3.3: Tier Bonuses Review

Disclaimer:  This is 3.3 information so if you don’t want to be spoiled… don’t read it (fucking duh).  Please note that I’m writing this off a bit of sleep deprivation at the moment so my math might be a bit off.

I didn’t login when I got home… I didn’t even check the blog to see if there was anything I needed to reply to.  I just went straight to bed, long night of tele with Delinia.  Sidenote:  GLEE = amazing.

Anyway.  I was tossing and turning and decided to get up and have a glass of milk (even though I’m lactose intolerant…).  I sat down at the computer, logged in for some auctioning junk and checked some forums.  I noticed some comments were posted about tier 10 sets… I was intrigued.

I hopped on over to MMO Champs and it was like Christmas.  Presents for everyone!

They don’t have our graphic up yet but they did have DK (which, imo looks like shit), druid (HAWT!), hunter (which reminds me of a rhino beetle), and warrior (which looks the most done to me of all the sets so far).  They also have rogue but the shoulders texture isn’t in game yet.  The rogue reminds me of a scarecrow… or some other horrible creature I’ve seen in a game before.  If I find it I’ll yell, but I have seen something like it before.

Of all the sets the warrior is the only one that looks done’ish to me.  The others don’t look like they have a final texturing pass done on them.  It’s really noticable in the druid set.  The helm and shoulders look very detailed while the robes look a bit lackluster.  I’d wager there will be another pass on the texture.  Especially when you compare them to the t9 stuff.

I was kind of right.  The images they had at first were low res versions of the armor sets.  MMO Champs has updated high res versions of the armor.

Death Knight / Hunter / Druid / Rogue / Warrior

Yes, I mentioned set bonuses… settle down children.

First, we shall take a look at the shadow bonuses… haha.  I’m kidding.  No one gives a shit about shadow priests!

  • T10 2p bonus: After your Pain Suppression and Guardian Spirit talents expire on your target, they grant your target 10% increased healing received for 10 sec.

The two piece bonus is very split decision.  Personally, I don’t use Pain Suppression that much.  It’s my button I use after I use my oh shit bubble + penance + flash heal.  I don’t use it often enough to make this set bonus even count.  When I switched to Holy for a few months (another story) I didn’t use Guardian Spirit a lot either.  I think it was all the training I did with Pain Suppression that put me that way.  I think normal Holy priests probably use it a lot, especially if they have it glyph’d.  The only problem is you don’t usually see Holy priests on the MT so its kind of iffy.

  • T10 4p bonus: Your Flash Heal spell has a 15% chance to reset the cooldown on your Circle of Healing and Penance Spells.

This bonus seems great anyway you slice it.  Both of those spells are HUGE for Disc and Holy…

Discipline: Currently I sit at a very paltry 177 haste (due to some gearing choices that have left me quite lacking on the stat).  A normal 57/14/0 talent spread puts my Flash Heal (unbuffed) at 1.34 seconds.  Penance is on an 8 second cooldown (talented & glyph’d).  I get about 4 global cooldowns in between my penances (a mixture of 4 spells… flash or PW:S or renew… it’s usually 3 flash and a PW:S).  Just as the last one of that 4 set is ending penance finishes and I can use it again.  If any of those first 3 spells in the rotation trigger the CD reset then I’m saved anywhere from 2-6 seconds.  That’s gi-fucking-normous!

Ugh, it means I’m gonna have to setup Power Auras to show me when penance is off CD.

Holy: The cooldown on COH is only 6 seconds, which makes the impact a bit smaller.  I think it would help them out if renew also triggered it but then it would likely get… insane.  Assuming the priest is using COH on CD (which on a lot of fights you are) you can guestimate about 3 GCDs between each COH.  Quick and easy, if the first two flashes trigger COH CD then they save 2-4 seconds.  It sounds… miniscule.

Thought Break 5

This is going to be some very simple math as I’m starting to get tired.  I’m sure someone (maybe Bob) will give us a bit more in depth analysis on the possible gains here.

