House remodeling…

my house


Okay, so, its not mine YET but its just a matter of time.  That leads me to the thoughts of OMG I need to think about what I’m going to do about making it all pretty n’ stuff.  It is 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, 1 living area, and a kitchen plus there is a nice deck on the back for naked sun bathing.

Let’s start with the exterior though…

There are some nearby churchs and well, I login to my religion everyday.  I don’t want someone trying to convert me so I think a moat is definitely in order.  I’ll make the water look crystal clear and clean, that way they’ll just think I’m weird having water surrounding my house… but their will be a surprise!  When they get to close it will trigger the water elementals!


That should keep most of them away without any problem.  I should probably have something in the backyard though… TREANT!  That’ll work great.  I can put one in the front yard to and people will have to have a passcode or something.


That should take care of just about everyone right?  Although, if someone wants to parachute to my roof I might be in trouble.  The chances are slim… but possible.  I wonder if Malygos does private work or knows any drakes who’d be interested in protective duty?

I already told Shindig that I was going to make the living room very ‘dungeon-esque’ but I think I’ll save that for the guest bedroom.  You don’t want people feeling to at home or you might not get rid of them.  A quick google search finds exactly what I need.  Something not to inviting yet still decent enough for them to get a good nights sleep.  Maethlin never complained about being stuck in the basement all the time so this would probably work for him to.  Just push the skeleton out of the way and I’m sure it would be fine.


That’s the guest bedroom so lets take a look at the bathroom.  I want it to be very luxurious.  I love glass tile!  Ya know, come to think of it I know who has the ideal bathroom setup!  FREYA!  It’s a friggin jungle paradise.  Ignore the people in the picture, it’s tough finding just screenshots of Freya’s room.  Notice how the light filters in from the tree’s in the background of that pic?  Great ambience in that.  Plus you could keep a few of the roaming wildlife as well to fetch things for you.


I don’t personally spend much time in the kitchen.  I go there to get the food and bring it back to my computer where I consume it.  That room doesn’t need to be to grand… something… simple…


hmm… might have trouble fitting that into the house… /shrug

matrix wallpaperNext up is the living room.  It should probably contain my computer since the TV will be in this room.  I’ll want a very hightech feel, maybe Matrix wallpaper.  It is important to have decent help around the house to.  I wonder what those trash mobs from Deconstructor are doing these days?  I’m sure they’d want to be better employed with me, I’m not going to break them (unless they disobey, then I’ll have to bring the thunder).

The TV and computer monitors should also be all together.  Ya know… Keanu knows a thing or two about decorating.  My wallpaper would go great with the computer setup from Johnny Mneumonic.   I wonder what the chances would be of actually having Keanu just live in my house to?  Maybe he can share the dungeon with other guests.  /shrug

computer node

Up next is MY bedroom.  The most important place in the house.  I’m kind of at a loss for what I want here.  Obviously I need a ridiculously comfortable bed.  One of those that you fall into and you sink and sink and sink until you are almost being smothered in luxury.  The kind you hear about but you aren’t sure if they exist.  It doesn’t need to be to spacious either.  I’ma simple guy with simple tastes.

I was looking for a pic of the concubines rooms in Black Temple, that would be pretty awesome.  The way the curtains hang and the mood it sets.  A nice big harem… BRING ON THE PARTY!


Ya know… come to think of it… I should take more advantage of the deck in the backyard.  I’ve got a moat, maybe I can have it flow into a pool in the backyard.  Water elementals have to be great at party tricks and maybe I can have a DJ.



Srsly though, he’d be great!  And if someone was actin’ a foo, he could take over their mind and make them do all sorts of crazy shit.  Or he could just eat them.  Plus Yogg has an awesome pool with great under lighting.  When was the last time you saw a pool lightup so great?

That’s my initial thoughts on how to decorate the house anyway.  I’m still open to ideas though.  If anyone knows where I can get blood elf concubines gimme a shout.


8 thoughts on “House remodeling…

  1. Caribou says:

    Yeah please step into the Green light. It’ll bring your sanity back up to 100!

    Good looking house! If you need treants i’d be glad to provide them.

  2. xeonio says:

    @Daemia: It’s a church actually. Their parking lot is off on the right hand side so when I throw parties I have tons of parking (unless I do it on a Sunday). There is also a church across the street from me. I’m gonna have so much fun when they come over trying to convert me!

    @Caribou: Oh good call, Yogg comes with an entourage and strobe lights!

  3. Tapol says:

    Love your new home…i can tell by all the decorations you have in mind that you are really excited about having your own. Just leave some room in the front yard for a couple of seige engines..that is if you can’t get a dragon…

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