Why did you make another priest?

xeoneo13cYea, thats the question everyone keeps asking me over and over and over.  Let me explain.

I raid with 3 different toons.  My 80 holy / disc priest, my dual wield frost DK, and my resto shaman.  Everytime I raid with my shaman or my DK though I think to myself, man, I’d rather be on my priest.

so… I started another priest.

Does anyone else have that problem?  You are raiding on your alt and wishing you were on your main.  Why not just make another toon that is the same?


People just laugh… but it totally makes sense to me.  Lots of people raid on more than one toon.  I just don’t like my other toons as much as I like my priest… so I want to raid with two of them.

I was gonna go dwarf, but I figured I should try something… different.  I went with Human for the spirit and increased rep gain racials.  I’m also going to go smithing and pickup mining so I can level that as I go along.  At 80 I will drop mining and switch him to JCing.

This priest is going to be everything my other priest is not (only he’s going to be uglier because he’s not dwarf).

He’s lvl 13 ATM… gotta get back to the grind!  Which is about a billion times easier now than when I did it.  Especially since I understand the mechanics better.  I’m all spirit and intellect.  Gonna go down the shadow tree of course (I leveled holy the first time around).  He has the same orange hair that my dwarf has and I gave him a seksy 80 ‘stache!

AND he’s great fodder for blog updates, cuz ya know… everyone wants to know about my leveling exploits right?


10 thoughts on “Why did you make another priest?

  1. Shiningstar says:

    I’d make fun of you, but I have a second priest too who is lvl 70. I haven’t gotten up the energy to level her to 80 yet, but she’s happily crafting all my flasks with her 450 alchemy and storing Shiny’s stuff for her. Why did I make two? Well I have a better reason…I made her before there were dual specs, so she was going to be my shadow priest. Leveling her was…ok. I’ve since discovered that while shadow spec can be fun, I miss the healing and it’s just not ‘me.’ Therefore, Praize is currently sitting with no talent points and I’m unsure where I’m going or what I’m doing with her. Do I really want another healy priest? Yeah, I probably do, but for farming and not for raiding. I think. lol.

  2. Cerburos says:

    I would just love to have another level 80 at this point. But seeing this made think of a guy in my guild he has 4 lvl 80 pallys on the server

  3. Conifer says:

    Leveling makes me want to puke. But I know there are people who enjoy it. I think the main reason I don’t like leveling is that I enjoy the social aspects of the game too much. I don’t solo. Ever. I hate dailies and only do them if there is something I want from them. I’m currently (and by currently I mean once a week I log on for 30 minutes) leveling a warrior. She is 20 and I’m sure she will never get past 40.

    Unfortunately, Xeo, you will have to raid with the dwarf when I’m around cuz I’m not taking orders from some dirty human.

  4. Pugnacious Priest says:

    I have 3! – like Shining Star, My Main is an 80 Shadow then I rolled another priest who is now Level 70 that was going to be Holy pre Duel specs, but I will get her to 80 soon. I rolled her because I was adamant that my main was not a healer, and if the pressure was going to be on me to heal, then they could take me healing priest ( but that never worked out.. ) I’m hoping I get to level her before they nerf bg leveling because learning to heal in a Bg/level/honor grind seems to be an excellent use of time.

  5. Gigantor1960 says:

    LOL- I actually have been debating on doing this for a while. Gone as far as to start another Priest and had him to level 13. My primary “alts” are an 80 Rogue who raids and does BG’s, an 80 lock who is doing nothing at the moment, and a Druid who is stuck at 76. Also have a 40 Shaman, and Hunter that are tons of fun.

    My Priest is my first to hit max level in vanilla, BC and WotLK and your right….I just can’t give him up…lol. I play they others for a bit but always end up back on my Priesty.

    Right now he is Holy for healing raids/dungeons and Disc for PvP spec which I love. My plan is to wait until the expansion and roll a Gnome Priest. He is going to be a little evil face melting devil…that way I will be complete 🙂 It will also be a bit of fresh air in the leveling process. Can’t wait.

  6. daemia says:

    I love my druid, but there’s no way in hell I’ll level another. Even though it would be soooooo much easier now, I think that would just make me sad that it was so hard back then.

  7. Norhia says:

    If I raided more and one lockout a week wasn’t enough, I would maybe think about rolling another priest since they remain my favorite to play. Still odd of you. Suprised you didn’t hold out for Worgen.

  8. I was told once that I should have called my blog “Two Pallys”. I currently raid with an 80 human Holy Paladin and a SECOND level 80 Prot/Ret Paladin that happens to have hooves.

    Somehow this kind of activity seems more excusable for a priest. Since pallys are already kind of “touched” by the light, I cannot help but feel the fool for double dipping into the world of fanciful plate and crusader aura mishaps. In any case, enjoy your second time through. =)

  9. xeonio says:

    @Conifer: Yea, this priest will never make it into my normal raids. I love my dwarf more than any toon ever. He looks exactly the same as my Everquest dwarf so there’s some strong sentimentality with him.

    @Pugnacious: I keep hearing these wonders of BG XP. A friend of mine is leveling his hunter that way and he’s having tons of fun with it. Maybe I’ll try it out on my priest when I can get into AV. Always loved that place.

    @Gigantor: You could always race change him after the xpac comes out. It will be kewl to level an alt though through basically a new game… thats familiar. I remember when I leveled the first time and I would get to zones and be like OMG I killed horde in this zone in WC3 or WOW! That’s the dark portal!?… Maybe I’ll have a 3rd priest now lol

    @Norhia: Then you’d have TWO bad priests! hahahahaha

    @Ashellia: If I liked pally healing more I’d probably have a second pally. Ret is fun and I think Paladins are the best AE tanks hands down. Especially with the nerfs that have made DKs a lot squishier. I’m glad others have multiples of the same toon so I don’t feel so akward now.

    Thanks for all the replies peeps!

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