Failure is not an option.

Xeo CRYI’m not sure when this revelation came about, maybe I’m trying to prove something to myself, but failure is something I’ve never taken very well.  Hell, I don’t even like to be 2nd best.  To me, fun is winning.

Because of this desire to not fail I’ve always been in some form of a leadership role.  I’m always willing to learn and do whatever it takes to get to first place.  If I’m not leading, then I’m mentoring or learning.  Being first is an insatiable appetite that never ends.

It’s also why I take failing so badly.  When my raid group fails… I fail.  What did I miss that could have kept us alive?  Did I assign DPS incorrectly?  Was the healing targets wrong?  Should I have put one more person on picking up adds?

I had planned on posting a vanity picture of me and my new Val’anyr.  Sadly, it didn’t happen.  I’m still not completely sure why we weren’t winning.

/le sigh

Yogg -1 is inexplicable harder than Yogg regular.  I have no fucking clue how people have done it without keepers.  It utterly fucks my brain.  Srsly, Yogg takes a tentacle, sticks it in my ear, and swirls it around until the goo oozes out my nostrils… ewww… sorry. /shudder

I was talking to a friend of mine afterwards, Daenyx, and she mentioned to make sure and pull the Immortal Guardians farther away from Yogg than normal due to a heal that he does in p3.  Maybe that was why we were wiping in the end?  Maybe it was the fact that 2-4 people weren’t pulling their weight.  Did you know on Yogg -1 you can’t carry anyone?  Yea, imagine that shit out.  /growl

Daenyx helped to cheer me up though.  We got to talking about how anxious WoW can make us.  I know each time we were getting to p3 I’d start shaking and have to audibly tell myself to calm the fuck down.  For those who did Vashj back in TBC… its the EXACT SAME FEELING I’d get when we would get Vashj to p3.

Yogg is almost the exact same as Vashj if you look at it.  Yogg has clouds you have to not touch and Vashj had the lightning charged people that had to stay away from the raid.  Yogg has a hectic p2 that relies on everyone doing a single job and doing it well… same with Vashj.  Then it culminates with a rather simple yet extremely difficult p3.

I loved the Vashj fight, even if it did cause me to kill an anger management class.  I’m not really sure where I sit with Yogg.  I’m sure I’ll eventually like it…


17 thoughts on “Failure is not an option.

  1. Shiningstar says:

    We will get it! I think it’s a matter of a little tweaking and everyone being committed to doing their best. The suggestion about pulling the immortal guardians away…maybe that would have been the key to finishing him off.

    I must say that aside from a few people who wanted to see what a real cloud felt like, p1 went so SO much better than last week’s nightmare train wreck. P2 even went pretty decently for some of those attempts.

    Don’t get discouraged. 🙂

  2. Tagra says:

    I was thinking of starting a pool to see how many mnutes after we killed him you’d have a post up about Valanyr, but I didn’t want to jinx it.

    I don’t think the guardians were wiping us because of healing. We only cleanly got into P3 twice and one of them had a goddamn crusher spawn on us at the last second, so I don’t even think that should count as clean. I’m also not even sure if the -1 part of the fight was even necessarily our problem. I figured the hard part of -1 would be outputting 10% more DPS before enrage, and when we wiped in P3 it was because people were dead, not because of enrage. We kill Yogg regularly with all 4 keepers now, but I think all the same problems exist that we had last night… we can just overpower them now. If that many people are dead with 4 keepers up, we’re still going to wipe. Less keepers is going to need a little more finesse. But even then we almost got it once, we can totally do it.

    P1 was fine. I didn’t see anything untoward. If we fucked up and touched clouds we never left P1 anyway and that didn’t happen TOO many times. No more than normal anyway, even with slower speed.

    P2 seemed like where all the trouble was, but it’s also the phase we spent all our time in so…

    Leaving Mimiron out affects P2 in two ways, and both primarily fuck over the brain group:
    First: you run slower. That means getting to the portals quickly takes more planning especially since:
    Second: The corruptor tentacles are fucking assholes, especially for the brain room group. I fucking swear to god there was not a single goddamn time I was more than two steps from my portal where I didn’t have Apathy making it impossible to move anywhere within the next century, or that goddamn motherfucking holy shit I hate it so much stun you every 2 seconds one. And the stuns continue when you’re inside too, usually while you’re facing a skull *shake fist*. The one time I died in the brain room too, it was a curse of doom that exploded my face after I ported in, leaving me low enough for the tentacles reflection damage to wipe me out.
    So – curses suck. And that’s a huge factor in the brain group not getting in as quickly and having sporadically different speeds in stunning the brain. I don’t know what we can do about that, we already had people cleansing their butts off…

    I do kinda feel like the brain group is 99% of the success in P2 (which is why I hate you for putting me in it) so having them fucked over by the lack of a keeper does make -1 more challenging… I retract my earlier statement.

