems getting just far enough away from each other so in comes the buddy system.  Every ranged stands with 1 other ranged.  It guarantees a 2 on every blood nova… BUT, it guarantees only 2 on every blood nova.  Next we put 3 healers, the strongest of the MT healers (helps if one is a paladin with righteous fury going) where Muradin spawns.

This means that when flesh beasts spawn they go running for those healers… but wait, here’s the tricky part.  We have a team at the base of the steps a hunter, a druid, and an elemental shaman.  The hunter plants a slow trap which… well… slows them.  As they come down the steps the druid will typhoon them, knocking them back up so that they never hit anyone.  The shaman goes next with thunderstorm knocking them back up and for good measure we had a destro lock that could stun them if need be.  It worked great.

The only other thing I noticed was that whenever someone gets the mark… it seems best to just let them die immediately.  If they aren’t up then he doesn’t start crazy generating energy.  The HP he gains is certainly a detriment but seemed the lesser of two evils.

Trick Note: We soulstoned one of the pallies and when he got to 30% we DI’d the person with the mark to slow the energy gain.  Neat trick… but probably not all that useful.

Lord Marrowgar = Easy
Lady Deathwhisper = HARD
Gunship = Void Reaver (read: loot pinata)
Deathbringer Saurfang = Medium to Hard

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7 thoughts on “Marrowgar Nerf and ICC25 Review

  1. I love the Saurfang fight 🙂
    Discipline priest on Saurfang is amazing, on our 10 man run he didnt even get to 100 stacks we one shot him without him casting a single Mark of the Fallen Champion. Our 2nd 10 man group one shot him also but they didnt have a disc priest so found it considerably harder.
    The shields absorb the ticks of Boiling Blood so prevent him gaining blood power.
    We did a test last night running 2 disc priests on 25 man and comparing it to last weeks kill, we went from absorbing 97/207 (26%) of the ticks to 95/264 (32%) using 2 disc priests.
    DA is also great for healing people with the mark, as DA and shields allow most of the damage to be mitigated.
    If we can fish up another disc priest maybe we will try 3 next week 😛
    You shouldnt need to let anyone die to the mark, we run with 6 healers in 25 man and we just call the name of the healer who will focus on the person with the mark each time it is cast. Obviously the more marks you get the harder the healing becomes, but if you are not running with a disc priest you should try it, it really makes a huge difference.

  2. xeonio says:

    Yea, we were able to keep one or two people alive by switching the paladin to beaconing one of them and then I (disc priest) would take another (on 25man). The problem I found was that if I focused on that one person then the blood boils got a lot more out of control because tossing around the shields wasn’t as easy with the amount of healing required for a mark’d person.

  3. We assigned one disc priest to focus purely on raid shielding, the other on a mark’d player. Our tank healers are a holy paladin and a resto shaman. and we run with 2 resto druids who would raid heal until further people got marked then they would switch to healing mark’d players and raid. Worked well for us, but our healers are our strength. I am lucky to have so many strong healers in my guild.

  4. Jheusse says:

    We let the first person who gets the mark die on 25s, keep the rest up. I think of it kind of like intentionally clipping a cloud early in Yogg to get a head start on the pace.

    Having the raid’s paladin’s BoP following Marks victims was useful, it buys 10 seconds for each one of not adding to the accumulation of blood, which is the whole “enrage timer” of the fight.

  5. Conifer says:

    I also found that keeping a 3 stack of Lifebloom on the Marked person worked really well to keep them up.

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