Pink Pigtails and Favs of 09

If you aren’t familiar with the Pink Pigtail Inn… don’t worry ’bout it, I had no idea it existed either until checking out Miss Medicina today.

Ms. Larisa of The Pink Pigtail Inn has posted a list of questions / nominations for 2009.

A year ago I made up a list-of-the year, covering the events in WoW and the WoW community 2008…

Last years list-of-the year is a pretty good read so I highly suggest it.  I was having trouble writing an article on the pros and mostly cons of random elements in boss encounters so I’m gonna put up my nominations myself.

Best raid instance
There aren’t exactly a whole lot of choices in this department.  Each raid we’ve had in Lich King has had one flaw or another.  My pick would be Naxxramas though. Yes, I know it was super easy but it reminded me the most of my old days of raiding.  Clearing through trash (even though it was mindless AEing) made me yearn for the days of endless trash to a boss that was difficult for loot.  Ahhh… the good ole’ days.

Least successful raid instance
Everyone wants to vote for ToC I’m sure.  Yes, it was a lazy attempt at a raid but ya know what… it still felt like a good raid.  Sure, I wouldn’t have minded it being a bit harder but the encounters were mostly new, the mechanics worked great and the hard modes are very fun.  The one week gating kind of sucked because the bosses were so easy but it wasn’t a ridiculous 28 day gating.  My vote goes to Naxx. Can you pick the same raid as the best and worst?  It was due completely to the poor tuning on this dungeon.

Silliest gold sink
Buying Relics of Ulduar that are turned in for the quest Hodir’s Tribute that gives you 250 (Update: 3.3 made it so that this turnin is actually 650 rep now… holy fux).  Sons of Hodir rep.  Sure, I could have done the dailies but when you have multiple 80s its just like… WHY?!  I’ve spent a stupid amount getting this rep on toons I don’t even play… just so they have the stupid shoulder enchant.

Most longed for instance
Gun’drak. Zul’drak was my favorite zone in the Lich King and the quest flow and build up really made going here feel like the pinnacle of the zone.

Most juicy guild drama
I’m guessing this should be something more… main stream but I don’t pay too much attention to the major guilds.  If they break up, big whoop, it happens.  I can’t really be bothered to care.  Here’s my guild drama instead.

I’ve only had 1 guild drama this year… and that wasn’t even real drama.  That was someone standing up to me and not taking my shit.  They called me and some other on our bullshit (but took the anger out on me).  I don’t blaim the person, I’m glad they took it out on me and not someone else who might have crumbled.  It did its job though.  I’m living up to what I said I’d do.

Biggest addition to the game
Dual Specialization.
No doubt about it.  There is nothing that has changed the way I have played this game MORE than dual spec.  Disc / Holy… Disc / Shadow… Resto / Enhancement… Tanky / DPS… srsly… nothing is better.

Best quest
Any quest that requires me to kill a massive number of irrelevant mobs.

Ugliest tabard =====================>

Favourite non combat pet
Murkimus the Gladiator
.  I worked my ass off for this guy.  Only noncombat pet I’ve ever worked for (which makes him the winner by default).

Most charming Blizzard employee
, the Land Walker!

Best podcast
It isn’t WoW exclusive but the podcast over at is funny and great to listen to.  If it has to be WoW exclusive then it would be the Instance (winner by default since its the only wow podcast I listen to…)

Biggest blog facelift
This is the vanity one right?  I nominate myself, Rez the Weak.  The layout is based exactly on what I like, simple elegance.  I’d certainly like to make a few more changes (like navigation and finding older posts) but all in all I’m happy with how it looks.  Especially considering how atrocious it used to be.  A NON vain choice would probably be… no idea.  I don’t think anyone has really changed their blog that I read other than Miss Medicina.  I love her blog posts but… I don’t really like the new look.  =\  I think its the top picture / banner… its so busy that it detracts from the quality of the writing.

Most memorable blog post
Any post at Casual Collective (link to the blog on the right) OR Dwarf Priests final post.

Most noticed blogger breakthrough
I don’t really understand this question.  I went and read some other peoples answers to this question and they all say Gevlon.  He is the Greedy Goblin and writes (I think) about making gold in WoW.

Most solid content provider
Oh this is easy, BobTurkey‘s blog (link in my blog roll).  Always a good read with a mix of fun and informative.

Most hugged blogger
She’s gone now but Dwarf Priest hands down.  You can’t give out this much information and pieces of yourself without inspiring the masses.  Her mere disappearance spawned countless posts and speculation (scroll to the bottom and read the responses) as to what happend to her.  She finally came back and said her goodbyes with an amazing post.  Wish her the best.


One thought on “Pink Pigtails and Favs of 09

  1. Conifer says:

    The best non-combat pet is the squire with pony bridle. He goes to the bank/AH/or reagent vendor for you. How sweet is that?

    Zul’drak was definitely one of the most well thought-out zones in 3.0. I think they did a great job on Icecrown as well. I sometimes wonder, since this stuff has to be in development for so long, did they know there would be a Gunship Battle in ICC when they originally designed Icecrown and put the 2 ships in there?

    And the ugliest tabard is Kirin Tor hands down.

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