    I couldn’t see what was going on topside but it *sounded* like constrictors weren’t getting killed (again). I know when I’m topside, as soon as Bigwigs bitches about a constrictor, I tap my target macro and blow the shit out of it. UNLESS it is out of range, and there are people next to it. In that case I usually say “They’ll get it…” and keep my DPS up on the crusher I’m next to because I’m ASSUMING that by the time I run my happy ass over there – doing no DPS the whole time – they’ll already have it dead. And then quite often I notice the person is… still in it -.-
    It’s just like the Freya trees… when people focus fire like they’re supposed to, I notice a huge difference in constrictor death. This is something we really need to work on still.

    I don’t know what else was killing people but we should probably fix that, too.

    P3 we only cleanly saw once but the thing that killed us was the buildup of guardians, which I’m assuming is because a bunch of people died somehow. Fix whatever made them die and we really should have it. Also stop forgetting to tell Ranged to switch to Yogg, we have an enrage timer to beat dammit.

  3. Shiningstar says:

    Cleansing is critical in that fight. I know in the brain room I was frantically trying to cleanse what I could as we all entered, and healing became secondary once all of you guys were cleansed. It was really stressful with all the LoS issues in some of those brain setups, and very frustrating. The attempt you died in the brain room is the attempt I think that I died due to a ticking poison debuff. When are they gonna let priests cure poison? It’s so not fair.

  4. Addy says:

    I was really surprised when we made it to P3 that last time. The brain went down hard, but then we got that stupid crusher. We were even kinda on the south side of the room. The guardians were piling up. Someone called for a mark. I’m not sure that would have saved us. It would have helped, but there were a lot of guardians up at the end.

    Here are a few things that are key from my pally tanking perspective.
    1. Stay out of green – I still have less total times in green than one of our (cough) priests does, right? Thought so, but Friday I did my best that one time to catch up.
    2. If me and another tank are going to arrive at a crusher at the same time, It is smarter for the pally to back off and CLEANSE, rejuv sanity, and MARK a corrupter.
    3. It is easier tanking in P3 if we are NOT east or west. Yogg must be wider side to side. When the guardians spawn across the room, it takes just a little bit longer to click and taunt them as they run through his wider body when we are east or west. If you can’t click it by then time it runs past you, then bad things happen. You have to read adjust your camera angle, reclick, and taunt. It’s just bad.
    4. Mark the guardian is not a priority for me. With all the picking up of the next incoming guardian going on, I’m not even sure how tanks are keeping effective threat on what we do have picked up. I’m not staying on one long enough to build any active threat. Have a non squishy melee be the main assist. If they pull it off, it should be dead before it kills someone.

    I was so gung-ho when we began. I wanted to take bets about how long it would take us to kill Yogg, but didn’t want to jinx it. I was still upbeat at the end as well. The biggest demotivator for me is when I am committed to SMITING!, dying, and repairing and others have to go for whatever reason. That gets to me.

    Bottom line is Yogg is going to die and we are going to get 2 hammers. See ya next week.

  5. Tagra says:

    I just want to say Addy, you’re one of my favorites just because you’re always upbeat even when things are going shitty. I can’t stand negativity because not only does it literally do nothing to help, but it ends up demoralizing everyone who may still be giving it their best, and it ends up sucking all the fun out of it AND making us more likely to fail.

    That’s why I listed Nefarian as my favorite boss fight, because my group was all like “oh we made it to Nefarian, that’s great, too bad we’ll never win though.” and then we won and I was like “YOU WERE WRONG! SUCK IT BITCHES”

  6. Addy says:

    That is the best oddest exclamation ever said after killing an end boss. I love it. I might have to say that after we get those maces.

  7. Falcs says:

    We never had a clean brain phase 1 so I wouldn’t really call any of our attempts clean. We have hit 65% before w/ 1 keeper down so we should at least be able to get sub 75%. Apathy sucks balls especially when you are on the opposite side of the raid and still no where near your portal so you can’t be cleansed nor make it to your portal in time.

    Shiny what we may need to do is have all the cleansing hybrids help you cleanse when we get inside the brain room, assuming they haven’t been doing it, so you can focus on healing. We may also need to spread out our ret pallies with respect to which portal they are taking so they cleanse everything in sight on the way to the portals. We will get it, I talked to Alarial bout Yogg-1 and he said it took Wanderlust a good day or two of wiping before they got it, so we are right on track to get it next week :).

