Heirlooms… the anti fun

Awhile ago I started a 2nd priest to level up (the reasons are explained in that post).  I kept leveling and did an update on it, but I didn’t make it much farther past that.  I got to level 30, got ready to take my screen shot, and I still looked the same.  That wasn’t the only downside though, I was face rolling everything.  Granted I knew my class far better than someone new to the game did but the heirloom gear put me REALLY far ahead of the game.

In fact, it was making the game less fun for me.  There was no challenge.

Flash Forward…

One of my healers, Kraylarra, came to me and said she was server transferring.  I was a bit sad but I understood.  If you aren’t having fun then ya gotta do what it takes to make the game fun again.

Side Note:  I’ve added a Rezzes button to the top so its easier to find past Rez of the Week participants.

Her moving servers gave me a chance to start over as well.  I made a toon on the server she went to and started leveling.  I couldn’t decide if I wanted to be a healer, dps, or tank… figured I’d go for something that could be all three.  That meant druid (tauren’s = GROSS!) so I went with paladin.

/check to see what races can be paladin

L10 pally xeoFind out with GLEE! that I can be a blood elf!

Now, some people like one race over the others.  I don’t blaim them, I’m in love with dwarves myself (hello, dwarf priest, pally, hunter, rogue, warrior and soon to be mage and shaman) but I have to be honest.  I’ve been lusting loving the BEs since I first saw them come onto the screen.

I got him made, logged in, and started the grind.

I’ve cheated a bit.  Daemia had an alt on the server as well and I got some gold off him and Kray gave me some bags so I got a leg up.  But ya know what, each level brings new gear and a new look… I really have kind of missed that hodge podge look a bit.  Mind you, when I’m 80 my shit better match, but until then I’m happy with how its going.

The game has been considerably more challenging.  Taking on a level 20 elite when I’m 22 and wearing level 10 greens… yea, its a bitch.  But its fun!  I don’t have a guild so there’s no guild banter (which is good and bad).  Sometimes I’ll just be questing along, not seeing a soul, and then someone will /wave at me.  It’s those moments that remind me its an MMO and not a single player game.  Although, WoW is pretty fun as single player!

I’m starting to ramble…

My point is that I think heirlooms, while useful and fun, take a lot away from the game.  At Blizzcon, Blizzard talked about that excitement factor of constantly upgrading your gear as you level comes to an abrupt halt at 80.  Hence, the Alternate Advanace (read: Everquest’s AA system) is being implemented.  I think that same principal goes into effect when you have heirlooms.  They take away a bit from that advancement and new feeling that you while you’re leveling up.

Maybe they’ll switch heirlooms to bracers or belts or even rings.  Relatively insignificant items so that you don’t lose the new factor.

What do y’all think?


9 thoughts on “Heirlooms… the anti fun

  1. ambient says:

    I entirely understand this. I have a baby warlock that I would love to power-level, but I am steadfastly refusing to buy the heirloom robe for her. First, it’s a whole robe, the worst of the chestpiece heirlooms because it covers up your pants as well. Second, she’s a tailor, and is going to craft herself the Frozen Shadoweave set at 70 and look awesome for her trip through Northrend. I really enjoy when my toons can craft their own gear, that she always has new gear waiting when she dings and *looks different all the time*.

    So I’m contenting myself that the heirloom shoulders and staff and trinkets are enough twinking in their own right. Yes my shoulders and staff won’t change for 80 levels, but at least they’re appropriately warlocky so I don’t mind. And the Tattered Dreadmist Robe just looks horrible on a female undead, like she’s being choked by her dress. ; )

  2. Tagra says:

    You don’t HAVE to use the heirlooms… those are there for people who want alts without levelling them.

    In fact, if you want a challenge, I challenge you to finish levelling the priest to 80 without equipping anything at all. Post screenshots.

  3. Gingervitiss says:

    I kind of agree with you. Heirlooms have made dumbed down my interest in leveling quite a bit. I really hope that in spite of the boring aspect of heirlooms that Cataclysm makes leveling up fun and exciting again.

  4. xeonio says:

    I think it’ll be fun leveling in Cataclysm. Mainly because it’ll be new to us all. If its streamlined well then you could have up to 8 different leveling paths ((orc/troll, tauren, undead, BE, dwarf/gnome, human, NE, draeni). It should be mostly different until the later levels… say, 60+.

  5. xeonio says:

    LOL! I could do it… but I’d have to pvp it all the way. That I am CERTAINLY not wanting to do.

    I don’t have that kind of self discipline though to not abuse the things at hand. I’d see some good green on the AH, realize I didn’t have the cash, and log to a main. My tradeskill not high enough? I’ll just spend a bunch of money on AH stuff rather than farming. If there isn’t a hard barrier there to stop me then I’ll take full advantage of the situation.

  6. xeonio says:

    That robe is HIDEOUS! They could have chosen priest or mage would have been fine… but they had to pick lock of all the sets to choose. Would be neat if they picked a more advanced graphic for them or even have gone with t3 (the sets you can’t get anymore).

  7. Tagra says:

    >>I don’t have that kind of self discipline though to not abuse the things at hand.<<

    Obviously the solution is to give me all your money, then.

  8. daemia says:

    I don’t have a problem with heirlooms, but that could be because I don’t have the spare emblems to fuel all of my alts (and I really don’t want to have a warrior running around with cloth heirlooms).

    We’re 67 now, so I think we’re on track to converge with your pally at about 71 so you can tank everything for us, kthx.

  9. Shiningstar says:

    When I created Shiny, I was unguilded and penniless. I chose enchanting and tailoring as professions, not realizing that every bit of cloth and every green item I got was going to be used for crafting or DE fodder, and that I’d make no money at all from this. Adnar had a friend who made me a couple mageweave bags and I think he gave me a couple gold.

    I picked up fishing and sold stonescale eels and some other fish to get enough gold to buy my first mount at lvl 42 (was still too poor at lvl 40) and my second mount at 60. Thank goodness for fishing!

    I’m leveling another priest right now and I’ve got the heirloom shoulders for her. I don’t regret getting them; it makes leveling her faster. However, I created a baby alt on another server and I’m in the same boat as you…I know no one and I have no money. It’s kind of nice leveling that way again, for old times’ sake.

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