Nubbing It Up

Blog Azeroth does a weekly topic that tends to be pretty kewl.  I haven’t really posted for them in the past but I really liked this one (plus its great for everyone to share there’s!)

This weeks topic was posted by Skraps, although I have no idea who they are or where they are from…

I am sure this topic has been covered, but among all my other fails I fail at searching.

I have noticed a string of my recent posts covered how I fail, often epically. I would like to see how others fail.

I think it is very good for newer players to see how those of us make dumb mistakes, even though we have been at this for quite a while.


Thought Break 5



  1. When I was leveling up Fear Ward was dwarf only.  I always trained from the same exact trainer in Ironforge.  My first Onxyia I got a lot of shit because people thought I was being a douche by refusing to Fear Ward the MT.  I kept telling them I didn’t have the spell but they thought I was lying.  After the raid I went to the same trainer, and he didn’t have my Fear Ward.  Then I noticed a dwarf chick standing next to him (I think it was a chick /shrug) and talked to her.  She taught me Fear Ward…
  2. This one is from Everquest.  I was the healing lead at the time and one of my healers was pretty obnoxious.  I didn’t really like him so I kept him on ignore a lot.  We were raiding some boss and we had to setup a complete heal line (multiple ‘priests’ rotating their big heal ‘greater heal’ so that every few seconds one would land on the MT).  Well, we get this boss started and I don’t see this particular healers message going across healer chat so that I know he’s doing it correctly.  I send him tells, panicing because this is pretty important and getting no response.  I yell at him across vent asking why the fuck he is AFK and for other healers to step it up since he is randomly gone.  See where this is going?  After making an ass of myself everyone suggested I take him off ignore… /le sigh.
  3. My worst fail happens every raid though.  Instead of typing out healing assignments like I wanted or putting them on a list in notepad so I know who is doing what… I’ll just call it on vent before the fight starts.  We begin the boss… and I forget who I’ve assigned myself to heal.  I can’t tell you how many wipes have happend due to my lack of short term memory.

so… How does everyone else fail?


6 thoughts on “Nubbing It Up

  1. Got shitty once in SSC and typed

    /rw cc on {nipple} quick!

    As one of the few girls in the raid, who is usually careful to call it “circle” over vent, I was pretty embarrassed when that didn’t turn into the symbol.

    I also quite recently entered into a DKP bidding war with a raid member who I had on /ignore. I had no idea what they were bidding, and didn’t want to admit I had them on ignore, so I just bid ridiculous amounts until the RL stopped doing his countdown.

    And the more I think about it, the more fail stories I can think of 😦 I tried to sap an elemental in Steamvaults once too …

  2. xeonio says:

    LOL! That’s okay, we can always look back and laugh our asses off at it. I think /ignores lead to the best fails for sure!

  3. Tagra says:

    I never fail.

    I can’t actually think of any really good stories… so my memory must be very well trained or something.

    The only thing from WoW that was memorable enough for me to remember is fucking up the pull on Sarth. I misdirected Sarth to the tank, and completely didn’t notice my pet valiantly running in to fight the dragon for me. Not only that, but I completely didn’t notice that growl was still on from farming shit earlier. So in goes my pet to taunt it before the tank even gets a solid swing at it, and Sarth turns around and breathes on the entire raid. We ended up wiping.

    I remember this because I was all “fucking goddammit that was my fault, fuck!” and I explained what happened, and they all made fun of me while we were running back… and then someone who had apparently been feverishly digging through the combat log instead of reading chat triumphantly announces: “It was Tagra’s pet that pulled aggro! It was Tagra’s fault!”

    And we were like “… we know, we’ve been talking about it for like 3 minutes” and they looked really stupid, which was great.

    I do remember a good one from EQ too. I played a Druid in EQ, which had both really awesome buffs (that took all your fucking mana, which you had to then regenerate over the next half an hour, and you could only regenerate mana by physically sitting your character’s ass down and staring at the graphics of the inside of your spellbook because “reading” was how mana came back!) and could portal people to other places (but you had to go with them then hoof it back, so if you weren’t already where you port back to…)

    Naturally, everyone in the game wanted you to buff them and port them places. And because I hate everyone (…most likely BECAUSE I played a Druid in EQ…) I always just ignored them and got bitched at, but it was cool because I could buff and port and they couldn’t.

    One day we were waiting to gather up outside some place that was really popular, and everyone was taking too fucking long to get there, so I sat there amongst a cloud of beggars. After one too many people walked up, stared at me and said “buff”, I finally snapped and typed an epic rant into guild chat about how these motherfucking assholes can’t even be bothered to fucking say please while they expect me to sit here and waste my time and mana to cater to them for absolutely no fucking return whatsoever… and it went on for a bit and was probably more profane than that.

    I hit enter and it came up in /say. My friends died laughing.

    The guy merely responded with “please”

    I buffed him 😛

  4. Tagra says:

    See, I was wondering about that, because I was absolutely 100% NOT fucking attacking the burrowers at the time that happened. I was cleaning up the scarabs, and then the burrower was heading in my general direction and you were screaming and I was like “well it can’t have been me because I wasn’t fucking attacking it, but why the fuck is it coming over here?”. I targetted it to see if it was going for someone next to me, but Addy taunted it at that point so it was already on the way back to him.

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