3.3: Badge Changes

patch 3.3

We saw this happen once already in 3.2.  The Valor and Heroism badges were done away with and replaced by Badges of Conquest.  Did this piss people off?  Yes.  Did it really hurt anything?  No.

This was stated by Bornakk, one of the blue posters on the World of Warcraft forums.

General reminder: Things can still change.

The current plan is to make Emblems of Triumph the “base” of emblems so everything that drops Emblems of Conquest would be changed to Triumph and then the new raid content would drop the new highest emblem along with things like the heroic daily and such.

You have two perspectives on the issue as far as I’m concerned.  I share them both but I lean more towards the Raid Lead perspective than the Raid Member one.

Neutral Perspective:

  • WoW.com has also given facts (with no opinion on good or bad).

Raid Member Perspective(s):

  • Bobturkey has expressed his dissatisfaction with the change.
  • A frequent commenter, Conifer, states,

“I always described the dungeon system to non-players as a tiered system. You need the gear from T1 to move onto T2; so on and so forth to T10. But now you can do sub-T7 content and gear up for T10.

As I said, I understand the reasoning and it certainly makes gearing alts easier – but there is ZERO reason for bosses in heroics/Naxx/Sarth/Maly/Ulduar to even drop loot anymore. They should just drop badges. Who is going to use some ilvl200 ring from a drop when in a few more hours they can get ilvl245 from badges?”

My perspective (as a raid member) understands what they are talking about.  I can see how it feels like it lessens the impact on the gear you’ve obtained and that everyone will be catching up with you.  You feel like you put all this work into getting your gear and then it is just going to be handed to newer people.

People who don’t even raid will be getting raid gear!  Oh noes, this sounds just like the complaint that PvPers have about us getting their gear from a raid when they have to do actual PvP for it.

The downside is that these new people won’t be getting the raiding experience from obtaining this gear.  Going from 5man’s into ToC25 is certainly a different experience.  It can be very daunting when you are getting yelled at to increase your DPS and get out of a fire and pay attention to threat… things that you probably didn’t have to worry about when going with the overgeared PUGs face rolling instances.

Arioch has a very interesting post that talks about power leveling your friends and how they gain no experience with the actual content on their way up the ladder.  While not specifically talking about the badge changes it hits the nail on the head about lack of experience.  Daemia over at the Casual Collective has a follow up post to Mr. Arioch as well.

Even with all this… I still disagree with this change being a bad thing.

Raid Leader Perspective:

3.3 Rolls around and we’ve started raiding Icecrown…

Zalana whispers you, “Yea, I just turned 80 yesterday but I’m in full t9 and I PUG’d Naxx the other day for some weapons… can I come to your ToC25 or Icecrown raids?”

Xeonio thinks, FUCK NO!  But wait a minute… we’ve had ToC25 on farm for months.  He might not be helpful in heroic ToC25 but there’s no reason he can’t learn to raid in normal ToC25.  Depending on how he does we might even be able to bring him into Icecrown.

Xeonio replies, “ToC25 yes… we’ll see how you do there and maybe take you to Icecrown.”

3.3 Rolls around but the badge changes never happend (in 3.2 either)…

Zalana whispers you, “Yea, I just turned 80 yesterday and I’m in blues and a few epics from this Naxx I PUG’d the other day… can I come to your ToC25 or Icecrown raids?”

Xeonio thinks, FUCK NO!  But wait a minute… his gear is shit… we don’t raid Naxx / Ulduar anymore… we’d be doing ToC25 with 24 taking him… is it worth the effort to try and gear him up, teach him to raid, and then find out that maybe he wasn’t worth the effort when I could just bring someones alt?”

Xeonio replies, “Sorry, at this time your gear isn’t where it needs to be to do those raids.  Try to get some more Naxx and (preferably) Ulduar raids to get your gear up to a level that won’t make you a detriment to the raid.  Best of luck.”

See what I did there? /wink

Teaching someone to raid is A LOT easier when they at least have the gear to do it.  By the time people are getting enough emblems to catch up to you in gear, you will have grown out of it.  As long as I’m a step ahead of the regular people then I’m fine with the badge changes.  Especially when your raid group isn’t doing that old raid content themselves that these newer people would need.

