Mountain o Mounts (92/100)

Like I said… I’ve been ‘casually’ working on this.  By casually I mean, I can’t be bothered unless a mount falls into my inventory.

Two of them did.RTW brewfest ram

I’ve been running with some friends and all their alts so we could get as many attempts at mounts as possible.  I’ve missed the last couple of days but so far the group has gotten 4 kodo’s and several rams.  I wonder if kodo’s are more common for horde and rams more rare?  Who knows.

I missed out on going with them the other day and a guild group was needin’ a healer.  I really didn’t want to go but figured I’d be a good sport.

First kill.

Hello Kodo.

/random 100

I beat out everyone else in the group.


It was awesome to finally get the Kodo.  The group I was going with had been doing 20+ attempts a day (thanks to fucktons of peeps alts).  I’m not sure when the event ends but I think its soon.  Only Zalana still needs the Kodo and I hope he gets it.  I think he’s closer to the 100/100 than I am.

RTW brewfest kodo

Good Luck Zal!


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