Calm Before the Storm

You can tell 3.3 is on the horizon.  No, I’m not referring to reading MMO Champs or World of Raids… but by looking for your friends online.  People are starting to take those, “I’ll be back when Icecrown comes out.” breaks.

This hasn’t stopped us from attempting progression though.  We managed to get to Icehowl once or twice in Heroic ToC25.  We didn’t get him but it certainly felt like an accomplishment.  We put effort into it and made some progress, thats all I can ask for.

We FINALLY got Anub’arak on Heroic ToC10 last night though.  We normally get to him with only one or two deaths but then for some reason just couldn’t put the pieces together to kill him.  Last night we held our ears to his shell and heard nothing (cuz he was dead).  He died with 36 attempts left, giving us a chest of goodness.  Its kind of crazy to be getting Trophies of the Crusade on 10man.  Just doesn’t feel right, even if it is a tough cookie.

In other news we had our t10 set stats posted.

Of course I had to immediately load myself up on the armory and compare t10 to t9.25… see if the upgrade was significant or not.  It’s not a big upgrade but it is an upgrade so that’s nice to know.  They made the badge spending a bit more complicated this time around though since the trinkets are pretty amazing.  A full list of the Emblems of Frost Rewards can be found here, scroll down to the trinkets and you fine…

Equip: Increases spell power by 153.
Equip: Your spell casts have a chance to grant 304 mana per 5 sec for 15 sec.

/board tangent train!

That seems REALLY F’ing good.  Especially considering how difficult trinkets tend to be to upgrade… speaking of things that need to upgrade I’m still using a stupid cloak from our FIRST DAY into Ulduar.  What is it with those random slots that just refuse to get better?  Poor Tapol is still stuck with the cloak from Kel’thuzad.

I love looking at loot tables.  Its like seeing the presents before you get them without getting rid of the excitement of getting it.  I stumbled across this nifty little trinket.

Equip: You gain 11 mana each time you heal a target with one of your spells.
Use: Grants 464 haste rating for 20 sec.

I’m sure it won’t work like this cuz hello, OP, but doesn’t this make druids mana regen (which is already really good) like… infinite?  I’m guessing that Judgement of the Light isn’t going to give mana back to the Paladin but Glyph’d Holy Light might.  Then you have CoH, PoH, Renew… this seems really good.  I can’t wait to see how it actually turns out.

Blizzard talked at Blizzcon about the revamping of the talents and how they want to make more ‘fun’ talents instead of just ‘increases damage by X’ talents and I think that will be awesome.  The above trinket got me thinking of this because trinkets tend to be awesome.  Just spell power and some mana regen are cool and all, but things like this that make you stop and take a look at it, try to discover its ‘how good am I REALLY’.  Blizzard still manages to come up with new and innovative stuff so I have a lot of faith in Icecrown and Arthas.

Speaking of Icecrown… this guy looks AWESOME.  The models are looking super good and I can’t wait to see more of the bosses… there is more bosses right?

/tangent train crashes into a sheep counting facility


5 thoughts on “Calm Before the Storm

  1. Tagra says:

    There are 40 bosses in Icecrown, remember?

    People I know are going on the PTR and getting into pickup raids to see the new instance, then scurrying back to spoil it all for us >.<. I'm avoiding their forum posts about it but it's something that really annoys me because as soon as we set foot in there, it's going to be nothing but "and on my PTR raid, this happened, so we should…" and it just ruins the sense of exploration. Yes we just go to fucking WoWWiki and read strats anyway but it feels different somehow.

    I wish we could make some more progress on Heroic before IC hits though… I was getting really frustrated with all the cancelled heroic raids. It sucks when we don't even get to PRACTICE just because it seems like we won't win, but I guess wiping for an hour because we have someone who's only doing 2.5k DPS sucks too 😛

  2. xeonio says:

    I should NOT write posts when I’m slipping into a coma.

    @Tagra: You’re right though. I shouldn’t have called the raids early just cuz I didn’t think we had what it took to kill them. We’ll be hitting them regardless so we get the practice and put some real effort into it.

    I think we will be taking a different approach in Icecrown than we have taken before. Especially with the gating shit they are doing.

  3. Tagra says:

    It would be one thing if we’re failing because we’re just not hitting enrage, so we definitely don’t have the DPS… but we were failing because of things like Tank Death which is more an issue of distributing healing and tank cooldowns. And when we hit enrage, it’s likely to be our DPS was dying to fires, standing too close together during worms, god forbid standing in way of Icehowl… so practice makes a big difference I think.

  4. Last night I finally got my first trinket upgrade since my very first ever Ulduar run months and months and months ago. So I know what you mean.

    Trinkets are the hardest and most interesting slot to gear.

    That first one you listed does sound very nice and you can actually plan to get it rather than wait for dumb luck.

    Gobble gobble.

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