Scenario:  6 Minute Fight (or 360 seconds)  I averaged the kill times on our last ToC25 run.  Some are longer… some are shorter.
Penance Heal:  Avg. 12,000

Assuming penance spam (8 second cooldown) you healed for 540,000 damage.  My unbuffed crit of 33% (33.45, but rounding makes math easier!).  That is 178,200 in Divine Aegis.

I know that I can get in roughly 45 penance cycles in 360 seconds.  I logged in and randomed 100 three times in a row.  If the first of the randoms was 15 or below I counted it as a proc off the first flash and would thus save me 6 seconds.  Basically starting the cycle over again.  If it happend on the second it saved 4 and third would save me 2.  Out of 45 cycles (with 3 flash heals per cycle, since the 4th doesn’t count) I got a 40% chance for it to proc.  I’m sure there was an easier way to do this, I just don’t remember how.*

The total number of seconds saved or gained was 70.  Assuming I get no proc’s from that additional 70 seconds its 9 (8.75) extra cycles.  9 extra casts of penance is 108,000 healing and 35,640 Divine Aegis.  That seems substantial to me.

– Tier Bonus: Total Healing 718,200 (540k + 178.2k)
HPS of 1995 / second

+ Tier Bonus: Total Healing 861,840 (718.2k + 108k + 35,640)
HPS of 2394 / second.

Again, this is very rough math and certainly not completely accurate.  It will vary depending on playstyle and luck of the dice but thats almost a 400 HPS increase NOT raid buffed.  Even at half of that it is still very substantial to those who use penance on CD.



* = I didn’t think it was as simple as 15% x 3 chances for a total of 45% chance to proc since each cast doesn’t increase the subsequent attempts of it proc’ing.


24 thoughts on “3.3: Tier Bonuses Review

  1. Shiningstar says:

    I was totally following you on all of this until you started putting the numbers in there. I think that’s when my head exploded and my eyes got that glazed look. Right now I’m enjoying my T9 set bonus with the PoM fun. I guess when T10 comes out I’ll have to readjust my spell rotation.

    As for the rogue set, I say it looks like a glowing-eyed cyclops. Ick. I hope they get something pretty for priests.

    Also, I LOVE Glee. That and Big Bang Theory are the only two shows I watch with any regularity.

  2. Addy says:

    Rogue armor kinda reminds me of “the gimp” from Pulp Fiction.

    I want to see paladin armor. I’m sure it will be out soon. The protection bonus seems pretty decent, but I have questions about it.

    I watch Glee for the music and the crash factor. What I mean by the crash factor is something is always right on the edge of crashing and burning. Each week something seeming terrible is going to happen, but it always works out. One day the whole house of cards is going to come tumbling down. It’s also like watching a car wreck. I wanna see the destruction, but then turn my head after I get a peek.

  3. Cerburos says:

    i have to agree with addy i want to see the pally gear. I hope it looks better then the rest of the tier so far in wrath.

  4. Bandrin says:

    ZOMG, a 15% chance to reset my Penance! That’s huge! While I’m not too fond of the 2pc bonus myself I feel that the 4pc will more than make up for it. I wonder if the 4pc will have an internal cooldown to prevent you from chain spamming penance by sheer luck.
    Oh and Glee was freakin awesome, totally digging the school nurse approach!

  5. Conifer says:

    Not sure if this is off-topic as we are discussing 3.3 here. But anyone else bothered by the constant “resetting” of emblems? Now heroics will drop Triumph? I guess I can gear up my DK easily but it totally undermines the “progression” of tiers as it has been set up for the past few years.

    I always described the dungeon system to non-players as a tiered system. You need the gear from T1 to move onto T2; so on and so forth to T10. But now you can do sub-T7 content and gear up for T10.

    As I said, I understand the reasoning and it certainly makes gearing alts easier – but there is ZERO reason for bosses in heroics/Naxx/Sarth/Maly/Ulduar to even drop loot anymore. They should just drop badges. Who is going to use some ilvl200 ring from a drop when in a few more hours they can get ilvl245 from badges?

  6. xeonio says:

    I did like the rogue set until I saw the shoulders. I really hate when rogues get big gaudy shoulders. It destroys my illusion of ‘rogue’ if they can’t fit through french doors.