  8. xeonio says:

    @Everyone: Really good points and glad everyone pitched in some info. We’ll totally get this next fo sho! I really hated having to put you inside the portals Tagra, we were short on melee. Good idea Falcs, I’ll try to do that so that the pallies know to help cleanse when you first get in. I had Ophion dropping cleansing totem to get poisons / diseases, not sure if it helped much.

  9. daemia says:

    Wow. I love that you guys use this blog to strategize.

    On a side note, thank you for making that change for the last Onyxia attempt/kill. Instead of chewing us out (I cringed when I looked at the damage meters) you found a way to maximize our contribution to the raid. I know you’ll do the same for Yogg-1+3x2log10whateverthepropertermis.

  10. Tagra says:

    “we were short on melee”

    …what very strange words you are saying. I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen a sentence constructed that way.

    What was the DPS like topside? I know at least one time you were bitching about how terrible it was but it didn’t seem like we were flooded in crusher tentacles or anything.

    I’m not sure I was doing the brain group any favors. I was getting it down by the end and my DPS seemed decent, but I know the first couple times I ran in, killed the tentacles and then stood there going “where is… the…” and by the time I found the brain and started shooting it, it was time to go :P. Once I learned all three rooms though I could pop cheetah as soon as the tentacles bit it which hopefully helped everyone get a second or two more on the brain.

    There were a couple advantages in that my pet was 100% useful (crushers splat him and – if everyone is doing their job – constrictors die before he can even really get to them, so he’s on passive most of the time topside unless there’s a convenient corrupter he can plink at, but unless we end up picking that one to kill, that damage is mostly wasted anyway) and I could park my butt at the portal and get shots off until 1s to insanity, but it’s really hard for me to avoid the skull stare while maintaining minimum range on the tentacles too.

  11. xeonio says:

    @Daemia: Yea, its been really nice having peeps put their thoughts down here. I get regular raiders mostly replying. Sometimes I’ll get really helpful info from readers which is really awesome too.

    NP on Onyxia =)

    @Tagra: Since we didn’t have Mimiron it was important to get the Crushder down and try to kill a corruptor or two or the healers were getting overwhelmed towards the end.

    I didn’t really want to have to put you into the brain room but your DPS is one of the higher ones and with the added pet damage I figured it would bolster the dmg on him. I will probably give you assist next raid so that you can mark a corruptor to put hunter pets on. I figure with 5 hunter pets on a corruptor it will certainly go down quite a bit faster. The only problem then being keeping the pet alive. You have to spec into beast mastery to get the mend that cures as well right?

    I slot 9 melee and 2 tanks for Yogg -1 and we lost 2 which was a pain in the ass. From there it was mostly a do w/e you can to keep the raid alive =\

  12. Conifer says:

    Healing the Yogg fight is tough. Badly timed curses on tanks in conjunction with stupid crusher damage can kill a tank no matter how hard I’m spamming heals. And every time I use a GCD to decurse or abolish poison, I get behind on tank damage and I can’t catch up. Currently Yogg is the most stressful fight for me to heal. That coupled with the fact that wipes tend to occur 10-13 minutes into the fight leads to VERY stressful nights.

  13. Tagra says:

    “I will probably give you assist next raid”

    Oh no, responsibilities 😦

    I dunno, I’ve left Ragnar chewing on corrupters before and occasionally I’d mouse over it to see how it was going, and a tiny little sliver would be off its health… and then he’d despawn because a crusher spawned on the other side of the room, or he’d die because of curses out of mend range. Maybe with all the pets it would make a dent though.

    Imp mend is in the beast tree, yes.

  14. Yogg is definitely the most stressful fight for me right now as well. I am constantly trying to balance cleansing with healing. It seems like whenever I focus too much on cleansing, a tank dies to a crusher and whenever I focus too much on healing, Apathy gets out of control and DPS can’t make it to their portals.

    I know you like to put my on healing tanks for most things, but I think you might be better served to assign specific people to cleansing and specific people to healing. Shaman and Pallies can both cleanse three things so maybe have me and Cass on cleansing full time? That would free up you and Con and Tap/Surnia to heal.

    I also like the suggestion of having the ret pallies and enhance shaman helping Shining out with cleansing the brain people. Maybe PM them and ask them to pick up decursive (if they don’t have it already) before Friday.

    Of course, I can’t come this Friday which sucks horribly! I could probably be around late in case you lose anyone, but we don’t generally lose healers, since all of our healers are awesome like that.

  15. Tagra says:

    Where is the update??!?

    Man I’m glad I didn’t start that betting pool about how many minutes after equipping it he’d have an update up…

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