Mountain o Mounts (93/100)

Marisse is into nerd points (read: achievement points).  She really lives for them and I’ve managed to capitalize on this very recently.  She’s been gathering a group of talented people for Ulduar achievements and it culminated this last Sunday with…

[insert picture of xeo on a rusted proto drake that he accidentally deleted off his computer cuz he’s a tard]

so… yea… I mighta deleted my screenshot because I thought I had already uploaded it.  It looks like I didn’t though.  I do have the big pic posted on our guild site though!

It’s not sized to great for the blog but it’ll do pig, it’ll do.

It’s kind of fun actually doing these achievements with a strong group of people.  You have your rough patches (read: Firefighter) but getting them done is pretty awesome.  We spent A LOT of time on Firefighter, it certainly is a bitch.  Controlling movement so that you don’t have a ton of fire all over the place but still being spread out enough so that on most phases you aren’t destroyed by the random AE attacks.

Of all the achievements Knock, Knock, Knock on Wood (read: Freya +3) was a lot easier than I expected.  We overgeared it a bit which certainly helped but I don’t think the difference it made was that huge (or maybe it was, hence the reason it felt so ridiculously simple).

Yogg -3 (or +1) wasn’t to bad either.  It comes down to your portal team and them getting their shit together to get the job done.  Another big help was the shaman in the tentacle group that stayed out and dropped cleansing totem.  Knowing all I had to worry about was dispelling magic made the healing a lot easier.

We’re gonna go back and cycle peeps in and out, try to finish off some drakes for those that need it.


5 thoughts on “Mountain o Mounts (93/100)

  1. Conifer says:

    I’m interested in this for sure. Let me know – I could use a 310% mount and would love to see Algalon.

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