Chain Flash! #2

I had been having some fun on the good ole’ dwarf DK but as soon as I heard I could change my shaman from an ugly space goat into a dwarf… well, my DK wasn’t any fun anymore.  I figured now was as good a time as any to get my shaman geared for enhancement.  That way I’d be ready to go when the xpac rolls around.

In the meantime I’m still healing on him her.  I’m hardcore haste on her.  I sacrifice every stat so that I can have chain heals as fast as a flash heal.  I’ve been wanting to get some stupid amount of haste.


I achieved that.

I got an enchant on a new weapon and got a socket switched up and fixed.  Then I looked at my stats screen and guess what number I found?

Haste Rating: 1001

That’s right.

One Thousand and One.

I would consider that a stupid amount of haste.

I’d like to say that the amount of sacrifice I’ve given up for that amount of haste has been detrimental… but it hasn’t.  I’ve created a bit of a niche for myself in that I heal the raid REALLY well.  I’m shit for MT healing since I don’t have the throughput or mana regen to keep up with that kind of damage but the breaks between AEs tend to give me the right amount of time I need to regen.  It’s been a lot of fun healing like this.  When I drop Wrath of Air totem my 2.5 second chain heal becomes 1.68.  That’s only about .3 seconds slower than my disc priests flash heal.  Heroism brings it down to 1.36.

Healing the faction champs is so much fun.  That is a fight I go OOM on.  I can VERY easily blow my mana pool since I’m just chain flashing the raid.

It’s nice to see that you can still get the job done even if you arent in a cookie cutter build.  I certainly don’t recommend every shaman do this, its a nice variant I think.  Similar to how you have disc priests that stack haste and go a bit deeper into holy so they can spam g.heals on main tanks.


8 thoughts on “Chain Flash! #2

  1. Bandrin says:

    I’ve often found myself wondering what shaman healing would be like. But I find safety in healing on my discipline priest. Don’t get me wrong shaman healing sounds like it could be fun, but I can’t bring myself to spamming chain heal for most of an encounter. I’ve only healed as a druid and a priest so maybe I could be wrong on that. At any rate, it’s good to see someone “go against the grain” so to speak.

  2. Conifer says:

    What are your thoughts on haste vs. crit as a priest? I have my own philosophy for druid main tank healing, but I don’t know much about priests. Is one stat better than the other for certain healing roles? Or do you try to strike a balance between the two?

  3. xeonio says:

    I think shamans are supposed to use their full arsenal, I just choose not to. I’m sure they’d be more fun if you balanced out the gear a bit better and used a variety of the spells. But since I don’t I think it takes some of the fun out of it. If it wasn’t for recount and getting to see myself at the top then I wouldn’t be having much fun with it.

    I definitely like priest healing more than shaman. Earth shield is nice and all but I love my bubbles way to much.

  4. xeonio says:

    I like haste more than crit, you feel it more when you get more of it. Statistically though crit is a bit more useful than haste.

    Holy Crit: Increases the chance to proc holy concentration (which increases your mana regen) which makes it vital to staying in the fight.

    Disc Crit: Every critical heal puts a shield (Divine Aegis) on the target you healed. The shield is 30% of the critical heal and it can stack on itself, building up a larger shield.

    Haste for either is simple and straight forward, increases the number of heals you can do in X amount of time. It’s nice to hit a soft cap for discipline so that flash heal is around 1 second cast time.

  5. xeonio says:

    @Bandrin: If you mouse over Flash Heal in your spell book it will tell you what your modified Flash cast time is. The cast time displayed takes into account talents such as Enlightenment and haste rating.

  6. Conifer says:

    Sounds similar to my own gearing preferences. Maintain the soft cap with haste (for 1 sec GCD on HOTs with GotEM) and then stack crit for living seed and nature’s grace procs.

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