Abusing Your Powers: 4 – Power Tripping

power tripping

It has been awhile since I last wrote about raid leaders abusing their powers.  Let’s get right back on track though with talking about an important abuse of power, the power trip.

This is a very… interesting abuse of power.   It kind of sounds like THE abuse of power.  I distinctly remember…

~wavey lines that happens before a flash back~~~

Raid Leader yells, “Kackler!  I need you to run into that group of mobs over there.”

Kackler, “Why?”

Raid Leader says, “Don’t question me.  Just do as I say.”

/raid watches Kackler run into a group of mobs and die.

Kackler, “Why did I just aggro a buncha mobs and die if we weren’t going to do anything about them?”

Raid Lead, “I just wanted to see you die.”

~memory ends~~~

It sounds mean… but it was so funny, oh gawd was it funny.  We still laugh about it.  This however, is a PRIME EXAMPLE of abusing your powers as a raid lead.  Srsly, there was no point in me that raid lead doing that to his raider.  He could easily have pissed that person off so much they never returned.

How do I spot a raid lead that is power tripping?
Super easy to spot.  A couple of things will become noticeable.

  1. Your raid leader stops responding to acceptable recommendations.  Look hard at the suggestions being made and how your raid leader reacts to them.  If a paladin is saying they should judge wisdom on Vezax so that your raid can regen mana and your raid lead says no… that isn’t bad.  It just means your raid lead knows the encounter and the paladin telling him what to do doesn’t.
  2. Your raid leader tells people to do things that seem a bit, out of the ordinary (see above example).
  3. Your raid leaders lust for power trumps everything causing them to lead even when they aren’t supposed to be.

How do I handle a raid lead that is power tripping?

It is completely dependent on the situation you are in.

If you are in the middle of a miserable raid and your raid leader begins to exhibit #1 then you should pray the raid ends soon.  It’s not likely that your raid leader will be in any frame of mind to hear anything constructive.  If you try to step up then your raid leader will likely pinch off your head and toss it at your dying body.

Try to approach the raid lead a bit after the raid, or even the next day so that they have had time to level out.  Maybe see if you can work out a ‘safe word’.  Something you can say to the raid lead to trigger that memory of when they were over the top and that they need to calm down.

If #2 rears its head, it usually fixes itself.  It might take a few different paths but usually ends up in the same place, with that person (the target) leaving or quitting.  If it only happens once or maybe twice then it can just be fun and games.  When it starts to repeat itself often then that player will begin to feel abused and question why they are being picked on.  This results in them quitting the game or leaving for greener pastures.

If #3 comes about… you don’t really have to worry about it!  Why?  Because your raid lead is running with some other group so  you don’t have to worry about it!  If the raid lead is a bother then the other group will just not bring him back or ask him politely to shut the fuck up.

Power tripping tends to be a self correcting problem.  Unlike the other types of abuses that can be overlooked, the power trip can / is a blatant abuses of power that runs people off.  It isn’t hard for the raid lead to break down and destroy a raid group if he doesn’t get himself in check.


3 thoughts on “Abusing Your Powers: 4 – Power Tripping

  1. daemia says:

    [Bobo] yells: /PVP FLAG UP EVERYBODY!!!!!!
    [Raid Warning] [Fulano]: Zone in and flag up
    [Skippy] whispers: ur not flagged
    [Missi] says: pvp on plx
    [Raid Warning] [Fulano]: Zone in and flag up
    [Skippy] whispers: /pvp on
    [Skippy] whispers: ur flag
    [Raid] [Latelarry]: almost there
    [Raid] [Bobo]: First pull as soon as larry zones in
    [Raid] [Latelarry]: shit, horde ganked me
    [Raid Warning] [Fulano]: Zone out
    [Raid Warning] [Fulano]: Zone out everyone
    [Skippy] whispers: ur not flagged
    [Missi] whispers: paw plz
    [Raid Warning] [Fulano]: KEEELLLLLLLLLL

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