You could see this as catering to the casuals, to the masses.  There are A LOT of decent players that start the game everyday that just need that extra bump so they can start playing the highend stuff.  Attrition for raids (all but the most hardcore of guilds) tends to be rather high.  You get to read all the time how bloggers guilds are imploding and they are taking a step back or having to step up to a higher end guild (missing out on content) or not even making it into the guild because they couldn’t cut the demands of the guild.

My point is that its a huge boon to everyone…

  1. Raid Leads get quick replacements for people who burn out or quit the game or have vacations.
  2. Raid Members still get to raid because the raid lead has new filler for those missing slots.
  3. It is MUCH easier to teach someone with gear how to play than someone who can’t live through an AE because their gear is 3 tiers behind you.

So don’t take it so hard…

See this as an opportunity to help foster and teach the newer generations of WoW players instead of treating them like maggots trying to eat you before you’re dead.


6 thoughts on “3.3: Badge Changes

  1. Conifer says:

    I accept your logic as it applies to alts. If I level an alt, I would like to continue raiding with my friends and not have to gear-up through tiered progression.

    My biggest disagreement with Blizzard is that they are allowing/encouraging new people to skip content and this seems inherently against the whole tiered progression system that they set up. And I stand by my statement that gear in Heroics/Naxx/Sarth/Malygos (and soon Ulduar) means NOTHING to people. There is no point in even dropping that gear off bosses. If the bosses are going to drop triumph badges, then they should drop ilvl equivalent gear too. This will help people gear up even faster AND they will get to see the lower-tier content.

    I also think they should re-tune the instances. If the instances are going to drop ilvl245, then they should be tuned for ilvl226. Basically, why make the content in heroics and Naxx completely trivial? It makes no sense. Just so people with gear and no skill can see it?

    Note that I also have an issue with how easy gear is becoming to attain. All you old-school players will recall what a great feeling it was to get your T2 and how long you knew it would last you. I’m not even full T9 yet and it’s already feeling like a waste. We are destroying ToC25 every week so I obviously don’t need upgrades to finish T9 content. And now it looks like 3.3 is just around the corner. Once 3.3 hits and triumph badges are available through all dungeons (that’s the possibility of over 250 triumph badges per week depending on how many heroics you do), even the more casual players will be in full ilvl232/245 in 2-3 weeks.

    Okay so I did a lot of complaining. I’m not saying the world (of warcraft) is coming to an end. I’m not going to leave the game over this. No you can’t have my stuff. I just wish there was a way for those of us who put in the work to stand apart from the people who don’t. The game is going to start looking pretty boring when there are 2 sets of armor out there. 1) People doing current end-game and 2) everyone else.

  2. I’m not really that upset by it and after the 3.2 change I figured this would probably happen.

    For me it triggered a bit of soul searching. Mainly why am I playing the game? And why am I blogging about it?

    I’m still searching for the answers.

    Gobble gobble.

  3. xeonio says:

    I saw your post via Daemia’s blog and since the icon was a BE male I just went with Mr.

    Yea, I’ve kinna quit working on some of my alts so I can just gear them in t9 once 3.2.2 hits. The price on epic gems is gonna bottom out to once they are more easily farmed… I should start liquidating those.

  4. xeonio says:

    That was one of the things I liked about TBC and Shatt. You could run all over that town and there wasn’t a whole lot of people wearing the same things. You saw someone with 6 and you were like OMG they are uba! Hell, even getting your 5 stuff was an accomplishment. Tier 2… omg, how few people had that stuff?

    I don’t mind them making it a bit easier to get gear but with such a small variable in designs… it seems like everyone and their mom has t9 shoulders. Compounded by the fact that all the same armor types wear the same armor.

    I think Icecrown will be more varied. They’ve heard the complaints from being to varied versus not varied enough, I think they’ll have it easier finding a happy medium.

  5. xeonio says:

    The dumbing down that happened with 3.2 was really saddening. I’ve got high hopes for Icecrown though.

    And your blogging because you are good at it and everyone loves your gobble!

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