[Carved Ogre Idol] Changed!

If you play the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game then you know that each time you open a pack of cards you get a card that gives you points.  You can then redeem those points for different items.  One of those items is [Carved Ogre Idol] which is pretty fuckin’ kewl.

The item is tons of fun.  It turns you into an ogre for 10 mins and the cooldown on the item is 10 mins so you can keep it up indefinitely.  The only downside was that it was a trinket.  You would have to equip it then click it to have the suit happen.  You would then have to keep it equipped for the effect, /sad panda.

We were in BRD today doing a buncha turn ins so that we could get some mounts and I figured hell, why not be an ogre for it!  Not like that guy is hard.  I put it in my trinket slot and clicked it and the stupid thing went back to my inventory.

I was thinkin’ great, my item is broken and it won’t get fixed until 4.0 or something insane.  I clicked the trinket again, thinking it would requip it and something else happend…

ogre suit

Imina & Xeonio

So its almost completely irrelevant but its a neat change!  Definitely makes it a great reason to get one if you like this kind of stuff.

Note: We also tested the Orb of Deception and you still have to equip it.


5 thoughts on “[Carved Ogre Idol] Changed!

  1. xeonio says:

    Yea, I had a friend that worked in a card shop and he’d pickup all the extra points and such from tourneys so I traded him ingame gold for pts. I’m really glad I did.

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