Random Update #17

xeoneo20It has been super hectic for my IRL lately.  Being an adult sucks!

I found a house though.  We had to play a game of HAGGLE! to get a price but it was finally agreed upon.  I’m under contract now and my home inspection was just done this Tuesday.  There’s nothing major wrong, thank God, but a buncha minor things.  The house is 70 yrs old after all so it needs a bit of TLC.  My realtor (who isn’t quite the brightest crayon in the box) is supposed to get a list together and say, ‘NO EXCUSES!  FIX IT!’  We’ll see how well that goes over Monday.

The company I work for is opening a new store about an hour and a 1/2 away from where we are and one of my employees is going to be taking it over.  She’s been with the company for two years.  I’m having to train her in the stupid store manager stuff (ie. bullshit paperwork) that has to get done.  Going over the hiring and terminating and just the general things you don’t know when you first become a manager.  Hope I don’t forget anything!  Any suggestions from you all?

On top of that she’s is was a full time employee for me so now I’ll have to hirer 2 part time peeps to replace her.  It’s been good other then that though.  I’ve had a stable crew for almost 10 months which is a record for me.  My turn over is usually higher (like 1 employee every 2-3 months).  I can’t help it if I’m hard to work for.

All this busy has led to a change in our raid scheduling as well.  For those that don’t know I solo run my raids (with the help of 24 VERY talented people who know their jobs and get them done exceedingly well… except when they’re tired and RUN THROUGH FUCKING GREEN CLOUDS OMFG!).  Since I solo lead it means that if I’m not there… then there’s no raid.  I’ve cut out Sunday t7.5 clearings (we were doing Naxx25 / OS25 +2 / Malygos25 in a little under 3 hrs /strut).  We are dropping our Ulduar25 Thursday’s and moving it to after ToC25 normal on Fridays.  Since we are lacking the DPS to push through the Northrend Beasts encounter on hard we’re just gonna keep farming Ulduar for some minor upgrades and the ToC25 normal.  This puts us at a minimalist raiding schedule of Friday night and Saturday afternoon for 25mans.  I’m leading a ToC10man on Tuesdays and we have two other raid leads leading ToC10 on Saturday evenings.

My fun new priesty alt is also up to 22.  I took a screenshot at 20 in Redridge and realized that they are all going to basically look the same cuz of the stupid heirloom armor /sigh.  Anyway, here he is in his new found mount glory!  Whoever thought of reducing the mount levels… I fucking love you.

I really love the painted horses to.  They have always been my favorite horse both in game and IRL.  If you’ve never ridden a horse before you should try it at least once.  It really is a great experience.  Stroll through some lightly wooded areas or grab a lance and chase little kids around, ha ha ha so much fun.

Anyway, my posting my be a bit erratic for a bit and I’m certainly going to try and keep it from being so long between posts.  Sharing my thoughts with you all and getting your feedback is tons of fun.  /hug


3 thoughts on “Random Update #17

  1. Shiningstar says:

    For the record, I didn’t hit the green cloud because I was tired. It was because someone decided that 20 seconds into the pull, we needed to find our flasks. I DID, however, not make it out of the brain room because I was tired. Get your story straight. 😛

  2. Eldor says:

    The only suggestion I have for the trainee is, would you please explain some of the things you look for when hiring. To have someone for 10 months like you said means you have an evaluation process that you do in your head or on paper. About the raiding and green clouds all I can think about is that people are color blind and just don’t see them at all.

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