    I’m hoping for a dark priest set this go around. It’ll be interesting since they’ve been slowly switching priests into a metal infused cloth armor.

    GLEE = GLEE!

    Del and I just watched the latest BBT last night and I’m under the impression that Del has been trying to train me…

  7. xeonio says:

    4p Paladin Bonus: When you activate Divine Plea, you gain 12% dodge for 10 sec.

    What’s the CD on Divine Plea? That seems pretty good to me. A nice ‘bonus’ to an oh shit button. Very good when activated in conjunction with trinkets.

  8. xeonio says:

    Seeing the t9 up close has made me a bit happier with it I think. Mainly because of higher end graphics so you get to see the ‘gritty-ness’ of it. On a lower res I can see how the armor is very meh.

    I think the paladin set will be good though. Especially if its sparkly!

  9. xeonio says:

    I don’t think it will have an internal CD but I think the proc rate might get reduced.

    Like I said to Shindig… GLEE = GLEE fo me! I love the Cheerleadering Coach. If I was into that, she’d totally be the woman after my heart. Granted she’d probably just rip it out and blend it into a smoothy…

  10. xeonio says:

    I’m always 50/50 on this.

    My raider member side is always, ‘GAWD that sux!’. It makes me feel like the hard work I’ve done is being tossed to the side a bit. I just built this amazing sand castle but the waves have washed it away and left me with the same flat surface all the little kids have. I learn to live with it though.

    My raid leader side is, ‘Woohoo!’ This makes gearing up newer people AMAZINGLY easy. The only downside is that people usually don’t get the experience from the previous raid bosses. You try to reference an older boss and people are like uhm… yea… who? That maybe the reason for the dumbing down of the raids though?

    FYI: On Glee last night they called someone a mouth breather.

  11. Shiningstar says:

    Is that like Conifer’s ‘window lickers’?

    Haha! You and the cheerleading coach, I LOL’d out loud just thinking of it.

  12. Cerburos says:

    I have been playing on the ptr when i get bored. and they have quests for the old wrath raids to kill different bosses. Like the one for today was to kill ignis. You get 10 emblems of frost from those daily’s. So that will help getting people to know some of the older boss fights.

  13. Conifer says:

    Lord Marrowgar Must Die! (Icecrown Raid)
    Lord Jaraxxus Must Die!
    XT-002 Deconstructor Must Die!
    Ignis the Furnace Master Must Die!
    Razorscale Must Die!
    Flame Leviathan Must Die!
    Malygos Must Die!
    Patchwerk Must Die!
    Instructor Razuvious Must Die!
    Noth the Plaguebringer Must Die!
    Anub’Rekhan Must Die!
    Sartharion Must Die!

  14. I approve of this post!

    Your 40% number is pretty close to the pure-math value, which is ~38.6%. You’re right that it’s not 15%*3; the math is a little more complicated:

    1 – [(1-x)^y]

    where x is the proc chance and y is the number of times the ability can proc. In this case, it’s

    1 – [(1-0.15)^3)] = 1 – [(0.85)^3] = 1 – (0.614125) = 0.385875

    or 38.5875%.

  15. Bandrin says:

    They changed the Priest Healy T10 Bonuses again! I personally think the 2 piece bonus is going to make tank healing HOT! No pun intended!

    2 piece bonus – Your Flash Heal critical strikes cause the target to heal for 25% of the healed amount over 9 sec.
    4 piece bonus – Your Circle of Healing and Penance spells have a 20% chance to cause your next Flash Heal cast within 6 sec to reset the cooldown on your Circle of Healing and Penance spells.

  16. xeonio says:

    The math needs to be done on the 4p but it certainly doesn’t look as good as it did.

    The 2p… thats pretty fucking amazing. I’m interested to know though if it will overwrite itself or stack similar to Ignite.

  17. Bryanae says:

    “First, we shall take a look at the shadow bonuses… haha. I’m kidding. No one gives a shit about shadow priests! ”

    I’m suddenly feeling red-headed and the need to call Xeo step-dad…. 😛

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