3.3: t10 Priest / Pally pics

We had just finished raiding h.ToC10 last night when healer chat began to erupt.

“XEO OMG!” said Winteros.
“WHAT?!” I replied fervently.
“MMO HAS PRIEST T10 PICS!” Wint spouted with GLEE!

I alt tabbed like no other man has alt tabbed before.  Either the interweb was running faster than normal or I was on an adrenaline filled race towards an epic prize.  MMO loaded…


“WTF?!” I shouted angrily into healer channel.
Behind a muffled whimper, “There’s no wings?” Shiningstar proclaimed.
“I WANTED WINGS!” Bandrin decreed.
“I thought we were getting wings?” Bryanae, the slightly confused shadow priest asked.

priestt10When I first saw priest t9 I wasn’t thrilled with it.  I slowly became to like it though.  The depth in the textures and the color scheme worked for me.

Priest t10 though… I’ve never hated a set as much as I hate this one.  The textures look poopy to me, I hate the color scheme, I want to gouge out my eyes when I look at it!

Ya know, I’d love to be able to say something great about this.  That I liked the overall design concept or that I liked the shoulders or the helm or the color scheme… but I don’t.

The best part of this… might be the shoulders.  I’ve always been a fan of the cloth that hangs down from them and maybe the glow isn’t as bad as it looks when it is in action.

The color scheme… gold and purple… I really hate it.  I hope they show us some screenies of recolored versions but I’m guessing this is the one that will haunt us until the xpac.

pallyt10aThis brings us to the helm.

Oh gawd.

What is that helm?

Srsly… its the worst helm I’ve ever seen (not true, but we’ll talk more about that later).

Priest t10 wasn’t the only thing released though.  The paladin tier 10 came out as well.  I like their set for the most part.  The shoulders are bitchin’ and the armor looks tough so grats to the pallies.

or wait… what is that?

Do you see that?

pallyt10bWTF is that?!

Did Tonka design this outfit?  Do they store snacks in it?  Is it a chin strap?  Maybe its a big stab me here sign so someone knows where it’ll be fatal.

For srs though… it’s likely just a texture issue.  I wonder if there is a paladin set though that is pink like this?  Wouldn’t that be awesome!?


I think the helm would certainly look a lot better if  it was closed.  The top hood lookes like some type of skull.  I think its interesting that the shoulders and to a lesser extent the gloves look like they have molten lava pooring out of it.  Very similar to this paladin maybe?

Final verdict:
Priest t10 scores a 3 (recolor and fixed helm) possibility of a 5.
Pally t10 (with pink tonka scoop) a -43 (with fixed tonka scoop) a 5.


9 thoughts on “3.3: t10 Priest / Pally pics

  1. I don’t mind the Priest set so much, but it seems kind of plain. I agree that the collar/helm is dumb, but I never show helm on any of my toons (unless it’s a halo!), so I don’t think that’s a dealbreaker.

    As a Paladin, I am not unhappy with the Pally set. The pink chin-strap is clearly a glitch and the recolor of it that I’ve seen floating around has it the same color as the rest of the set. However, none of this matters to me, because, as I said, I never show helms. My only real issue with the set is that the boots seem to be just form-fitting, which I’m hoping is not the final version. In the blue/purple recolor of this set I’ve seen the boots have the same model as the T9 boots, which I like to refer to as my “stompy boots” and I love. So hopefully they stick with that model for T10.

  2. Gingervitiss says:

    The Paladin set looks kind of Shaman to me, especially with the skirt and not the pants… but I may be alone in that. Priest just looks too Mage for my liking.

  3. Tagra says:

    Aww I love purple and gold. It does strike me as a more magey looking set though.

    All hunters ever seem to get is varying shades of brown and grey, but fortunately the stats and set bonuses on them usually suck so bad we wear mismatched crap anyway so it doesn’t matter.

  4. Shiningstar says:

    “Did Tonka design this outfit?”–I LOL’d!

    After switching my hair color to go along better with the color scheme of the other tier gear, I can see right now that Shiny’s gonna have to dye her hair purple again. It’s Blizzard’s way of trying to drum up business for the barber shops, imo.

    My impressions? While I like the purple and gold together, let’s make it a bit lighter. That outfit is so dark. I’d like to see it on a female character. Does it show a bit of navel? I googled for the t10 priest images and wasn’t able to find it. I still want WINGS and a halo.

  5. Addy says:

    Cerburos Says:
    October 21, 2009 at 2:10 pm | Reply

    GOD!!! why do pally’s always get stupid looking helms… CERB Angry!!!

    I still say it is T2 karma.

  6. Tapol says:

    Who are the people that design these? Do they really think it looks good? Are they all on crack or something? I hate it…and yep i know they don’t care one way or the other… At least Vadell will look ok in her armor, just have to make sure not to show the helm..

  7. Gigantor1960 says:

    Terribad IMO! It should come with a barf bag! Worst Priest gear ever! Did I mention Terribad? I don’t even know where to start and I too yelled out WTF in vent when I saw it. 🙂

    The collar, the color scheme, the textures, and no wings… pure pukefest… but I won’t say how I really feel. Is there an option to hide all your gear? Excuse me getting nauseated again.

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