Vanity Post

It would seem I can’t find my Photoshop CDs and when I copied it over from my old harddrive it lost its registry info… that’s why this wasn’t posted Friday night.

Have you ever had one of those raid nights where everything comes together so well you are still amazed days later?  Two weeks ago we were having a bit of trouble on Yogg -1 (or Yogg +3, however you want to say it).  By a bit I mean a lot.  Enough to make me wonder if getting it done was possible.

Flash Forward (a good TV show BTW) to this past Friday when my raiders bitch slapped me and showed me what they are truly made of.  valanyr2We zoned into an extended Yogg -1 (we chose not to use Mimiron) and our first attempt was a very smooth p1 but we lost our shit in p2.  I started to prepare myself for a long raid and we got ready for our second attempt.

Phase 1 goes stupid smooth and phase 2 is trucking right along.  They got Yogg’s brain down to about 60-65% on the first run in and I got a tingly feeling.  The outside DPS was face rolling the crusher tentacles outside, killing them so fast that I had to have corruptor tentacles marked for focusing down.  Three quick melee jaunts into the brain room (and tentacle annihilation outside) got us into phase 3.

Melee DPS was rocking the guardians so I switched a few over to Yogg and we almost lost it once but got it back under control.  We kept all the melee on the guardians and I made sure to get close enough to Yogg to toss in my hammer during the deafening roar.  Which, honestly, isn’t as bad as I was expecting.

We also had a priest from another guild / charter, Winteros, that had his fragments but his group hasn’t been able to quiet down Yogg yet.  He tagged along to complete his mace.

I distinctly remember healing phase 3 and calling across vent, “Stay calm peeps, we got this, just focus.”  That was mainly for me.  I’m pretty sure I was moments away from having a heart attack.

Edited In… Yogg is at about 2%… and each deafening roar I’ve clicked my item but it never went on CD.  I’m semi panicked at this moment… I call for a total DPS hold on Yogg.  I wanted to MAKE FUCKING SURE I didn’t miss out on this.  There we are, waiting on a deafening roar and the enrage timer is ticking down… I didn’t care though.  Wasn’t gonna chance it.  Roar goes off… I click the item… I get a cooldown.  “All ranged DPS back on Yogg!”

Then Yogg dies.

It was… hands down… the BEST and SMOOTHEST Yogg kill we have ever had.  Big thanks to everyone who was there and helped me (and Winteros) get our maces.


Side Note:  The t10 set bonuses were revamped for us and have been changed.  I’ll be talking about them on Wednesday, hopefully with screenshots of our new set (I think there’s a PTR patch supposed to come out tomorrow or w/e).

EDIT:  I meant to give a big shout out and thank you, to Cassiaa our healer for the melee group.  The melee group is ri-fucking-diculous to heal.  Tons of LOS issues, lots of things to cure when you zone in… she did a phenomenal job.


10 thoughts on “Vanity Post

  1. Conifer says:

    Don’t forget my favorite part when you called to HALT DPS on Yogg so you could get in one more deafening roar. In an encounter where we have been so close to enrage on Yogg+4 almost every victory (and failure), this was an amazing feat with 10% reduced DPS from the lack of a keeper.

    Normally I have nothing but terrible, terrible things to say about the window lic… uh… DPS. But man did they pull their stuff together and rocked this attempt so hard.

    I was very proud to be a part of this and it now ranks very high on my list of favorite moments in the game.

  2. xeonio says:

    LOL! I didn’t want to take a chance in fucking it up. I almost failed at the start when I realized I left the throw in piece in the bank.

    “WIPE IT! Just fucking wipe it… I have to go to the bank!”

  3. Addy says:

    I’m very pleased Conifer brought up the HALT DPS part. I was reading this entry and that’s all that was going through my mind. Surprising, we managed to stop DPSing as well.

    You forgot the anti-climactic quest turn in. There should have been a cut scene in my opinion or at least an NPC event.

    That was a great attempt. Just tell me I don’t have to go back anymore.

    Finally, congrats to Winteros AND Xeonio. 2 maces on 1 kill is something only LOs could manage. Let’s keep up the focus so we can put Arthas down.

  4. xeonio says:

    FINE! I edited it and added it in, garsh. Thanks for the grats and we are certainly gonna pwn Arthas’ face.

  5. Falcs says:

    Ranged kicking ass on the tentacles probably explains why I had no problems running to the portals, I never got Apathy nor the stunning poison. Great job all, and was definitely the high point so far of this expac for me :).

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