ICC10 Review

First the bad news.  You are going to be stuck doing the first 4 bosses in Icecrown Citadel until January 5th, that’s when the Plagueworks opens up..  Hopefully you aren’t tearing through the current content to easily and you’ll have something to work for over the next month.

Last night we changed our h.ToC10 group to ICC and the servers managed to mostly stabilize about an hour before the raid which was nice.  There wasn’t any major lag issues inside the instance but random disconnects cost us several attempts on bosses.

We decided to go 6 DPS, 2 Healers (disc priest / resto druid) and two warrior tanks.  We are all decked out in toc25 gear (none of it h.toc25).  Having a 3rd healer would have probably made several fights easier on us (read: the healers) but doing it with two made the fights fun as sin.

I only vaguely scanned the information that Miss Medicina copied over from the WoWhead.com blog (the information was in various posts and she compiled it).  Semi knowing the abilities of the boss definitely made the fights a bit easier but I don’t think it ruined the fights since we still have to figure out the best positioning for our group.

Trash to Marrow:
The trash leading up to Lord Marrowgar was fun.  The mobs have a variety of abilities and the roamers assist range is gi-fucking-normous.  We wiped several times simply because we didn’t pull back far enough.  The big skeleton things have a nasty cleave attack and occasionally do an attack similar to ground tremor (the same one Elder Stonebark does, he’s one of the tree bosses before Freya).  It’s on a 2 second cast so ya just have to be careful.  A couple of healers knocked out of healing can be very bad.

Lord Marrowgar:
A fun fight that’ll have you running around quite a bit.  He spits fires similar to Archimonde but they don’t follow people.  They just go in a straight line from him to the wall.  He does this A LOT.  My ranged were srsly pissed cuz they kept having to move.  They were even more mad when I had the healers stand UNDER the Lord so we wouldn’t have to worry about fires.

He does a bone spike attack (think Elder Ironbranch’s roots attack, he’s one of the tree bosses before Freya).  He also does a whirlwind that he runs around completely out of control just pew pewing people.  A much faster version of the tendril’s attack (jumps in the air and poops lightning) that Stormcaller Brundir does in Ulduar.  Not nearly as damaging though.

Oddly of the 4 bosses we fought this was one of the harder ones for us.  I think it was simply due to the massive damage spikes the tanks can take from him and that we were using 2 healers.  The fires / spikes / saber lash’s from Marrow can get hectic.

Trash to Lady:
These were exactly that, trash.  Nothing really difficult cept for the two big bug things.  Grouping up is NOT suggested for them.

Lady Deathwhisper:
The hassle we had on Marrow had me hoping we wouldn’t be able to finish ICC10.  I figured, he’s the first boss and it was a bit tough so the bosses after this should be rough!  The Lady was not that boss.  In fact, I’d say her trash was more difficult than she was.  Healing this fight was incredibly easy.  I’m trying to recall details and its possible I slept through this fight.

She starts out with a mana shield you have to burn through.  You pew pew it and she’ll summon some adds.  Some of the adds are immune to magic while others are immune to physical (which is why we chose to just put all DPS on them).  Doing that gave us ample time to just burn her shield between waves.  She’ll cast some nukes and some stuff that had to be cured and some random death and decays… it really was very simple.

Trash to Gunship:
There was only like 2 groups up to our ship.  You either go left to the Alliance ship or right (I assume) to the Horde ship.  The groups have a couple of healers but nothing to write home about.

Of all the fights this is probably the one we struggled with the most. There is sooooo much stuff going on during this fight.  You have stuff going on on the horde ship and you have some people who use goblin rockets to go over to it and kill people.  You have a defending group that has to protect your ship from boarders.  You have people manning your cannons so you can attack their ship.  You have a big nasty guy that has to be OT’d while you are on the horde ship who keeps getting stronger.

OMG just so much stuff.

We ended up sending over all our melee (3), a tank, and both healers as the boarding party.  Conifer was my other healer (he’s also the guy I’ve been 2 healing h.toc10 with) and we would stand near the edge of the horde boat.  It allowed us to hit the melee that would run to the opposite side of the horde boat and still be in range of the tank and ranged that stayed on the alliance boat.  Each time Saurfang hits the tank he gets a buff that increases the damage he does.  Around 20 stacks he one shots the tank, which means at 15 we were abandoning ship.

Once you FINALLY get the hang of it the fight just falls into place.  Everyone learned their job after a couple of attempts (possibly me yelling… I don’t remember) and we got it down.  Execution was flawless.  This encounter is more about execution than raw DPS.  People need to focus on their job and making sure it happens.

Trash to Saurfang:
Well… your ship lands and uhm… u see a boss… GO!

Deathbringer Saurfang:
I had to look it up cuz I was like… weren’t we just fighting Saurfang?

Deathbringer Saurfang, formerly known as Dranosh Saurfang, son of the most prominent orcish general, is the final boss in the entrance to the Icecrown Citadel.

WoWHead’d it just to make sure I wasn’t crazy.

I absolutely loved this fight.  This is the kind of fight that healers dream of.  Damage is flying like a cat tied to a ceiling fan.  You don’t have to worry about running around or dodging some crazy AE… u just stand there and heal ur fucking ass off.  At the end, if your fingers aren’t bleeding you aren’t doing your job.

We accidentally pulled him on the first attempt (OOPS!) but we got him to about 40% or something like that I think.  Once we figured out what was going on we went in for a second attempt… which turned into a 2 shot.


It felt like they got lazy.  Here’s the zone in, RAWR trash mobs and by the time you are to the final boss of this area there is none.  The gunship trash felt half assed.  The entrance trash was nice because it was tough, but as you get geared it will be pretty easily plowed through.  It’s probably just the old school in me.

