Fade Away…

A week ago we finally finished our Ulduar 10 achievements for our lovely drakes and the plan was… to go back and get achievements for those that had shown up for a couple and help them finish them off.

Last Sunday rolls around and there I am at (blank space) house watching UFC.  That’s right bitches, U F C.  Have you seen the muscles and the outfits?  Hello.  Plus it helps me tap into my masculinity with all the blood n’ violence n’ stuff.  Very primal.  Anyway, I wasn’t paying to much attention to time and before I know it I’ve bailed on the group.

I get home (at least an hour late) and login to see if I’m needed.  They don’t of course because their wonderfully charming extremely nice and loving raid leader, Marisse, replaced me with someone who needed some of the achievements.  I felt bad (a little bit) for failing to show up but I’m glad they replaced me with someone who was needing those achievements.

Yes, I failed to show up but a whisper on the wind let me know that several of the regulars were bitching like… fuck if I know.  They were bitching and whining like school children (children suck FYI).  In fact, speculation is that some of the peeps are bailing for good and will have to be replaced.  Luckily I’m fickle and won’t mind it.

The control freak in me wants absolute power over the group, to bend its will to my own!  By the power of greyskull!



That’s A LOT of mumbling to get to a point isn’t it?  It just amazes me at how quickly that desire to do something is diminished once you have done it once.  It takes a good person to show up week after week and put in the effort to get some tough achievements.  It takes a REALLY good person to show up after you have the achievement to get it for others.

(Note: (blank space) is Delinia cuz I don’t have a kewl nickname for her yet, I figured baby maker would get me beat up so we can’t use that one.)


3 thoughts on “Fade Away…

  1. Kackler says:

    lol UFC… love the sport, and actually before my injury i was doing some of that training like jui jitsu and others. its really fun to beat the fuck out of people haha.

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