Rez of the Week – Cassiaa

Playing a restoration shaman to their maximum potential takes a special kind of person in my mind.  I opt for the easy way out, chain heal spam, but they have a HUGE arsenal of different heals to take advantage of.  Cassiaa is one of those extra ordinary people that play this class/spec to its fullest potential.

Cassiaa is one of a handful of players that I know I can count on to do their job and do it well.  Because of her well played ability she almost never hears from me.  She’s amazing.  She’ll take random sabbatical’s and everytime she comes back I do this big puffy chest macho man I’m in control here speech, “Cassiaa, you went AWOL and cuz of that I had to fill your slot.  I can’t guarantee you an opening now if you signup.”

She signs up.

I slot her.

Yea… she’s got me whipped.

Without further ado…

Name:  Cassiaa
Class:  Shaman

Where are you from:   Ohio

Would you consider yourself… hardcore:    Yes

Main Raid Spec / Dual Spec:  HealingEnhancement

What do you use your offspec for: 
Doing Dailies and if I want to work on any achievements

How long have you been playing:
5 years

What about WoW keeps you coming back:
People that I raid with.. Also raiding cuz I love raiding but mostly the people that I’ve gotten to know while playing.

Why do you continue to raid with me (Xeonio) knowing you will get yelled at?
Cuz Xeonio sounds so hot when he is yelling hehe.
(Editor’s Note: Oh baby.)

Has WoW taught you anything you’ve applied to IRL:
Not really.

If you had to reroll…
Would you choose the same thing:  Yes.. I would still play my shaman
Why:  I just love my shaman as a healer and enhancement.

Best Raid Moment:
Was our first time in Uludar and Shadowfaux was looking around and he found Kologarn and when he popped up Shadow literally screamed like a little girl in vent.  I still laugh when I think about it.
(Editor’s Note:  I had forgotten about that… omg that was so funny!)

Favorite Raid Mod:   Healbot

Hardest:  Yogg.
Easiest: They all seem easy for us to kill now.. When we started learning the fights tho that is a different story.
Favorite: Dont really have a favorite boss.

What Food / Flasks do you use:
I use Flask of Pure Mojo and fangletooth food for mana regen.

Don’t use macros.  I have made a couple that I needed but don’t use them unless I am enhancement.

chain heal, riptide, healing wave, chain heal, chain heal, riptide…..
(Editor’s Note:  Like I said, WAY more complex than my resto shaman rotation.)

What resources do you use to stay current on your class:
Sorry to say I dont really look up and read stuff about WoW LOL.

Any tips for playing your class:
To play your character from level 1 to 80.  That way you should know how to play your class.

If you could be any mythical creature, What would it be:  Unicorn
Why:  I have loved unicorns since I was in high school.  I have been collecting unicorn stuff since then, so ya I have a ton of unicorns in my house.  I also have 5 unicorn tattoos.  Unicorns are just beautiful.


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