Marrowgar was a nice rehash of multiple boss abilities tossed into one.  It felt different and familiar at the same time.  It called on those previous skills learned and allowed you to use your common sense to apply that to this encounter.

The Lady was that same rehash of abilities but implemented poorly.  The event felt rushed and unpolished.

The Gunship was a nice encounter that focused on execution and timing.  Practice (read: repetition) makes perfect.

Saurfang was finger bleeding fun.

Final Thoughts:
We cleared it in about 2 and 1/2 hrs and I wouldn’t have minded if it was a BIT more difficult.  Maybe throw some random elements into it? Other than that though I’d give it a 6 (scale of 1 – 10) for effort.  I’m afraid this will get really boring though since we have a month before we get new content.

Note:  For my raiders that read my blog I wanted to say thank you for kicking ass last night!


11 thoughts on “ICC10 Review

  1. Conifer says:

    If I can remember correctly:

    Marrowgar: 5-6 attempts? We had some positioning issues at the beginning. I also found this fight to be finger-bleeding. Most likely cuz we were 2-healing it and the spike damage is kinda nuts on the tanks.

    Lady Deathwhisper: 2 attempts. 3? I think 3. I don’t see us wiping on this ever again.

    Gunship: 5-6 attempts. But we had some DC issues. Plus on that first attempt the DPS was trying to kill Saurfang.

    Deathbringer Saurfang: 2 shot. (plus we got his achievement). Easy peasy if you have the DPS and the healers’ finger don’t fall off.

  2. Tagra says:

    Tried Marrowgar on 25 last night, as my resto druid. It seemed simple enough but jesus christ the healing. I’m new at this goddammit, stop making me *do things*. This is hard 😦

    I don’t want to bitch about my friends on a public blog but… the healing just didn’t seem to be quite there >..>

  3. Tagra says:

    Interesting, it cut me off! Anyway…

    I was on “raid healing” and every single global was going into a panicked save for a tank, and then one would drop like a rock when I was globalled (or spiked). Fortunately the rest of the raid was smart enough to get the fuck out of fire, so I was able to heal tanks instead of the raid. We did improve significantly at both not letting tanks drop like rocks (about halfway through everyone else figured *something* out, and I was actually able to start healing the raid a bit), and also actually breaking healers out of the goddamn spikes, because midway through our attempts that seemed to be what was killing everyone. The remaining healers just couldn’t compensate when one or two of the others got spiked (god forbid three of them) and down would go a tank and the raid would crumble like a house of cards.

    We were consistently getting to 40%, but I don’t know if people were out of mana at that point or stopped paying attention and got out of range or what. We’d always lose it at 40% on the transition out of his spin. The tank would pick it up and *splut* at 40% every time.

    I’m looking forward to shooting the fuck out of his face on my hunter though >.>

  4. xeonio says:

    Marrowgar x4
    Deathwhisper x2
    Gunship (unknown) WMO can’t track the fight yet.
    Saurfang x2

    Yea, I’ve already got our strat figure out for this fight. I don’t expect it to take more than 2 or 3 attempts. I think it got easier for us after the tanks switched some gear out for mitigation instead of avoidance.

  5. Mryankees says:

    I had a group 6 dps, 2 heals that went through 10’s last night as well.

    We found Lord Marrowgar extremely easy as long as range stay on the spikes whenever they appear and the tanks just have to be aware when he comes out of whirlwind. (1 attempt)

    Deathwhisper gave us alot of problems when we first attempted it, but we ended up keeping 2 ranged & 1 melee on her the whole time for p1 and everyone else on ads, splitting them to each side. Phase 2 is absolutley a joke for her. Just ad management is very important during P1 (3 attempts)

    Gunship battle I found pretty fun actually. Rocketbear is funny to watch. (Bear form druid using rockets lol) The fight mechanics are pretty simple to figure out and once you nail those, it’s cake. And we also had people trying to kill Saurfang the first attempt lol (3 attempts)

    Saurfang: easily my favorite fight of this wing. I really liked the mechanics of it and dealing with the BLood Beasts (2 attempts + his achievement)

    ***NIce write up as well. It’s always fun to see how other people did on the new instances and problems they may have encountered on the different fights.

  6. Wow 10 man IC sounds so different to 25 man. The fights are the same, but the tuning seems to be completely different. In my expereience 25 is:

    Lord Marrogar – easy
    Lady Deathwhisper – challenging
    Gunship Battle – easy
    Deathbringer Saurfang – challenging

    You seem to be suggesting the complete opposite for 10 man. Thats wierd.

    Gobble gobble.

  7. xeonio says:

    LOL! I found Rocketbear, that was awesome. Thanks for the comments and I completely agree with you. Its interesting to read how others did on the same stuff.

  8. xeonio says:

    I think we’re the only ones that had any problems with Marrowgar. Everyone I’ve talked to was like… u suck, he was easy, stop being a nub. Then I killed them.

    I got a chance to do 25man with another group last night on my shaman and they had A LOT of trouble on the Lady. Mainly it was just DPS not switching like they were supposed to which would cause the adds to quickly get out of control spiraling into a hellish pit of wipage.

  9. Conifer says:

    I think healing in a 10-man is always more challenging. You just can’t afford to have healing assignments. In 25-man, I am ALWAYS main tank healing. One or the other – or both. But that’s my job and I’m sticking to it.

    In 10-man, the main priority has to be the main tanks. They are still getting hit like nobody’s business. But there aren’t 4 other healers to watch the raid. So you really have to be on your toes.

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