IRL destroys tokyo!

I closed on my house Wednesday afternoon!  If anyone is selling Treants or water elementals for my moat PST.

Because of this I’ma be taking a bit more time from WoW to deal with the new house and all that fun home owner stuff!  The updates will probably get a bit sporadic but I’ll try to stay on top of important information.

A friend of mine pointed out that WoWHead has some recolored copies of the tier sets.  There is a blue / white version of the priest armor that isn’t to bad.  It still have that horrific helm graphic.  I realize I could just turn the helm off… but I don’t want to have to turn my fucking helm graphic off.  I want it to be awesome (read: t5 / t6 / t7 and to a lesser extent t8).  Especially since the collar like helms look stupid on dwarves.

/grumble /grumble


One thought on “IRL destroys tokyo!

  1. Shiningstar says:

    Ok I like the blue set and I was happy I could see it on a nelf female. No navel showing…boo. No wings…boo. No halo…boo. But at least it isn’t hideous.

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