Faction Champs tips and pointers.

The Faction Champions fight in Trial of the Crusader is a love hate relationship with a lot of people.  There’s no medium for it… you hate it… or you love it.

Over these past few weeks I’ve grown to love it.  The fight is a puzzle to me.  You have to matchup your raids composition verus the Horde (or Alliance)’s composition.  I figured I’d share some knowledge that I’ve ascertained over the last few weeks.

Your initial kill target is extremely important.  But what do you choose?

25 Man
Most likely your first kill target will be a healer.  Which healer do you kill first?  Let’s review the healers you could have…

  • Disc Priest: They cast penance, flash heal, renew, power word: shield, and fear.  They are relatively squishy to melee dps.
    • This healer is usually killed first or not at all.  He is pretty easily controlled by two interrupters.
  • Resto Shaman:  They cast all sorts of totems, earth shield, bloodlust (heroism), lesser healing wave (read: flash heal).
    • If this is one of the 3 healers, you kill him first.  Blow all your cooldowns and heroism(bloodlust) to get him burned ASAP.  Killing him means you won’t have to worry about his totems.  If you do it fast enough you don’t have to worry about the other team getting heroism.
  • Resto Paladin:  They cast flash of light (read: flash heal), blessing of protection (targeted pally bubble), blessing of freedom, and will bubble themselves.
    • Killed last.  The paladin is extremely easy for an interrupter or two to control.  There has been multiple times that our two interrupters have solo’d the paladin.
  • Resto Druid:  They cast all sorts of druid hots as well as nourish.  I haven’t noticed them doing anything else.
    • If this is one of your three healers, it is a huge boon to the raid.  Unlike normal PvP this healer isn’t bright.  You just dispel all of the heals he casts and he’s banishable.  We don’t even put an interrupter on him.

In 25man we kill 1 healer and move to DPS.  If there is a shaman, kill him, kill him fast.  He needs to die REALLY fast.  If there is no shaman then burn the shit out of the disc priest.  If there is a paladin have one of your smart players ready to dispel the blessing of protection they will cast on your kill target.

10 Man
In 10 man we often don’t even kill a healer, we just focus on the DPS first.  If there is a shaman we sometimes kill it first but usually not.  The DPS will wreck more havoc than the shaman will.  Take one interrupter and put it on one of the healers.  Shaman being the most important because the interrupter can kill his totems as well, after that it is paladin and then disc priest.  Don’t waste your time on the druid.

Thought Break 5

Alrighty, so we have our initial kill target taken care of… what next?

This comes down a lot to your group composition.

We are melee heavy (read: 7+ melee DPS)…
Do they have an enhancement shaman?  Yes: Kill it next.  No: go for squishy targets, mage, shadow priest, warlock, rogue.  The hunter and boomkin are pretty crap so you can save them towards the end.  One thing to be careful of controlling is the arms warrior.  He will bladestorm and do retaliation.  This will quickly eat your melee if you aren’t careful, we save him until after teh squishier targets are down so the healers aren’t spread so thin.  Once all the DPS is down finish off the healers.

We are NOT melee heavy…
I’m not sure what I would do in this instance honestly, my group is never melee light.  I would probably try the same kill as the melee heavy to see if it worked.

Thought Break 5

It is important for everyone in the raid to understand that this is like any other PvE fight.  Instead of having 1 focal boss and several adds, you just have several adds.  What do you do with adds?  You focus them down and control the others.  Everyone needs to be ready to CC something.  Even if that CC only holds for a few seconds, that is a few seconds that the mob isn’t doing damage.  Every class has something they can do to control other players.

I often assign blessing of protection targets for my paladins.  Essential people like our warlock who is controlling the druid and fearing something else or the mage that is nova’ing and sheep’ing random things.  Priests are a great BoP target as well since they are extremely squishy if you get a couple of baddies on them.

Taunts mildly work and can be used to control the mobs as well.  You can have your warrior tanks stay with the healers to attempt to keep them safe.  DK tanks are awesome in this fight since they can easily CC / kite a mob.

Cure, cure, cure.  Careful not to clip an unstable affliction, but other than that, cure the shit out of people.  There are a ton of magic debuffs that get put up.  Assign one of your disc priests to cure people and shield peeps when they have nothing to cure.

There is no correct kill order.  If you find you are getting annihilated then switch it up.  Change your initial kill target to something else and modify your initial CC.  This puzzle has a ton of different solutions so try multiple ways to solve it.

WoW Wiki has a lot of information on the types of people you can get out of the selection.  I completely disagree with their kill order but to each their own.

Good luck everyone on your future faction champions killings!


One thought on “Faction Champs tips and pointers.

  1. Good advice. We usually smash the priest, be him holy/disc or shadow. Druid/hunter/warlock/mage/holy paly are all fairly useless. Warlocks pet is more annoying than most of those.

    I’m still not a fan of this fight, but i’m hating it less each time 😉

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