3.3: Priest t10 in HD

priestt10HDI’m mostly moved into my house now… by mostly I mean the colors are picked out for most of the rooms and most of the furniture is bought (now I just need it delivered and I don’t have internet until tomorrow).

Figured I’d check MMO this morning when I got to work, get caught up a bit and what do I find?  Some HD versions of the priest gear.  It also has multiple recolors for us.

First thing you do when you get this set (if you are a dwarf) is turn the helm off.  Like most helms for us it clips into the shoulders in an unattractive way.  This outfit also makes me feel very boxy compared to some of our previous, more curvy stuff (read: t5/6).

Now we take a look at the recolors…

GOOD: These are MUCH more priesty in coloring.  I’d have preferred if the dark grey was white but I’ll live (once I turned the helm off).

BAD: I’ve already talked about it once so I’m not gonna rehash the fact that I hate this coloration.  God I hate this color scheme.

MEH: This is still orange and purple… just reversed.  I certainly like it better this way… but not much better.  The purple could have been something else, maybe deeper shades of red and/or some bright yellows.  Just something more lively than this.

HMMM: This is interesting.  I remember looking at our recolored pvp sets and while they looked horrible the colors were interesting.  I think this is a direct link from the pvp sets, maybe trying it out to see our reaction.  I wouldn’t mind wearing it but I definitely think its not going to win a popular vote.  I would want this over the BAD outfit though.

You can tell the BAD outfit is the original mock up since its the only one the orange glow actually matches to.  I’m pretty sure we can plan on this being either the t10 or t10.5.

You heard right?  There is no t10.25.  You have to spend badges to buy t10 and after you get a token drop in Icecrown you trade that piece of t10 and the token drop in for t10.5.

You can find the full HD versions for male and female over at MMO (the image is ginormous!)


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